PolitiFact: NC teacher says 'I make $53 per day.' Records show he's wrong. Teachers who led strikes now turning focus to elections Fact Checking The Claim That North Carolina Teachers Are Set To Receive Fifth Consecutive Pay Raise NC teachers marched on the streets. Now what? Encounter Between Charlotte Educator, Legislator Shows Why Rally Mattered

PolitiFact: NC teacher says 'I make $53 per day.' Records show he's wrong.

A teacher from Western North Carolina posted online that he was only making $53 a day but fact checks have proved that his daily pay is much higher.

PolitiFact: NC teacher says 'I make $53 per day.' Records show he's wrong. In Stokes County, that means Brandes gets about 4 percent of his annual state salary added to his pay from the county. There appear to be problems with the teacher's math. Leaders of the Arizona movement are gathering signatures for a ballot initiative to tax the wealthy and use the extra money to pay for education.

We are, I think, on a trajectory that's right. He’s a black man who remembers coming home from school as a young boy to hear his grandmother ask what he wanted to be when he grew up. He loves that the superintendent knows him by name. And a 30-year-old middle school teacher who grew up the grandson of sharecroppers in eastern North Carolina walked into the only state government he’s ever known.

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. ©2018 FOX News Network, LLC. Lee said Thursday that Republicans, who hold veto-proof majorities in both chambers, plan to look at that issue this session. "That’s something we are working on," Lee said. We were at the national average in educator pay,” Jewell said. The rally's main speaker was Governor Roy Cooper, who came to promote his proposed budget - which may not get too far in the Republican controlled General Assembly.

Teachers who led strikes now turning focus to elections

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They are vowing to oust lawmakers and other state officials whom they deem anti-education. Former Arizona Gov. Horn found himself on the defensive most of the forum as he fielded questions from both the other panelists and members of the audience. Hill chose teacher. But he’s tired, too. Other offices were closed. North Carolina ranks 37th in teacher pay and 39th in the nation for per pupil spending.

Meeting teachers In a message, Sen. But it's starkly different today, said Jewell. Cooper said it raises teacher pay an average of 8 percent, including raises for veteran teachers at the top pay step. She said she has been a teacher for 10 years now, but before this she worked in a non-school environment. Cordeiro wasn’t always duct taping decade-old laptops back together, however. Roy Cooper often talks about the need for higher teacher pay.

Fact Checking The Claim That North Carolina Teachers Are Set To Receive Fifth Consecutive Pay Raise

He was just six years old at the time, but he started sketching out mock lesson plans. He teaches to tests, he says. A few of those had signs, too. “Teacher Pay Facts,” read one on Carteret Republican Sen. An educated electorate is vital to a functioning democracy. RALEIGH -- After 20,000 teachers left the streets of Raleigh, legislators were mulling their demands for higher pay and more school funding.

North Carolina teacher pay ranks 37th nationally at about $51,000. I say let’s use that $110 million instead to raise teacher pay,” Cooper said, drawing a big cheer. She said she has taught in two different school districts in N.C. which received vastly different funding. She said when she first started her career as a French teacher around 25 years ago, North Carolina was at the forefront of education.

So he receives an additional $2,300 for each year that he coaches those teams. More importantly, the school system told PolitiFact that Brades worked approximately 21.5 days in April. In Oklahoma, the candidate filing period coincided with the second week of a teacher walkout that drew thousands of disgruntled educators and their supporters to the Capitol. NC teachers marched on the streets. Horn said the state needs to make sure it finds a way to build up the economy in the poor counties to improve education and raise the quality of life there.

NC teachers marched on the streets. Now what?

Panelists at a News & Observer community forum agreed that Wedneday's rally where thousands of North Carolina teachers marched for change was a good thing. But there was disagreement on how to best to help teachers moving forward.

Blackwell agreed that NC can do better and he promised to do his part in the upcoming budgetary meetings. Hundreds of teachers from New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender counties were among those demonstrating Wednesday in the capital. I know the Senate will continue investing in our children and our future." Rep. Per-pupil spending is also below the national average, according to the National Education Association.

Further back in line, Jennifer, a Seawell Elementary School teacher, held a poster displaying photos of her classroom in various states of disrepair. That status started to change once the 2008 recession hit and state legislators began cutting budgets. Now, after teachers rallied in Raleigh on May 16 to raise awareness about the need for more education funding, one teacher's story has gained traction in the politisphere.

So his check for that month - $1,715 - divided by 21.5 equals $79.76 per day. The result was dozens of teachers and administrators who filed for state House and Senate seats, many making their first-ever run for office. By T. North Carolinians don't mind paying taxes," Horn said. "What they mind is not getting their money's worth. In 2016, he moved to Sedgefield Middle School and became a seventh-grade social studies teacher.

Encounter Between Charlotte Educator, Legislator Shows Why Rally Mattered

And lawmakers have eliminated extra pay for advanced degrees.   Republican lawmakers have pushed back. There was another goal - respect. “I've seen so many posts on social media about how lazy we are and how we're just takers and we want a raise, we don't care about the kids. She recalled wading through sewage in her rain boots, carrying children out of the classroom so they wouldn’t come in contact with the waste.

Nick's post on Facebook PolitiFact usually sticks to fact-checking politicians, pundits, fake news sites and prominent organizational leaders. The average salary for North Carolina teachers across the board (including all levels of experience) is $51,214. That difference of $26.76 per day doesn't sound like much. In Kentucky, at least 39 current and former teachers are running for seats in the state legislature in its upcoming primary.

I'm not talking about education here because I think by and large we get our money's worth in education. He finished his master’s degree from Queens University this spring. That’s the universal characteristic of teachers: You spend most of your time as the only adult in the room, so when you get around other adults, you let it out. Pay raises. We're always interested in hearing about news in our community.

Local teachers rally in Raleigh

But this claim quickly gained traction not only in North Carolina news but across the country. Some teachers choose to only accept checks during the school year, which runs from mid-August to early June. But extrapolated over 21.5 days, there's a $575 difference between what readers might think Brandes earned in April versus what he actually made. The most high-profile race involves a high school math teacher who is running against Republican Jonathan Shell, state House majority floor leader.

A time-lapse video shows NC teachers marching to Legislature in Raleigh, N.C. calling for better pay and funding for public schools Wednesday, May 16, 2018. Everywhere he goes, his colleagues love him: “He is … amazing,” says Jennifer Tyler, a sixth-grade math teacher at Ranson IB Middle. At 11 a.m., Carrenza was on the third-floor patio of the legislative building, looking out as lines of them walked down Fayetteville Street in red shirts and hats and signs that all said something.

You never retire, and you’re always caring,” said Judy Justice, a retired teacher. “Look at these thousands of people. This year's state budget will almost certainly include another pay raise for teachers, though Democrats and Republicans are divided on how it will be structured. I think they certainly got their message across." Rep. State Sen. But there were signs that at least some lawmakers were listening.

Letter to the Editor: Standing up for teachers

On May 16, four of my teaching colleagues from North Liberty School traveled to Raleigh to join in the march to support increased per pupil spending and higher wages for

Our journalism takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work to produce. How many school shootings have there been since Parkland? I’m a professional. Other signs: “Think I’ll give up? And with that, they knew each other, or something closer to that. It’s hot out here, and a lot of us aren’t young and this isn’t easy. But local legislators say Wednesday's Rally for Respect/March for Students likely did not change many minds in the N.C.

And let's see what they do with it. Small groups of teachers could be seen in the legislature's hallways and on the mall sharing concerns with lawmakers - both Republicans and Democrats. Barbara, Tabitha and Danaya traveled from Cumberland, Hoke and Guilford Counties to participate in the march. With that in mind, PolitiFact found it necessary to review his claim. And, according to Jessup, his deductions for "optional supplemental insurances and various other pre-tax deductions, as well as health insurance costs" come out to about $954 a month.

Thousands of teachers, students descend on North Carolina's capitol in protest

Through pouring rain and scorching heat, more than 30,000 students and teachers marched to North Carolina’s state capitol in Raleigh for the “March for Students and Rally for Respect” to fight back against unfair pay and inadequate learning environments in schools across the state.

Autry said he had to run. It started in 2010 when they started cutting teacher aides, and then they have cut supplies,” Justice said. “We haven’t had books since 2010-2011. General Assembly. "Minds are made up" Most of Southeastern North Carolina's delegates met with teachers during the rally. "I thought it ended up being a real positive day," said Sen. Copyright 2006-2018 GateHouse Media, LLC. And November's coming,” Becht said.

Despite the additional funding, problems abound in each of their school systems. We reached out to the teacher for comment on specifics of his salary, but didn't hear back. That includes childcare. What teachers make is an important debate - one that should be won or lost on solid numbers. On the state's primary night last week, voters nominated Democratic state Sen. Legislative building in Raleigh, N.C. during the "March for Students and Rally for Respect," the largest act of organized teacher political action in state history.

Hill’s had students jump out of chairs when they see a roach and classrooms that turn cold in winter. They note that these same teachers have gone from 47th in the country in average salary four years ago to 39th today. The legislative session would start in three minutes. Kids are suffering. Michael Lee, R-New Hanover. "I don't know about how other people feel up here, but just from my perspective any chance to meet with teachers is good." Gov.

Southeastern NC legislators react to teacher rally

After Rally for Respect, elected officials debating how to raise teacher pay.

He was one of many on stage and in the crowd to warn legislators about a "teacher vote" in this fall's elections. Listen Listening... / 6:52 WFAE's David Boraks talks about the teacher protest with "All Things Considered" host Mark Rumsey. The state claims teachers are getting paid more, but their data is skewed,” Tabitha said. “It doesn’t address inflation or the cost of living. He also deleted the post.

There are many ways of illustrating a correct number, but the $53/day is not the poster child it was made out to be. Richard Ojeda to run for an open congressional seat. In contrast, Republican lawmakers who've controlled the General Assembly since 2011 point to how they'd increased education spending. John Autry stepped into the doorway of his Raleigh office wearing an apple made of construction paper on his lapel.

They’d also like to note that they’re pushing to raise the salary again this year, by about 6 percent. He slipped into the chamber on the second floor and took his seat, and Hill went up to the third floor. For us it is personal. Roy Cooper and Republican legislators introduced competing budget proposals that differ on teacher pay. Listen Listening... / 4:24 Thousands of educators from across North Carolina gathered Wednesday at the state capitol in Raleigh to join the March for Students and Rally for Respect.

Thousands of North Carolina Teachers Marched. Now What?

Now let's look at weekly and daily pay. We rate this statement False. Jessica Sanabria, a second-year teacher at Alderman Elementary School in Wilmington who attended Wednesday's rally in North Carolina, isn't yet registered to vote but will be soon. Beller charged that years of state education cuts mean North Carolina is facing a public education crisis. At the same moment, 30-year-old Rickey Hill happened to walk by with a tan bookbag strapped over his shoulders.

Democrats and Governor Roy Cooper say that’s not enough. Michael Graff is a writer in Charlotte. We know this is more than about teacher pay. The governor's plan calls for an average 8 percent teacher raise, with every teacher getting at least a 5 percent bump. Their message about the need for better pay and increased school funding was loud and clear. John Autry of Charlotte. Students, parents and general supporters of the cause came out to the march in solidarity, but it was the educators’ presence that was perhaps the most significant.

Teacher Rally Delivers Message, But Will Lawmakers Act?

Thousands of educators from across North Carolina gathered Wednesday at the state capitol in Raleigh to join the March for Students and Rally for Respect.

The two had never met, Hill an eighth-year social studies teacher at Sedgefield Middle in Charlotte, and Autry a seasoned public official who represents Charlotte. Teachers around the state had the same conversations. Naturally, that doesn’t sound great to Republicans, and the earth spins ’round … or it doesn’t spin at all. Stay in-the-know on restaurant openings, things to do, and all things Charlotte with our handy newsletters.

His raises would be paid for by freezing a planned tax cut for North Carolinians earning over $200,000, soon to go into effect. The response from Republican legislative leaders was a promise of more raises - but also a campaign to correct what they call misinformation about their efforts. Credit David Boraks / WFAE Jennifer Tyler, who teaches at Ranson IB Middle School in Charlotte, said it all comes down to money - and not just for pay.

Nicole is a counselor at one of the lowest-ranked middle schools in the state, Philo Hill Magnet Academy. So Melisa Jessup, executive director of human resources for Stokes County Schools and the district's lead spokeswoman, provided PolitiFact with the teacher's information. A monthly $2,752 paycheck spreads out to $688 a week and $137 a day. Sorry, but the location you entered was not found. More than 150,000 valid signatures are required to get the initiative on the ballot, and teachers have been training on how to circulate the petitions.

NC educators want you to know their protest was about more than just pay

Educators and supporters from across the state assembled in Raleigh on Wednesday for a March for Students and Rally for Respect.  Due to the massive expected teacher absences, dozens of school districts across the state closed on May 16, leaving about 68 percent of North Carolina’s public school students out of class for the day.  Their absence from work was certainly noted, but educators wanted their appeals to N.C. legislators to be just as affecting. A few shared their signs, their stories and their desired results of the rally with us.

A majority of states across the country cut school funding after the recession of 2008 hit. The Republican plan calls for an average raise of over 6 percent, leaving the tax cut in place. I came to North Carolina because North Carolina was a teacher destination state. She says teachers are asked to teach 21st century skills, but without a 21st century budget. “The conditions that are our kids are sitting in and Charlotte Mecklenburg schools is not acceptable.

Yet the issue of mental health which is integral to student success is rarely, if ever discussed, Nicole said. The teacher - whose full name is Nicholas Brandes - works at North Stokes High School and has been a teacher for nine years and eight months, Jessup said. Checking the check Rather than speak hypothetically, let's return to the $1,715 paycheck Brandes posted on Facebook. Yahoo!-ABC News Network | © 2018 ABC News Internet Ventures.

We can do a lot better, but we're not going to do it tonight," Horn said. "We didn't get in this hole tonight. Just two generations ago, his grandparents were sharecroppers. Carranza grew up in the area, loves his school, his kids, his district. Outside, a tuba player’s beat grew faster and livelier. On May 16, four of my teaching colleagues from North Liberty School traveled to Raleigh to join in the march to support increased per pupil spending and higher wages for public school teachers.

Deb Butler, D-New Hanover, said she met Wednesday with teachers working second jobs to support themselves in the Wilmington area. We were the leading beacon flame in the South. And we are working to get money to be able to correct that and be able to do our jobs appropriately to help our future growth,” she said. They’re the reason I’m here,” she said. “I’m obviously not in this job for the money.