American Idol Recap: Dragifying Gravity Mara Justine Sings "Run To You" by Whitney Houston - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC Jurnee Sings "Flashlight" by Jessie J - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC Maddie Poppe Sings "Brand New Key" by Melanie - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC Ada Vox Sings "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC

American Idol Recap: Dragifying Gravity

Ada Vox has all of her Idol competitors lip-syncing for their lives. A recap of American Idol season 16 episode 12 ‘Top 24 Celebrity Duets’.

I have some startling news for everyone: I’m going to miss the Top 24 rounds. Ron’s voice has a soft ache that is best delivered in slower songs. You could see them wanting to sing every line together, as it would basically sound the same as trading off parts. Important note: This is not the same “Run to You” that Mara Justine weep-belted on Sunday’s episode . She is instantly lovable and obviously fantastic.

This time I understood the judges’ disdain. Bobby even spent their entire mentor session just trying to get her wild “hairography” in check! Which singer will win “ American Idol ” Season 16? In episodes taped weeks ago, the remaining two dozen artists from the Top 50 were divided into two groups. I say that because as someone who ranks everything in my life — favorite movies, songs, colors, cast members from I Know What You Did Last Summer (with Anne Heche firmly at No.

Mara Justine Sings "Run To You" by Whitney Houston - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC

If we lost another five singers next week, I’d be pretty psyched too. In this romp, we almost lost the singular nature of it altogether. After yesterday’s fabulous performance of “Brand New Key,” I was let down to see Maddie fall into this hammock of a song and pretty much doze. This is the Lea Michele song “Run to You,” which is adequately weepy, too! Um, who knew Rachel Platten was a veritable Quincy Jones?

Maddie Poppe, “Brand New Key” Maddie revealed that she’s insecure about her abilities, but she’s such a natural. So I was surprised that she took on Whitney Houston rather than something edgier. Now that judges Katy Perry , Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan have named the Top 14 artists of 2018, it’s time to start making YOUR predictions. Each one of these two dozen hopefuls had to perform both solo and in duets with celebrities in front of judges Luke Bryan , Katy Perry and Lionel Richie .

Jurnee Sings "Flashlight" by Jessie J - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC

No joke, tonight’s duets episode was an effing blast. Does he make the top 14? Their shared last lines of “Wherever / Wherever you go” were beautiful, but were they Top 24–worthy? Oh yeah. In fact, I think I like this version of the song better, period. Michael J. Her yodely Melanie cover was playful and charming, and her down-home demeanor reminded me of Crystal Bowersox. However, Mara sang her face off.

That trio of talent then determined if each contestant deserved a place in the Top 14. I did it anyway. She’s ready for an internship at a museum. Ron’s chilled-out vibe is almost too casual for Idol but his grinding, aching balladeer voice is growing on me. And he definitely face-acted the hell out of this, like Rachel Weisz in that mud bath in Youth , but the tenderness of the song warranted those intense expressions.

Maddie Poppe Sings "Brand New Key" by Melanie - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC

Every musical guest forged a real connection with his/her partner and every contestant left pretty exhilarated with how their hokum went down. Remember yesterday when I said Caleb Lee Hutchinson could only sing hayride-themed love songs and dirt road murder ballads (or something like that)? Garrett is a smiley, young, denim-shirted troubadour who is here to collect Kris Allen dollars from Simon Fuller.

This one has more fight in it. Will Kareem Abdul-Jabbar break the NBA curse on 'Dancing with the Stars: Athletes'? While Garrett was trying way too hard and even Amelia noticeably pushed herself, Maddie was effervescent and effortless. “You are here for that moment, right then,” Luke assured her. I mean that almost literally — she kept her “hair-pops” to a minimum, but her exaggerated facial mugging was borderline-distracting.

The Group 2 solos aired on April 15 and the Group 2 duets were on April 16. Amelia Hammer Harris is the interesting case of an Idol contestant who may be too damn smart. Put a lanyard on this young adult already. This Robyn cover was stately and a bit haunting, but not essential. I was with Lionel here: Natalie would’ve loved it. It's not who I live as. And I love to just have all the love and support I can get from my local San Antonio family from people worldwide whatever it may be.

Ada Vox Sings "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC

We also lost five singers at the episode’s end, and I spoil which ones advanced in my rankings below. That is still true. I get it. Just a coupla down-home ladies sharin’ their wisdom. Every note was a heavenly poison dart right to the gay prostates of America. The Voice' results: D.R. I’d happily pay good money to see Ada do a set like this in Vegas; it was pure theater. This was a tour de force, even if Lionel craved more attitude. “That was so beautiful and so effortless — you can sing circles around everyone,” Katy gushed.

Scroll down to review the names of the seven contestants from Group 2 who will sing on the first live show on April 22. She seems less like a superstar and more like a graduate student in musicology at Carnegie Mellon. Discuss.) Shannon served it up, but she already sounds enough like Adele that I spent the whole performance comparing the two. More like … clever and well done. We’ve come a long way on Idol.

Who will win 'American Idol' in its first season on ABC? [POLL]

Review the songs already sung by the Top 14 and then vote for the winner of this ABC revival of "American Idol."

Get ready to say good-bye to a lot of people at which Lionel Richie once screamed, several times, “You’re a star! But his voice sounded unexpectedly smooth on “Meant to Be,” Bebe Rexha’s duet with Florida Georgia Line. It works. Another burst of lachrymose, light-as-lace balladry from Shannon, who is as dependable as Olivia Benson at this point. The No. From his first audition, his super-deep voice earned comparisons to Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery, and this week, mentor Bobby Bones invited Scotty to surprise Caleb.

Shannon O’Hara, “All I Ask” Shannon was 17-going-on-70 during Adele’s fusty 25 ballad. This season’s six female finalists are Catie Turner , Gabby Barrett , Jurnee , Maddie Poppe , Mara Justine and Michelle Sussett . Will Kareem Abdul-Jabbar break the NBA curse on 'Dancing with the Stars: Athletes'? Though her appreciation of “Believer” was lovely (“It’s like a love song to pain, which I think is really cool.

'American Idol' standout Caleb Lee Hutchinson flaunts massive weight loss, massive voice

Caleb always looked and sounded like a Nashville star, at any size, but he exhibited a newfound swagger Sunday.

Like me. Yes, it seems like a rational fit, but those guys have way more of a chill pontoon-boat vibe than Caleb, whose instrument goes deeper. He always seems to be shrugging and giggling, “I’m harmless!” with arms akimbo. Broken-record time: Did she add to our perceptions of her abilities? I ain’t feel free since I caught this case at the age of 19. It felt like a torch-passing moment. Effie Passero, “Barracuda” The moment I heard the chugging chords of this Heart blitzkrieg, I just knew Effie, with her massive range, would do Ann Wilson justice.

The eight male finalists are Ada Vox , Cade Foehner , Caleb Lee Hutchinson , Dennis Lorenzo , Garrett Jacobs , Jonny Brenns , Marcio Donaldson and Michael J. The Voice' results: D.R. Add to that her ensemble, a colonial-themed top with leather pants that can only be described as Hamilton on Ice , and you have a definitively middle-tier performance. She should return to her “Unconditionally” tactic and sing ballads better than the original artist.

'American Idol' Season 16: Now that we know the Top 14, hurry and make YOUR predictions for who will win

'American Idol' Season 16: Now that we know the Top 14, hurry and make YOUR predictions for who will win. Win prizes!

Give it up to Amelia, who really worked to slide in tender, jazzy vocals on this radio hit. The chemistry between Caleb and Bebe (who looks more like an edgy Vanessa Hudgens role than I realized) was a bit contrived, but I also didn’t need to see them make out or anything. Unfortunately, I find him more and more forgettable as the episodes pass, but this dainty li’l tune with Colbie Caillat made me sit up and say, “Hunh!

Don’t worry. Below are the other performances of the night. Katy may have underestimated Effie’s mighty lung power, however, judging by her startled, instantly GIF-able reaction. But I agreed with Bobby: This teen needs to have a little fun! Woodard . Yahoo!-ABC News Network | © 2018 ABC News Internet Ventures. I’m recovering from Bobby Bones teaching Garrett to “dance.” It was like a Queer Eye reboot where the gay guys were replaced with a single straight Guitar Center cashier named Len.

Plus, let’s look at this rad person: Here she is, an out lesbian with quality side-eye trying to translate soul and honesty to a billion preteens, and she just might actually do it. It’s just that most of them are crushingly dull. I'm going to show y'all the real human side of myself. I chose that particular song because I think it kind of showcased a part of me that hadn't been shown before," he said.

'American Idol' Recap: Ada Vox Once Again Sends Katy Perry's Wig Flying

It was wild to see her getting churchy with it as Bebe Rexha laid out her traditional Halsey-but-scratchy vocals. They smiled, they giggled, and they swayed like a wedding reception was just getting started. What a gentleman!” I was nervous when Colbie said she co-wrote it with Jason Mraz. I was  not  aware that we had a “Jolene” reboot from Jolene’s perspective called “Diane.” But wow! You already have an account registered under .

Effie slayed this. I fear her somber personality will make it hard for her to connect with viewers, even though she possesses the pipes. Be sure to make your predictions so that the contestants can see how they’re faring in our racetrack odds. One was Ada Vox , aka Adam Sanders, who performed a roof-raising version of "Feeling Good" by the late Nina Simone . Fortunately, Garrett’s performance required little in the way of two-stepping since he strummed along to this Shawn Mendes banger.

Every second of this performance was brilliant. Pairing thundering vocals with a beat face is a shtick more people should try on, and showmanship is a gimmick more contestants need. Just like every other artist has someone that's not their stage persona and they live in their day-to-day life as that. He added that he chose the song in part because it was a favorite song for his mom, Piper. "They might film her freaking out and crying — I don't know for sure," he said, laughing.

'American Idol': Which of the Top 14 from Group 2 could win season 16? [POLL]

Which of the seven singers from Group 2 of the Top 24 to make the Top 14 could win season 16 of "American Idol"? Vote in our poll here.

It was a good try, but it was not much more than a good try. I dated a guy in 2008 who had “Bubbly” as his cell phone’s ringer. I was not in the mood for rapping about wordplay or whatever Jason’s passions are these days. I am glad Jolene — in the form of this very nice country lady with Glenn Close hair named Cam — blessed us and Effie with it. Want more? Yes, Amelia has cool baby bangs and looks good in leather pants, but she’s also a fierce performer: the total package.

She might be better off moving back to piano, but the judges praised her growth this season. “You don’t need to pick anything faster or slower, you just need to be you ,” said Katy. You can keep changing your predictions until just before the next episode airs on ABC. After the performance, Perry was literally on her knees and said, "Wig flew! You can picture it. It doesn’t make for an interesting arc on Idol , but his consistency is also a welcome addition to the season.

Contestant brings Katy Perry to her knees on 'American Idol'

The second half of the final 24 contestants on "American Idol" each performed solo showcases on Sunday night's episode.

I assume producers assigned this duet to Amelia because it doesn’t resemble anything she’s performed before. Not ringtone, but what the caller hears when he’s waiting for the pickup. But these two vibed and enjoyed themselves, which made the surprise appearance of Garrett’s hometown girlfriend  so  weird seconds later. Effie was originally supposed to sing with Jessie J, who fell ill or simply ran off with Toni Braxton.

There was no personality lacking during her fiery Imagine Dragons cover. That being said, there was no finding fault with her pristine, prodigy-level vocals. Ron Bultongez, “Dancing on My Own” Bobby told Ron to lighten up, but Ron’s unsmiling attitude was perfect for the Kings of Leon version of Robyn’s five-hanky classic. You’ll compete to win a spot on our leaderboard and a $100 Amazon gift card.

Nothing annoys me more than watching an American Idol contestant get coached on stage presence. Are there enough midtempo songs about growin’ up poor and ringin’ them church bells for Caleb to get through an entire season of Idol ? The Mary Lou Lord –type vocal, teeming with girlish wisdom: brilliant. I ain’t feel free since I caught this case at the age of 19. The judges this year, I think, are fantastic.

American Idol Recap: Dancing on the Ceiling on My Own

At the risk of sounding like Lionel Richie, there’s a stunning amount of talent in this competition. A recap of American Idol season 16 episode 11 ‘Top 24 Solos’.

Does she make the top 14? In other words: I’ve heard this song on accident 9 million times and have clutched my face in agony during the lyric “I get the tingles in a silly place” most of those. Do “I Want You” next! And I think it worked: Effie would never have chosen a hollerin’, lyin’, cheatin’ anthem and here she was sounding like the dame with the widest brim at the hootenanny. You must confirm your registration within 48 hours of submitting your registration request.

The girl has potential. “You didn’t have me until tonight,” admitted Luke. If Ron keeps choosing songs like this, he will be fine . See our contest rules and sound off with other fans in our reality TV forum . Effie Passero slayed Heart's "Barracuda," impressing the judges with her "flawless" vocals. Is it that hard to make people enjoy watching you? We know this was coming. The connection between the singer, who would normally seem like the polar opposite of an Idol candidate, and the 1972 Melanie song: smashing.

San Antonio's history-making singer continues rise on 'American Idol'

I wasn’t familiar with this song, but it’s in the lane of Phillips Phillips’ “Gone Gone Gone” — that gravelly  hooo-oooooh  whimsy that infected most of pop from 2011 to 2015. But guess what? Allen Stone gamely trilled along, but Marcio’s casual sauciness (very … Gladys Knight?) made this song almost tickle. While Effie’s lack of twang may have led to some nondescript line-readings during the chorus, I felt this performance invigorated the room like few others.

Only the “fascinated” Lionel overtly praised her. Marcio Donaldson, “Inseparable” This was an old-fashioned performance, very Season 2, but Marcio’s interpretation of Natalie Cole’s adult-contemporary ballad was tasteful and polished. Tomorrow these 12 contestants will take the stage for all-star duets (Caleb is teaming with Florida Georgia Line collaborator Bebe Rexha) — and five of them will be eliminated.

Tune in Monday night for another "American Idol" at 8 p.m. Stardom is a visual medium! We should be thankful it wasn’t “Alone” or “What About Love,” I guess. No American Idol blogger would’ve guessed, “‘Brand New Key’ is the perfect fit for Maddie Poppe,” yet she had that insight herself. You already have an account registered under . They are so open, they are so free, and they are so friendly. Hutchinson's performance style and voice appear to naturally fit the country music genre.

Get to know SA native, American Idol contestant Ada Vox

Ada Vox is taking America by storm and could become the next America Idol.

Colbie herself is an apparent saint, as we watched her calm down a fidgety Maddie Poppe during their rehearsal. I’m shocked to disagree with Katy on this one: She felt Alyssa needed a few more big notes this week, and I thought this was her proudest showing of the season. And she learned the song in 15 minutes? These lucky seven join the same number who were announced last week. I’m Team Lionel on this one.

Caleb, the only male country contestant among the top 24, isn’t likely to be among those five. The Voice' results: D.R. ET on ABC, as the contestants sing with stars like Colbie Caillat, Bebe Rexha, Cam and Lea Michele. Do the work! We all knew she was capable of this performance, and unlike Maddie or Ava, she didn’t add to our perceptions of her abilities last night. As someone who listens to Natalie Cole’s cover of “Pink Cadillac” every day of my blessed-ass life — and occasionally switches to “Sophisticated Lady” and “Mr.

Paulding 'American Idol' contestant named to final 14 in competition

The sole remaining Metro Atlanta contestant will be among 14 finalists for the title of "American Idol" this year.

Banners mimicked Chris Martin well enough, but Alyssa turned the melancholic lyrics into an opportunity for conversational, fluttery vocals. In the cruelest cut of the season, no. But which of these Top 14 will win season 16? I’m a believer in Amelia. The judges, however, needed no convincing: They gave Marcio a standing ovation and even hopped onstage for a teary group hug. See you then. American Idol ” finished the Top 24 stage of the competition on April 16 and seven of the 12 singers in Group 2 made the cut to sing on the live shows starting April 22.

We all love Rihanna, but she doesn’t get enough credit for the distinctiveness of her vulnerability — that blend of salaciousness and hurt. Frankly, “Magic Man” would’ve given her more of a moment. Melody” for variety’s sake — I was instantly suspicious of Marcio Donaldson’s song choice. We're sorry. If I make it to the voting rounds, I'm going to need all the help I can get. Rexha, a pop singer, showed she was comfortable with the style, he said. "When I met Bebe, she's not a country singer at all, but she knows good music and appreciates good music," he said.

Then we got the performance, which ended up as a showcase of how similar Maddie Poppe and Colbie Caillat sound. It was a sophisticated performance with little in the way of showboating to distract us. What can’t Effie do? A whopping 169 would-be winners made the trip to La La Land, before being cut to 50. Neither did this tired Shawn Mendes song. Lionel told him, “I knew Natalie, and Natalie was watching you on that song, my friend.” Mara Justine, “Run to You” Mara hasn’t gotten as much screentime as Catie Turner, but she’s nearly as kooky.

Which of these these lucky seven do you think could go all the way and win season 16? Tru-lyyyyyy . It’s almost bluesy, but it’s not old-fashioned. Mara Justine is the Jessica Sanchez of 2018: She’s got all the bombast, aggression, flawless vocals, quivering upper lip, and spunky interview energy you could ask for. How can he add soul to “Inseparable” when Natalie Cole body-slammed it with soul back in ’75?