Terrell Owens thinks it's 'mind-boggling' that Cowboys coach Jason Garrett still has a job Terrell Owens doesn't understand why Jason Garrett is still Cowboys' head coach: 'It's mind-boggling' As Cowboys try to fill his void, Jason Witten's presence still felt Terrell Owens rips Jason Garrett, hints that Cowboys should fire their coach Terrell Owens: Dallas Cowboys not firing Jason Garrett 'mind-boggling'

Terrell Owens thinks it's 'mind-boggling' that Cowboys coach Jason Garrett still has a job

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens is surprised that Cowboys coach Jason Garrett still has his job, thinks the team is at a standstill.

Casey, who was voted Coach of the Year by his peers after leading Toronto to the top seed in the Eastern Conference and three straight seasons with 50 or more wins, was fired earlier this month . He has insight into the difficulty now facing his friend, Jason Witten. Michael Gallup not superstitious about No. I don't understand. Andy Reid is by far the best coach that I've had. They have good wide receivers and they added Jimmy Graham at tight end.

Dak Prescott has a bond with his coach with whom he plays a friendly game designed to continuously improve accuracy after every practice. Jerry didnt like that Jimmy Johnson or even Barry Switzer got credit for their SuperBowl wins. His last 13-3 season came from playing a last place schedule for sucking the year before. The Giants had the 2nd draft pick, yet they’re excited. TO is right – Garrett seems way over his head.

T.O. truly nailed it. The only thing Jason Garrett has ever accomplished was to come off the bench as a third-string quarterback and throw five touchdowns on a Thanksgiving game. He’s no leader of football men. Sad, but that is one of the reasons, JJ did not get rid of him this year. For me it’s mind-boggling. You talk about a guy who defines the term 'pro' at his position, greatest of all time.

Terrell Owens doesn't understand why Jason Garrett is still Cowboys' head coach: 'It's mind-boggling'

The sackfest debacle against the Falcons is the best example, including his decision to keep Prescott in the game after he’d been sacked six times and the outcome had been decided. T.O. may have had his issues but Andy Reid said between the lines he was a pleasure to coach. His offenses aren’t imaginative. The Browns lost every game last year, and they’re excited. I was wondering how Garrett got the head coaching job in the first place.

I don’t give a damn about what Terrell Owens says or thinks about anything. That’s it. He’s been at this for some time now. Garrett has made the playoffs twice in eight seasons. I don’t understand. I had an opportunity to be around him for a little bit of time. Terrell Owens to be on Madden NFL 19 cover. WR Chark, No. Sometimes yeah, I was selfish to a degree that if I know what I can provide and I know what I can do to a defender or a defense to help us win, then yeah why wouldn't I be selfish?

For me it’s mind-boggling. As a head coach with no play-calling duties, not catching things like Chaz Green’s historic incompetence as a left tackle against Atlanta is inexcusable. Ive gotta side with Owens on this one. He’s trying to win the way the 90’s Cowboys won and that’s buy lining up and dominating you. But the Cowboys? There was no imagination or creativity – very predictable, vanilla, and easy for defenses to stop.

As Cowboys try to fill his void, Jason Witten's presence still felt

Jason Witten retired from the Dallas Cowboys two weeks ago to become ESPN's Monday Night Football analyst. He walked away from the game leaving a lasting mark on teammates, coaches.

He has no quarterback success other than that. Even though Jerry loves Garrett like a red headed step son, he’s got to realize that father time is calling. Jerry Jones, pre-Garrett, was notoriously quick on the trigger firing head coaches. Garrett took over as the Cowboys head coach during the 2010 season. The Cowboys have five tight ends on their roster for now. Injury prevention? Wide receiver D.J.

I think a number of AFC teams have spots for him, including Houston, Indianapolis and Buffalo. I don’t understand. Not relying on (or allowing) a guy like Dooley to be in the game-planning room to help get Bryant going is absurd. Any other team would have canned Garrett ages ago. Problem is there isnt’ 3 HOF’s on offense and a loaded defense playing today. Want to know the #1 reason why Jones hasn’t fired Garret yet?

That man was a beast and was black balled because he told it like it was. But I have to admit that on this point he is correct. When Jason Garrett was first named head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, a picture of him in a suit and fedora, like he was the second coming of Tom Landry, was posted on the team website. Regardless of the 40yr old brain, he ain’t gonna live forever, & he’s smart enough to know this.

Terrell Owens rips Jason Garrett, hints that Cowboys should fire their coach

Do the Cowboys need to get rid of Jason Garrett? T.O. has a pretty strong opinion on that

And that's what a lot of people didn't know about me. But someone has to make an offer. It is odd that Garrett was able to mostly avoid the blame for Dallas’ disappointing campaign in 2017. Garrett is exactly who we thought he was: An intellectual human being with a Princeton education who simply can’t apply those Ivy League brains to pro football scheming. Because Garrett is a yes man who does whatever JJ tells him to do.

Because he is afraid he would be letting the next Sean Payton get away all over again. That’s the first time I have ever agreed with anything TO said. The HALL loses all its credibility until this man is in. Jason Garrett is NOT head coach material. I’ve been watching the Dallas Cowboys play football since I was a baby in 1961. The simple answer is that Jones is the GM and he cares more about being credited with another Super Bowl win than he does if credit goes to the head coach.

Reblog Share Tweet Share What to Read Next Dak Prescott: I don’t know if any team in league necessarily needs a No. And the Cowboys added a couple rookies. Let's bring up basketball for a minute. FILE - Sept. But other than that, I knew what I provided. Today's chats Want to ask your own questions? But he did have built-in excuses with Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension and Tyron Smith’s injury.

Terrell Owens: Dallas Cowboys not firing Jason Garrett 'mind-boggling'

Terrell Owens wore out his welcome with a number of his employers during his Hall of Fame career.

That’s what Cleveland thought about Bilacheat when he was there. Say what you want about Garrett…9-7 last yr with his pro bowl RB missing 6 games, pro bowl LT 3 games, pro bowl LB missing 4 games and 3 Rookies DBs. Run option–TACKLE FOR A LOSS. I have seen it all. Something similar happened in Green Bay, when the Packers won the SB. I do agree he should’ve been gone by now. Cynthia M.

The Hall of Fame receiver seems to be holding a grudge because he believes that Garrett ran him out of Dallas . In talking with 105.3 The Fan's K&C Masterpiece [KRLD-FM]  on Wednesday evening, Owens said he finds it "mind-boggling" that Garrett remains at the helm of the Cowboys. I knew my skill set, and Andy Reid utilized me to the best of my ability. Chat with a Cowboys expert! Steven Ruiz is a writer at For the Win.

That’s why Dallas will continue to be also rans until JJ steps down. Jones is like #45. Garrett is the best yes-man Jones has ever had. We had that revolving door at HC for years and went no where. So it Might be that Jerry’s hand is thankfully slipping from the throttle and an 8-8 year might be the case with such a limited receiving corp. Pass, complete for a touchdown!–NEGATED by a holding penalty.

Terrell Owens on Cowboys coach Jason Garrett: 'I just don't understand why this guy still has a job'

Former Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens pulled no punches when talking about coach Jason Garrett in a recent interview.In talking with 105.3 The...

It’s an exciting group of guys. Although Garrett was never the Cowboys' head coach while T.O. was in Dallas, he was the offensive coordinator for two seasons (2007-08) while Owens was there. Here are some highlights from the interview. I was playing lights out when I played for Philadelphia. That's all for today! Michelle R. I have no idea. America’s Team? I agree, He should have been gone years a go.

I don’t mind patience. Will they have enough bronze to form his head? Now it’s 4th and goal from the 13–the Cowboys are moving backwards! These Cowboys, this year, are going to suck. I’m grateful to Jason Garrett for spurning the Ravens back in 2008. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to leave a comment. Jason Witten announced the end of his 15-year career two weeks ago. These guys are eager.

On Garrett: "At the end at the day, how can you keep allowing the players to be the scapegoat for what's not happening, especially when you have a head coach that's supposed to be offensive-minded? Here's everything you need to know to stay up to date with all things Dallas Cowboys. Check out SportsDayDFW.com for the latest sports news and analysis. Jason Garrett has been the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys since 2010, the seventh-longest tenured coach in the NFL.

Terrell Owens' brutal diss of Jason Garrett, looking at the pipeline from Boise State to Dallas, and what they're saying ...

May 18Here's everything you need to know to stay up to date with all things Dallas Cowboys.The top 5 stories

Good grief, don’t tell me T.O’s pending hall induction is going to subject us to reading about his nauseating takes on football and all related topics on a regular basis now. The issue is Garrett is Jones Puppet and Jones can manage from behind the scenes. T.O. was dead on about the Romo/Witten bro fest. I love TO for the same reason coached and players hate having him on the squad. TO is a blow hard.

Maybe Marinelli and the defense can get them to 8 wins, but Garrett and Linehan are going to lose the rest. He paved the way for John Harbaugh, multiple playoff wins, & a 2nd Lombardi. Not a member? He left a mark on those who have been in the organization for years, and those for just a few weeks. They’re hungry. I'm guessing this grudge is going to go on until Garrett agrees to sign Owens, who apparently still wants to play football .

Examining the 1,600 mile NFL draft pick pipeline from Boise State to the Cowboys It's not a coincidence that the franchise has selected five Broncos since 2008. Do you have feedback? During that time, he’s done a lot of motivating and working through adversity. Owens didn’t always see eye to eye with Andy Reid, who sent Owens packing from Philadelphia, but Owens says Reid was a far better coach than Garrett.

Terrell Owens doesn't get why the Cowboys haven't fired Jason Garrett

If Dwane Casey gets fired after winning Coach of the Year, how does Garrett still have a job, Owens wonders.

Hmmmm why did TO have to wait on HOF again? He's made a big impact," coach Jason Garrett said. "The guy who sat in that locker and the locker over at Valley Ranch made a big impact in this organization and this league for a long, long time. For Swaim, Jarwin and Gathers, they got to see first-hand how Witten approached every day to become one of the most durable tight ends in NFL history. John Breech has been at CBS Sports since July 2011 and currently spends most of his time writing about the NFL.

That's more from the Mountain West Conference program than any teams in the major conferences such as the SEC or Big 12, or any team, period. Terrell Owens is getting back to what he does best. He’s also done a lot of talking and clapping. He’s not the only one. Jason Garrett is a great coach. They need a coach that does not take Jones sh&% and is left alone to coach and win games.

I can see why that would irritate someone. Dave Campo. Run the ball! It’s all about game strategy and play calling. Who the hell else would coach for Jerry Jones? I believe his impact will be long-lasting around here. But to see the nuance and his route-running ability and how he gets open and how smooth he is as an athlete, was something that jumped out at me right away in film. Dak Prescott: Do teams need No.

Terrell Owens: 'Mind-boggling' that Jason Garrett still has job

Good question! Doesn’t take a genius to know Reid is a better coach than Garrett. You know, I don’t really know what the problem is. I like when Garret has that stupid smirk on his face whenever the Cowboys make a good . But I love it. Chan Gailey. In short yardage, critical situations in crucial games, what do you do? In all honesty, I believe Jerry has a soft spot in his heart because his horrible personnel decisions constantly put the Cowboys in cap hell.

We talked about the standard he established as a player and as a person, and we’re going to try to uphold those standards that he set for 15 years in his Hall of Fame career. Schultz has been peppered with questions comparing him to Witten in his short time with the Cowboys, and understands that link likely won’t go away his entire career. CBS Interactive. Here you have Dwane Casey of the Toronto Raptors.

At the end at the day, how can you keep allowing the players to be the scapegoat for what’s not happening, especially when you have a head coach that’s supposed to be offensive-minded? Garrett is clearly a one-sided coach in many regards. A perfectly unbiased opinion from T.O., right? Garrett is a good coach Monday thru Saturday. It’s probably not any one thing. The rest of the stuff like playoff wins are overrated.

Unfortunately, Cowboys' Jason Garrett is exactly who we thought he was

Some finished watching All or Nothing shocked at the human side of Jason Garrett, but All or Nothing showed him as he truly is in life.

TO is SPOT ON !!!!! Witten, 36, walked away from the game to become the lead analyst on ESPN’s Monday Night Football . This is my 14th year of playing football ever … in my life," the 21-year-old Schultz said. "And he’s had 15 years in the league. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. For me it's mind-boggling. Question of the day Q: Do you agree with Jason Witten's comments on Dez Bryant that he will end up a Packer?

He connects with his players, but not nearly all of them. He hated the fact that Garrett didn’t force feed the ball to him endlessly so he constantly caused problems until he was shipped out. He is bringing the right people. But as a lifelong Cowboys fan, it is tiresome. But hey, let’s not forget that the only reason they didn’t win it all last season was because Zeke was suspended!

With that said, I don’t think I’d fire Garrett (unpopular opinion, I know). Garrett is an idiot, although Linehan is not without blame. Or trading up for Claiborne or wasted 2nd rd pick on Gregory. Cowboy fans want Patty-Cake gone, with Linehan following him out the door 😦 What goes around, comes around, and when that day comes, I hope Wade Phillips is laughing out loud! Our journalism takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work to produce.

Terrell Owens wonders why Jerry Jones doesn't fire Jason Garrett

Jason Garrett was the offensive coordinator for two of Terrell Owens' three seasons in Dallas, but as a head coach, Garrett is in over his head, Owens says. Owens said on 105.

Aw, for crying out loud. Building good depth and culture. The team has long had the talent to get better results, but year after year, it just never comes together. Based on what I saw from the “All or Nothing” series, Garrett is soft and so are his assistant coaches. Yes, turned out later out of shape from drinking and couldn’t remember the plays. He’s been bounced from the playoffs on a few somewhat flukey plays — Bryant’s non-catch catch, Jared Cook’s amazing sideline catch.

Jason Garrett should do what his Dad did for the Cowboys, scout players. Garrett is clueless, and should have been gone years ago. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo made the difficult decision to walk away from the game last offseason. All things come to an end, though, and Witten’s time as a member of the Cowboys ended two weeks ago. It all boils down to players being the scapegoat for his inability to lead the team as he should," said Owens. "For me it's mind-boggling.

They haven't shown any interest. Let’s bring up basketball for a minute. There are some players who have obvious connections with Garrett, presumably the “Garrett guys” Dez Bryant mentioned after his release. As long as Carrot Top keeps saying yes Sir Mr Jones he’ll continue to be the Cowboys head coach. But at some point, it’s a performance based business. The word for this team is malaise.