Beyonce's Coachella Set Was a Landmark Celebration of HBCUs & Southern Black Culture Beyoncé as Philanthropist: Where's the Superstar's Latest Gift Headed? On Beychella, HBCU's And Black Culture: Beyoncé's Performance Reinforced That We Never Need Whiteness To ... Beyoncé knew Coachella's white audience wouldn't understand her set. That's why she did it. What It Was Like to Be in the Audience for Beyoncé's Historic Coachella Show

Beyonce's Coachella Set Was a Landmark Celebration of HBCUs & Southern Black Culture

Saturday night at Coachella, Beyoncé was a thousand miles away from the Black South, but she carefully and deliberately transformed the desert stage into one of the most dynamic of Black Southern spaces.

Beyoncé is from the Black South. Beyoncé did not simply design a show and stick a pan-HBCU band, fictitious Black Greek organization, and a baton twirler (Diddi Emah) in it. Beyoncé’s Coachella performance, appropriately dubbed “Beychella,” was nothing we could have expected. This is our real life; it is who we are. But she has worked hard to be able to captivate and maintain the world’s attention.

And I vaguely recall passing out at the idea. Kyle: I saw a lot of tweets giving our crowd shit for being sleepy, or holding their phones out too often. This all happened in a matter of seconds and you witnessed every single slo-mo frame of it. Then you sing it.” Beyoncé, on the other hand, was invigorated by updating her hits. We're sorry. The model added: "Don't let anyone come between you and your truth".

Beyoncé as Philanthropist: Where's the Superstar's Latest Gift Headed?

She re-imagined her entire catalog through the lens of HBCU musical culture by allowing the HBCU band tradition to do what it does best: serve as a distiller of Black popular music. She could have taken us anywhere. For two hours, we were able to escape the harsh realities of our current racial and political climate and bask in the best of who we are. And when she has it, in every way she can, she reminds them that Black Lives Matter.

Kyle: It’s interesting to think back on that anticipation, and how it colored what would come. To the latter point, I’d just like to say: If God descended from Heaven and landed on the sidewalk in front of you, wouldn’t you be a little tempted to throw that on the ’gram? It was truly my final form. Dee: Kyle, I’ve been thinking a lot about Miss Tina’s concern that Coachella’s white audience wouldn’t understand the cultural references to black college life.

On Beychella, HBCU's And Black Culture: Beyoncé's Performance Reinforced That We Never Need Whiteness To ...

Beyoncé made it clear that you cannot love her and lack a deep, profound respect for her Blackness. Beychella reinforced that we have never needed white spaces to validate us.

A favorite red cup conversation among HBCU and Black Greek family alike has always been where Beyoncé would go and what she would pledge. That has always been the gift HBCUs provide: safe space in a hostile world to be nurtured, challenged and educated. And this is why choosing the HBCU experience as the vehicle through which she delivered Beychella is so powerful. Essence may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

They wanted their one amazing shot of Beyoncé as she passed by, and then they wanted to watch the show going on all around us! You know what made that work, to a degree that I’m not sure the home audience is wholly aware of? Dee: I’m so happy A Different World primed you for Beychella. You are already registered. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Coachella usually live-streams the first weekend only so we shall see.

Beyoncé knew Coachella's white audience wouldn't understand her set. That's why she did it.

But the Black college doesn’t just belong to its students and alumni. Those of us who chose to be educated in historically Black institutions were steeped in an unapologetic Blackness mirrored by that performance. ESSENCE Communications Inc. It’s amazing that given how heavily hyped we were, the show that followed still managed to surpass our expectations. Dee: That’s an audio trick all live events being broadcast typically use so the crowd doesn’t drown out what’s happening on stage for the folks at home.

I got emotional for my friends who pledged Alpha Phi Alpha, seeing Beyoncé, her dancers, and her pledges re-create their steps, in their black and gold colors. I still refuse to go to a festival that is owned by someone who is anti-LGBT and pro-gun". Yahoo!-ABC News Network | © 2018 ABC News Internet Ventures. If Coachella doesn't stream Weekend 2, TIDAL better. The expertly done band arrangements of the Beyoncé catalog lent fresh energy to hit songs like “Crazy in Love,” “Shining,” and “Drunk in Love.” But it was longtime band choreographer Don.

What It Was Like to Be in the Audience for Beyoncé's Historic Coachella Show

Coachella 2018: What it was like to be in the audience for Beyoncé’s headlining set, experiencing Beychella live.

Though our schools are not without their problems, we are placed in incubators that affirm we can be and do anything. Beyoncé’s stunning performance at Coachella lit up the internet this past weekend, but how does watching it on a YouTube livestream compare to having seen it in person? Dee: The moment I saw her drum major signal the start of the show, I was reminded of Beyoncé’s last Super Bowl halftime show (the one with Coldplay or whatever), which began similarly .

For those of us in the crowd, it was impossible to miss the dozens of band members backing Bey on those risers, and their joy powered ours. Black people built their own collegiate institutions, traditions, and histories because it’s what we’ve always had to do. Those were the words from Cara Delevingne as she explained her decision to boycott Coachella to her 41m fans on Instagram on Sunday. Bey outpaced The Weeknd, who was the second most-mentioned celebrity on social media during the first weekend of Coachella.

Beyoncé’s performance was peppered with hip-hop band repertoire as she used them as breaks in her own songs and interludes between her hits. Close friends and family were there with balloons and gifts. “Old heads” came back to make sure the yard would be in good hands. Being rooted in the Alabama and Louisiana identities that make her a “Texas Bama,” Beyoncé was reared in an environment that took pride in being Black.

Beyoncé's HBCU Tribute at Coachella Was the Latest in a Proud Tradition

Kyle Buchanan: Dee, it’s been three days since we experienced Beyoncé’s performance together, and during that time, I’ve happily thought about little else. What I was not prepared for was the parting of the drumline to reveal Bey, dressed in Balmain as a Nubian queen. Kyle: There was truly no room! Dee: Beyoncé took a lot of inspiration for the level of her marching band’s participation from Solange.

Delevingne, a supporter of gay rights and herself sexually fluid, added that she should be "allowed to shame that man and the festival and still show my appreciation of an artist at the same time". The #beychella hashtag clocked in 2.4 million mentions, while #Coachella scored one million. ESSENCE Communications Inc. After “711” the audience formally meets the “Bugaboos” of fictitious co-ed fraternity Beta Delta Kappa.

Coachella is now Beychella. Here's how to navigate the festival in its new incarnation

The cape! All you could do was put your hands up and shimmy just a little bit, if that. While touring A Seat at the Table , Solange had her band perform choreography, be vocal, and play their instruments all at once. Given the chatter I heard from white folks on the way out praising the probate as if it was something Bey invented, probably not. Its live music arm, AEG Live, bought Goldenvoice in 2001 which operates Coachella, as well as a host of venues worldwide - including the London O2.

Joe Brown and Jamal Josef choreographed the stepping, and “greetings” and “Suck on my Balls” segment. Constantly hard at work, it was her time to shine. It reminded me of those days as a little girl, when my mother would get me out of school early for Winston-Salem State’s Homecoming pep rally. With the local business owner who made all the shirts and jackets; the people who attend plays and productions on campus.

Is Cara right about Coachella being 'anti-LGBT'?

Untangling the war of words between Cara Delevingne and Coachella founder Philip Anschutz.

They weren’t an afterthought and neither was Bey’s band, who took her golden oldies and made it feel like we were hearing them for the first time. But to quote Solange , this shit was for us. But the accusations - which Anschutz denies - relate to payments made to hard-line conservative religious and political groups across the US, through his charitable foundation. One Twitter user wrote , "One fan had posted this picture saying this was posted on her website as leftovers.

We didn’t know what Beyoncé would do at Coachella , but we knew that it would be epic. Growing up on the campus of her alma mater and watching her light up with her old classmates and friends made me yearn for that experience. Our experience is shared with the members of our community who never enrolled in a class but make Homecoming the unofficial family reunion weekend. Perhaps, what is most beautiful about Beychella is that Beyoncé believed it was the right thing to do.

Will Beyonce's Second Coachella 2018 Performance Be Different? The Singer May Have Another Song List Planned

Anti-gay laws - According to US campaign group Freedom For All Americans , Anschutz allegedly gave £35,000 to the National Christian Foundation (NCF) between 2011 - 2013. One fan had posted this picture saying this was posted on her website as leftovers. Lastly, this is Beyoncé, and so the dancing is always fierce. Would she perform new music in advance of the upcoming tour? Beychella reminded me of every A Different World episode and scenes from School Daze that I’d memorized, counting down the days until I’d be just like them.

In a way, it was as if there were two performances happening at the same time that night. I have no recollection of life pre-Chella. And then the scaffolding tilted back and elevated to uncage the rest of her 200-person marching band sitting atop bleachers. My neck is still sore! Jay-Z, on the other hand … What does it say about the consistent superiority of this whole event that the surprise appearance of a rap legend barely got a rise out of the crowd?

Beyoncé's Coachella performance most-tweeted, most-viewed ever on YouTube

Beyoncé truly turned Coachella into #Beychella this past weekend, especially when it comes to social media and streaming.

But in her Coachella performance her adoption of the “j-Setting,” which she first used in her “Single Ladies” video, is now in its original context -- combined with a marching band. The first Black woman to headline the music festival, we exhausted ourselves with the possibilities of how she would slay. Even the “Bugaboo” probate took me back to that day in high school when I toured the campus of Tennessee State University and knew it was the only school for me.

In one, she performed for her people — enabling us to remember and relive youthful, happier times. My former self has been erased and I now exist exclusively in a world dated as A.B., After Beychella. We were at a pep rally! If ever we appeared lifeless, it was because Bey took the life from us. Kyle: Well, it’s proof that you can’t just go out there and wing it at Coachella. Don’t worry. Pro-gun support - The same Fader investigation alleged that in March, he gave £3,780 to Senator Cory Gardner, a vocal pro-gun advocate.

Fans Are Wondering What To Expect During Beyoncé's Second Weekend Performance At Coachella

Queen Bey always has something up her sleeve. Queen Bey always has something up her sleeve.

Beyoncé, in her Beta Delta Kappa sweatshirt, brought back all the emotions of seeing AKAs in their paraphernalia and working up the courage to express my interest to the right one at the right time. While she has always been Black, her early career required a careful navigation of her Blackness to attain the level of superstardom she rightly deserves. Her performance for us was a love letter that we will not soon forget.

I think it took others a half-second to realize the setup, which might account for our looks of bewilderment. Dee: I was frozen in time. I mean, technically you can, but you’ll look like an amateur next to Beyoncé, who’s giving that stage her all. You already have an account registered under . Anschutz released a statement at the time strenuously denying all the allegations, branding them "garbage" and "fake news".

J-setting, named for the “Prancing J-Settes” of HBCU Jackson State University, is an HBCU tradition that garners fiery competition among schools and loyal admiration from fans. We missed her and we were ready — or so we thought. Watching the band perform, I couldn’t help but remember all the nights I heard them preparing for Homecoming. We couldn’t have gotten Beychella 10 years ago. And in the other show, in her performance for them, she presented Black culture not for the world’s consumption but for its salvation.