It’s time to stop paying attention to Trump on Twitter. Let’s focus on real issues instead.

Donald Trump makes a point during the CNN Republican presidential debate in Las Vegas on Dec. 15, 2015. (John Locher / Associated Press)

To the editor: Our twittering president obviously has personal issues with being criticized. Rather than trying to learn, President Trump takes any criticism far too personally. He often becomes vicious and vulgar; that has been almost universally agreed upon by all parts of the political spectrum. (“Journalists need to stop taking Trump’s bait,” Opinion, July 7)

We might want to give Trump, an inexperienced politician, some space to mature, but as Jessica Yellin so skillfully pointed out, the Fourth Estate also overreacts to the Twitter attacks on them.

The tweets speak for themselves, and most people agree on their propriety. Let’s focus on issues that matter for our country and not pay so much attention to nonsense tweets from the president.

David Knobler, Winnetka


To the editor: My suggestion is that The Times start to print two daily side-by-side columns, one of which would show his tweets, and the other would report what he and his cohorts are doing on the things that matter to most of us.

We should be kept appraised of Trump’s actions on the environment, foreign policy, healthcare, immigration and more. Perhaps it will be obvious that his tweets are just a distraction to cover what he is actually doing.

Bobby Fraker, Hacienda Heights


To the editor: Yes, media coverage of Trump’s tweets is out of hand. Yes, Trump baits the media by tweeting to his heart’s content, so as to feed “content” to media that are always ravenous for a story. Yes, the media keep eating the tweets up when they should by now be gorged. We, the readers and viewers, have certainly had our fill.

Personally, I would like to see CNN and every other media outlet announce future presidential tweets this way:

“This morning, President Trump tweeted. If you want to know more about that, go to Twitter and find out. We have actual news to cover, so stick with us if you’d like to hear it.”

CNN, are you listening?

Jeff Pollak​​​​​​​, La Crescenta

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