Intelligent Baboons Use Team Work To Temporarily Escape Research Facility Baboons Work Together To Escape From Biomedical Testing Facility Baboons stage research center escape with 'enrichment tool' Texas Research Facility Baboons Escaped from Was Investigated for Animal Abuse Baboons Escape From Texas Research Lab By Using 55-Gallon Barrel To Climb Wall

Intelligent Baboons Use Team Work To Temporarily Escape Research Facility

Four baboons escaped an animal testing facility in Texas over the weekend. One bright baboon used a blue barrel to scale the wall of its enclosure, and others followed suit.

What is even more exceptional is the way the brilliant baboons strategized to gain temporary freedom. More than 2,500 animals held in captivity at the said bioresearch facility are considered as biomedical research animals. Do not reproduce without permission. Let them go to a sanctuary. This was truly a unique incident," TBRI communications vice president Lisa Cruz continued in the statement. "We have been caring for research baboons for more than 50 years.

Jane Leeves, 57, is joined by lookalike daughter Isabella at Patrick Melrose premiere... Model looks don't come cheap! And that’s just what they did. “The barrel was lifted in a strategic position in proximity to the wall,” John C. Check your inbox for details. The barrels, introduced in the enclosure just six to eight months ago, were what TBRI calls enrichment tools, and they’ve been removed.

Baboons Work Together To Escape From Biomedical Testing Facility

Their taste of freedom was short-lived.

The baboons managed to stay outside for 20 to 30 minutes. Around 1,100 of the captive animals are baboons. Let's Keep in Touch! Texas , worked together to move a 55 lb barrel. We have nearly 1,100 baboons on the property that date back eight generations. Is that you, Data? Cher poses with Amanda Seyfried as she gives surprise performance to promote Mamma Mia! What would Matt Damon think?! I just went about driving and then all of a sudden this brown big mass pops out of the bushes.” “Okay that’s a big dog,” she recalled thinking. “He was brown, he was furry.

Baboons stage research center escape with 'enrichment tool'

Four baboons at a San Antoni research facility escaped by utilizing a 55-gallon barrel full of treats as a step ladder.

A bystander even caught on video one baboon running down the highway and being chased  by the research facility staff. Those that escaped are among the 133 male baboons  not involved in any test or medical research. Sign up for our email newsletter today. They then used the barrel to escape and make a run for it. Get Daily News stories, delivered to your inbox. One step forward! A case of perfect royal planning?

Texas Research Facility Baboons Escaped from Was Investigated for Animal Abuse

"There has been a history of animal welfare violations" at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute, the Humane Society's Kathleen Conlee said.

Baboons Working Together The baboons apparently used crafty teamwork to get out. Social Media Reactions Netizens who saw the footage and images of the escaped baboons said the animals are fleeing a facility where they are subjected to horrifying medical experiments. Tech Times' biggest stories, delivered to your inbox. They were later caught. The facility was once fined more than $25,500 by the U.S.

Baboons Escape From Texas Research Lab By Using 55-Gallon Barrel To Climb Wall

They learned to roll  a 55-gallon blue barrel upright on the wall of their housing enclosure, climbed on top of the barrel, and jumped out of the wall. Some said baboons are intelligent animals that deserve protection. The baboons live at the Southwest National Primate Research Center , which is part of Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio. Four baboons planned their escape from your facility and escaped by positioning a 55 pound barrel so they could climb out.

Ingenious baboons escape a research lab in Texas by using their captor's 55-gallon barrel to climb a wall and make a ...

The animals are among 1,100 baboons at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, which uses primates to study chronic and infectious diseases like Ebola and HIV.

Large blue barrels filled with grains are routinely used as enrichment tools for the baboons. Many suggested that the baboons be transferred to a sanctuary. The enclosure is surrounded by walls that fold inward to prevent the monkeys from jumping out. What does that tell you about your facility? In November 2015, the U.S. Look, I'm naked again! Fergie and the flamingos! The fourth tried to make a run for it but appears to have gotten cold feet and turned back.

Ingenious baboons escape Texas biomedical lab for brief taste of freedom

"One of the baboons said 'I am going to try to make this leap'” and jumped on top of the wall and out, a veterinarian said.

The facility and the USDA approved for the use of the blue barrels. Baboons are sociable animals. One of the four baboons turned back shortly after getting over the wall, though the other three continued on and managed to get past the fencing around the perimeter of the institute. On Monday, local news station KSAT published a series of documents ― provided to the outlet by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ― that showed since 2011  the U.S.

Baboons use a barrel to escape biomedical research institute in Texas

Baboons used a barrel to escape from a Texas Biomedical Research Institute facility over the weekend. One baboon returned on its own and three were later captured. Some people on social media have

The baboons could roll the barrels to help mimic foraging behaviors even in captivity. They exhibit behavioral traits considered to be "human-like." They are highly adaptable animals that follow a daily routine. Four baboons escaped their enclosure at a San Antonio biomedical research facility Saturday. Department of Agriculture has cited the facility multiple times for animal welfare-related issues, including some deaths.

Cheryl EXCLUSIVE: Singer WILL return to Cannes Film Festival with L'Oreal in May... How many do YOU own? The baboons are housed in an open-air corral surrounded by walls folded inward “to preclude the animals from jumping out,” according to the institute. Disappearance of two Okla. girls stumped police for 18 years. Two baboons were held to the tree line, but one made it to a nearby street. Do you live in Canada?

Baboons break out of a research center using a barrel and savor a fleeting taste of rebellion

The troublesome foursome briefly escaped the Texas Biomedical Research Institute.

The facility's animal capture staff were instantly alerted on the escape incident when the baboons managed to get on top of the enclosure. They are commonly found in forests ins Central Africa. A woman then spotted one leading researchers on a wild foot chase down a Texas highway. Oath Inc. Asking fur trouble? William H. Is this the most stomach-churning magic trick EVER? Baboons are smart. Then they learned about the Polaroids.

Recent baboon escape isn't the first time animals have broken loose from research facility

Once they were outside the wall, three of the four baboons were able to get past the facility's perimeter fence. Baboons are known research models for the study of complex diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis, among other ailments. This is heartbreaking. One got as far as a nearby road where it proceeded to alarm people walking by. The chips are a long way down!

Brilliant Baboons Escape From Texas Biolab Using Their Captors' Own Barrels

The research institute also clarified that the baboons are not infected  nor used in any research on infectious disease. See Now: 27 Most Inspirational And Motivational Quotes By Influential Leaders In Tech TAG Baboons , Primates , Primate Behavior , Research © 2018 Tech Times, All rights reserved. They earned their freedom. It sounds like a video game, but 4 baboons used a barrel and escaped their enclosure.

The White Queen! Hailee Steinfeld dazzles in plunging white jacket as she poses with Taraji P. They figured out that if they rolled the barrels to an upright position near the fence and climbed on top of them, they could get out. Opinion How to end the Trump presidency Opinion Kevin Williamson: The punishment I favor for abortion The story must be told. These four escapees were part of a group of 133 males, according to HuffPost , that aren’t currently being used for testing.