Watch: iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 Plus battery life compared Samsung Galaxy S9 Phones Top CR's Ratings With Durability, Speed, and Sound Watch the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ go head-to-head in a battery life test New Galaxy Leak Reveals Samsung's Radical Smartphone Samsung Patent Shows Galaxy Phone With iPhone X-Style Display Notch

Watch: iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 Plus battery life compared

Continuing the comparison between Apple's iPhone X and Samsung's Galaxy S9 Plus, AppleInsider pitted the flagship smartphones against each other in a number of battery life tests, to see which can last the longest. Can the battery in Apple's premium device out-last its main rival?

Watch: iPhone X vs. Probably one of the most accurate ways to test the battery life, Geekbench 4's battery benchmark was used on both handsets. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ look a lot like the S8 and S8+. The S9+ is the first Galaxy S phone with dual cameras on the back. While creating a 3D animated emoji of yourself can be amusing, it didn’t always result in a noticeable likeness. Three hours of YouTube videos took the iPhone X down to 55%, while the S9+ only dropped to 67%.

Although they are fingerprint magnets, it seems that Samsung took great care in making the glass stronger than the one on the S8 phones. Sign up for our email newsletter today. It is also one of the earliest on the year cycle with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ arriving at Mobile World Congress in late February. Samsung has made a handful of meaningful design upgrades. You thought you had escaped it, didn’t you?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Phones Top CR's Ratings With Durability, Speed, and Sound

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones have speedier processors, top-quality sound, and a durable design. Here's how they did in Consumer Reports testing.

That’s a feature that the company has included on its Galaxy Note8 and that some other phone makers have built into their premium models. The company’s Super Slow-mo camera mode was tricky to use and limited to super-short clips. After an hour of playing Vainglory, the iPhone X had fallen to 87%, but the S9+ fell slightly behind at 84%. The notch design has been a contentious topic among smartphone users.

Tech Times' biggest stories, delivered to your inbox. This review focuses on the larger of the two devices, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ . The fingerprint sensor on the rear is now in a sensible location below the camera: you won’t smudge the lens every time you try and use it now. You thought that somehow, some way, Samsung was going to be the one major player in the smartphone market that didn’t shameless copy Apple’s latest iPhone design.

Samsung has launched a new color variant for the Galaxy Note8 in India, the Orchid Gray, a light shade of gray with a touch of purple in it. Samsung Galaxy Note8 1,639 2. On the good side, OLED technology means each pixel is individually backlit, allowing for pixels to use only the power it needs for the required brightness. We noticed that the Samsung did really well in longer battery tests. Like the S8 phones, the S9s feature glass on front and back.

Watch the iPhone X and Galaxy S9+ go head-to-head in a battery life test

Unsurprisingly, no phones on the market are generating as much buzz as Samsung's and Apple's newest flagships: the Galaxy S9/S9+ and the iPhone X. Samsung and Apple have something of a stranglehold on the high-end market, which is why we read so much about their latest smartphones year after year.

It all began with the Essential Phone, which featured a very small notch for its front-facing camera. While the S8s did not survive 50 drops without broken and non-functional screens, the S9 made it to 100 drops without so much of a major scratch. Apple bent over backwards to make its tenth anniversary as spectacular as it can be. As with previous Galaxy S handsets, there are two variants of the S9+ for different markets.

But alas, it appears as though old habits can be difficult to kick. What’s not specified, however, is whether these measurements are for the phones’ length or for width. Apart from the new color, Samsung is also offering a cash back offer for those purchasing from Paytm Mall. Sony Xperia XZ Premium 1,576 3. Conversely, OLED displays can also consume more power per pixel when displaying bright or white colors when compared to traditional LCD displays.

But that design decision comes at a price. One camera provides a wide-angle lens, and the other has a 2x optical zoom lens. That’s a long way of saying you don’t need to rush out and buy one of these phones to impress your friends with a cutting-edge bag of tricks. Now it looks like Samsung may be planning on jumping the bandwagon despite mocking the Cupertino giant at first. Notches became a lot more popular thanks to the Apple iPhone X.

New Galaxy Leak Reveals Samsung's Radical Smartphone

The United States, Japan and China get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 inside, while the rest of the world gets Samsung’s latest Exynos 9810. The other major change is the upgrade to stereo speakers, using a combination of a bottom firing driver and the smaller speaker above the display. Samsung is a company that rose to the top of the smartphone industry by shamelessly copying every Apple product it could.

Customers will get INR 10,000 ($152) as cash back, which will be added to their Paytm account. Nokia 8 1,276 4. Looking at the two screens, the Galaxy S9 Plus actually has a physically larger and higher resolution display than the iPhone X, so in theory it should consume more power. The iPhone X was completely drained after 4 hours and 45 minutes, scoring 2,845 points. To test the durability of smartphones, we submit them to 100 drops in a tumbler.

Samsung’s new flagship phones are more resistant to breaking, are plenty fast, and are more pleasing to the ear. It’s been discovered recently that Samsung has filed a patent for a new smartphone that features an iPhone X-style notch on its display. In fact, more Android manufacturers are putting notches on their recent releases due to Apple’s 10th anniversary handset. The faster overall speeds are also a welcome upgrade as well as the great sound quality that the S9s produce.

Samsung Patent Shows Galaxy Phone With iPhone X-Style Display Notch

The patent shows an unnamed Samsung Galaxy phone that features a display notch similar to the one found on the iPhone X.

The report claims that Samsung’s 2019 flagship phone will finally feature an in-display fingerprint scanner. The new color variant is going on sale starting today, April 17. Samsung Galaxy S8+ 1,206 5. The iPhone X battery is more comparable in capacity to the regular Galaxy S9's 3,000 mAh battery, but in this particular test, we're comparing the best phone that each company has to offer. The S9 Plus, on the other hand, lasted 7 hours and 22 minutes before completely draining.

And our testers say both proved to be a little better than their predecessors at taking low-light shots, though the difference is very slight. Shopping links are provided by eBay Commerce Network and Amazon, which makes it easy to find the right product from a variety of online retailers. The patent application was filed by the South Korean company back in March 30 with the Chinese patent organization SIPO and was only spotted by Mobielkopen on Monday.

Samsung  also moved the fingerprint scanner from the side of the camera lenses, which annoyed most of its users, to below the set-up, allowing for a more convenient access. It’s not even going to be called the Galaxy X. The design still sees glass on both the front and rear, with a metal edge around all sides. The ideal implementation is still dual front facing speakers, as it’s still reasonably easy to block the bottom edge speaker when holding the Galaxy S9+ in either orientation.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Beats iPhone X In Consumer Reports Smartphone Ratings: Here's Why

Consumer Reports released its latest rankings with Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus reigning at the top. The newest Samsung flagship phones are two points ahead of the one in the third place, and two to three places ahead of Apple's latest offerings.

The first test was relatively simple, measuring how much battery would be consumed overnight on both phones, if they were left alone with no apps running. We already know the S9 Plus' battery is almost a third larger than the iPhone X, giving it an advantage, but there's another element to consider: processing performance. The S9 phones performed much better, though. But our testers penalized the phones for oversharpening photos, a technique used in many smartphone models in recent years, according to Fisco, to artificially boost resolution scores.

The front of the unnamed Samsung Galaxy phone presented in the patent features a display that stretches to all sides of the front. With Samsung filing this patent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this Galaxy phone will become an actual product. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Flagships Are Not Perfect The overall review also listed why the Galaxy S9 phones are far from perfect. That said, Samsung does release two or three flagship models a year, and that name could be reserved for the foldable Galaxy phone in the second half of 2019.

It’s great to see Samsung continuing to provide IP68 water resistance for submersion in up to 1.5m of fresh water for 30 minutes, though you shouldn’t use the phone in salt water. They really, really hate the notch. Samsung has had trouble adopting the technology for its most recent flagship Galaxy S phones, but it seems like the company may have finally figured it out. The only note 8 variant worth purchasing is the deep sea blue color.

Galaxy S10 tenth anniversary phone might be unimpressive

Apple bent over backwards to make its tenth anniversary as spectacular as it can be. Not only did it change the name a bit, the iPhone X also drastically changed the design and the technologies inside. If you expected Samsung would copy its rival yet again, you might be in for a surprise and a disappointment. According

As a result, the S9+ placed fourth in our smartphone camera ratings—below the iPhone X , iPhone 8+ , and iPhone 8 . Please note that Consumer Reports collects fees from both eBay Commerce Network and Amazon for referring users. Above the display is a rectangular cutout where the front-facing camera, earpiece speaker and sensors are located. That being said, this patent suggests that Samsung is definitely interested in designing an Android phone with a notch.

The Galaxy S10 and its companion Galaxy S10+ will bear Infinity Displays, no surprise there. Samsung has come a long way on improving their phone designs and it's made some of the best handsets on the market for the past few years. Unfortunately there’s still a Bixby button that cannot be remapped in the stock software to anything useful, though it can be disabled. That makes sense, of course, since it’s a design feature that Apple popularized.

It's like the best smartphone available today. LG V30 947 8. While that may be true, 99 percent remaining after 16 hours seems unrealistic. Oops, we messed up. Both phones include Qualcomm’s top-performing Snapdragon 845 processor. Fisco says it’s important to remember, though, that these days the cameras on almost all premium smartphones are very good. I write about all things "cyber" and your right to privacy.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Review

In the Android world, there is no bigger event than Samsung's yearly launch of their latest Galaxy S devices. It is also one of the earliest on the year cycle with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ arriving at MWC in late February. Both devices present iterative updates for 2018, with upgrades on most fronts along with some neat feature additions as well as more gimmicky ones.

For those who aren’t big fans of the notch, Samsung is also working on something else. Some of Samsung's tricks are unrefined as well, such as the 3D animated emoji, Super Slow-Mo camera, and the AI calorie counter. They will be larger than this year’s models, those sources say, but only slightly so. However the slipperiness of the Galaxy S9+ remains a concern, as it did with the Galaxy S8. The amount of times I accidentally pressed the Bixby button was quite high, so I’d rather this button either didn’t exist, or could simply be programmed to open whatever application I like.

Synaptics’ tech, called Clear ID, is already being used by Vivo for the X20 Plus UD . Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro 80,352 2. Xiaomi Mi A1 901 9. Last week, a battery life test on the iPhone X showed impressive savings when using YouTube's dark theme. All things considered, Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones represent only a modest leap forward for the manufacturer’s lineup, but according to our testers, the upgrade is worth a look.

The battery capacity is unchanged on the new phones. Before joining Consumer Reports, I spent 16 years reporting for The Associated Press. On the back, the Samsung Galaxy phone features a horizontal dual-camera setup with an LED flash. Samsung has filed a patent for a phone that features a 99 percent screen-to-body ratio. Although the review is generally favorable, it also doesn't discount the faults experienced  by the customers.

Shocker: Samsung is working on a phone design that copies the iPhone X's notch

Look at that notch in the image at the top of the screen, Samsung fans. You thought you had escaped it, didn't you? You thought that somehow, some way, Samsung was going to be the one major player in the smartphone market that didn't shameless copy Apple's latest iPhone design.

Such large glass panels lead to the same durability concerns I had with the Galaxy S8 line, especially due to the curved edges that expose the glass when dropped. Got something to say? Samsung is so committed to the Infinity screen design, we thought we might escape seeing yet another iPhone X copycat emerge from the world’s leading smartphone maker. Meanwhile, Qualcomm’s own tech is still not being adopted by OEMs.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro 875 10. Both phones were set to approximately 80 percent brightness, and played a three-hour YouTube video. That shouldn’t come as a big surprise, given that they edge out the previously top-rated  Galaxy S8 and S8+ , released by Samsung in 2017. But the phones’ overall speed is impressive. The Galaxy S9 has a 3,000-mAh battery, and the S9+ battery is slightly larger at 3,500-mAh.

There also appears to be antenna lines present on the back panel of the phone. Android Authority believes that this device could still be years away from being commercially released. Just a few days after launching, users immediately encountered problems  with the touch screen, lens flares, and data loss. There are no expected major technological changes in the Galaxy S10 save for two. Unfortunately this means I have to make the same recommendation as last time: the Galaxy S9+ requires a case.

What this smartphone CAN'T do will surprise you

It’s a smart move on Samsung’s part to work alongside these two companies and it should make the in-display fingerprint scanner for the Galaxy S10 a reality. Oppo F7 58,571 4. After three hours, the iPhone X was down to 55 percent charge remaining, while the S9 Plus reached 67 percent, meaning Samsung's device wins this test by a good margin. The new phones offer stepped-up security features, super slow-motion video, and a camera that can turn your image into a personalized emoji .

The robot browses the internet, takes pictures, streams a video, uses GPS navigation, has a standby time while it does nothing, and, of course, makes phone calls. I've lived in the Bronx for more than a decade, but as a proud Michigan native, I will always be a die-hard Detroit Tigers fan no matter how much my family and I get harassed at Yankee Stadium. The bottom of the device features a USB Type-C port, a speaker grille and the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus cost $720 and $840 respectively. One is a 3D camera for face recognition while the other is the long-overdue in-display fingerprint scanner. Most other phones I’m comfortable using without protection, but the Galaxy S9+ with its curved edges need additional protection to save yourself from the pain of a cracked screen. Already have an account? Remember how crazy Android fans went when I suggested that the Galaxy S9 might’ve been even better if it had cloned the iPhone X’s display design?

Samsung Galaxy S10 To Feature In-Display Fingerprint Scanner, 3D-Sensing Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S10 won't have a major redesign, but it will get an in-display fingerprint scanner and a 3D-sensing camera module.

The fingerprint sensor on the Samsung S8 and S8+ drove a lot of people nuts. In our testing, the S9’s battery lasted 22.5 hours, down from the S8’s 26 hours. Unsurprisingly, no phones on the market are generating as much buzz as Samsung’s and Apple’s newest flagships: the Galaxy S9/S9+ and the iPhone X. Meanwhile, the top edge features the SIM tray. The iPhone 8 Plus is now bumped down to sixth place while the iPhone 8 sits in seventh place.

If these sources are on the mark, the Galaxy S10 could be yet another “boring” release, but that might actually be for the best. And while I’m at it, I may as well point out the ports along the bottom edge are not properly aligned. TechSpot, Inc. Like the Galaxy S8 and S9, the S10 will feature the same Infinity Display design, but it will have a couple of new hardware features that users have been asking for.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro 41,277 7. Since the S9 Plus has a larger battery to begin with, it would probably outlast the iPhone X if you played until both batteries drained. There’s a noticeable drop in battery life from the previous generation. On the S9 phones, the fingerprint sensor is located below the camera, which reduces the chances of that happening. The S9+ went for 24 hours, down from the 25.5 hours of the S8+.

Samsung launches Orchid Gray color for the Galaxy Note8 in India

The iPhone X is not better, according to the testers, at the eighth spot. Do not reproduce without permission. An Iterative Upgrade. This is a small nitpick, but on a premium handset that’s otherwise well designed, it’s disappointing to see a few alignment issues. TechSpot is a registered trademark. Industry insiders say that the Galaxy S10 and S10+ will feature 5.8-inch and 6.3-inch screen sizes, according to The Bell .

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Redmi 5 Plus) 39,144 8. Either way, they both did a great job, considering brightness was maxed out. And the phones’ cameras have taken a tiny step backward in performance, according to our testing, while still remaining impressive. Additionally, the S9 and S9+ offer a new Intelligent Scan biometric option that lets you use a combination of basic 2D facial recognition and an iris scan as an option for unlocking the phone.

The latest comparison comes courtesy of AppleInsider , which put both phones through a series of tests to see which phone has the more impressive battery life. The only thing that appears to be missing from the device is a physical fingerprint scanner. The Galaxy S9 Is Fast, Durable, And Has High-Quality Speakers Consumer Reports praised the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus for their durability as their rear and front-side feature glass.

In the Android world, there is no bigger event than Samsung's yearly launch of their latest Galaxy S devices. On the other hand, I’m glad to see the use of both USB-C and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Look at that notch in the image at the top of the screen, Samsung fans. These will be slightly larger than the 5.77-inch and 6.22-inch displays that are on the S9 and S9+. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released in 2019, the same year the company will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series.