A nonprofit that has taught Braille for 98 years partners with Apple to teach coding to the blind Apple pushes to teach coding to students who are deaf and blind Apple Brings Coding Initiative To Schools This Fall, Supporting Blind And Deaf Students Nyle DiMarco and Apple Team Up for Global Accessibility Awareness Day Apple's Everyone Can Code is expanding to schools that support students who are blind and deaf this fall

Apple's Everyone Can Code Swift lessons available for blind and deaf students in fall

Starting in the fall, schools supporting students with vision, hearing or other assistive needs can use the Everyone Can Code curricula for Swift.

Company leaders also targeted North Carolina's 22-million-square-foot Research Triangle Park. TechTimes Inc. Presumably, Apple will work with these educators to refine the platform before making it available more widely. Now, partnering with Apple, we are excited to help even more people learn how to code. The iPad and Everyone Can Code can also be used by students with physical motor limitations through Apple's built in Switch Control, in conjunction with VoiceOver .

Everyone Can Code also supplies iPhone compatible hearing aids. Apple is also expanding its self-driving car unit in California. Today, Apple announced that it is teaming up with educators to bring Everyone Can Code to schools for people who are deaf, blind and have other assistive needs. How durable are the top handsets? The Everyone Can Code curricula is compatible with  VoiceOver , the most advanced screen-reading technology for people who are blind or low vision.