If Cowboys trade current players draft night, who's most vulnerable? Former Cowboys RB Phillip Tanner says Dez Bryant was released because he's not a 'Garrett guy' In retrospect: Was Dez Bryant worthy of wearing No. 88? Jason Witten, Sean Lee finally break their silence on Dez Bryant Brandon Marshall to Dez Bryant on joining Giants: 'Sorry baby bro no room'

If Cowboys trade current players draft night, who's most vulnerable?

Dez Bryant is gone. The draft is coming to Arlington. And the Cowboys have some new needs. SportsDay's Cowboys insiders break down the latest in...

Dez Bryant is gone . Jon Machota:  I don't. Prescott said last week he's already throwing passes to new receiver Allen Hurns. Hey, it's Garrett who says excuses make his skin crawl. JM:  Wide receiver, linebacker and safety. PT: I personally don't feel Dak [Prescott] has enough skin in the game right now to make those types of decisions. Does a coach hanging out with players create problems?

Best players available is a myth in my opinion. Byrant recently said the opportunity to play with the Giants would be "crazy" given the talent on offense. In fact, of the seven receivers with more yards than Bryant, only Green Bay's Jordy Nelson played for a team that didn't throw at least 140 more passes than the Cowboys. A guy that we all love. Brown is eerily similar to Bryant in terms of his physique.

LIVE Draft Day LIVE - Day 1 Thu., Apr. And guess what, everyone’s numbers were down in 2017. Says COO Stephen Jones on 105.3 The Fan, “(Dez) was a No. Here’s why unofficial NFL stats, ones not compiled by the league, are hard to trust. The draft is coming to Arlington . I think they'll always be open to a trade, particularly if it can help them accomplish a goal they have for the draft. Made me wonder how much he had thrown passes to Bryant earlier this offseason ... any at all?

They basically need to replace the spots that belonged to Dez Bryant, Anthony Hitchens and Byron Jones. However, I think [Jason] Witten is the president of 'Garrett guys' and he has earned it, you know we're talking about a guy who's played this long maybe missed about what one game? PT: Yes, it does. Since Michael Irvin retired there is no question Dez Bryant has been the club's best target at wide receiver.

Former Cowboys RB Phillip Tanner says Dez Bryant was released because he's not a 'Garrett guy'

Former Cowboys running back Phillip Tanner recently joined 105.3 The Fan's Shan and RJ show [KRLD-FM] to talk about Dez Bryant being released from...

So 2014 was Bryant's last great season and by far his most extraordinary one. Love him as a player, as a person and that will never change. "It's a challenging situation. Both receivers stand at 6-foot-2 with Bryant currently weighing 220 pounds while Brown is 225. Our journalism takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work to produce. Fri., Apr. Wrong Page: Then there is this notion Dez and Dak never were able to get on the same page.

Four of these so-called stats services rated Dez’ 2017 drops anywhere from five to 10. And the Cowboys have some new needs . I don't, though, see many, if any, intriguing names who will be options for the Cowboys to lure other teams in this year. This is a big season for Prescott, who didn't play as well in 2017 as he did as a rookie. For Prescott, the Cowboys are all in, trying to build an offense that best suits him.

You know, your bubble guys that have got to show their face in this facility as much as possible. I've never been around that ever and my first time seeing it was in Dallas when you look up and you see these guys at the Mavericks game or SMU game or sitting in the box at a college game. Drew Pearson, the original 88, said Dez wore the number well. If it's good enough for Drew, it's good enough for me.

Crazy. ... The bottom line is that the 2018 Cowboys, in all likelihood, aren't throwing the ball 100 times in any player's direction. A lot of different factors go into these kinds of decisions and again the guidepost for all of this is: What's in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys? Most draftniks considered Brown a player who was leaving school a year early. Bryant expresses his frustration to wide receivers coach Derek Dooley at one point, saying, “Just because you said something, you get viewed as if you’re angry.

In retrospect: Was Dez Bryant worthy of wearing No. 88?

Newy Scruggs, sports anchor at NBC5 in Dallas-Fort Worth (KXAS-TV) and radio host weekly from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on NBC Sports Radio Sirius XM...

Next offseason will be the first time the Cowboys can give him a contract extension. He and Bryant could never connect as well as they wanted to. Maybe it doesn't come in the first round, but it needs to happen somewhere in the first three or four. And then you look across the weight room and you see a Sean Lee and Jason Witten. I feel that that's definitely a conflict of interest.  ... Why haven't the Cowboys pulled the trigger on a deal for Earl Thomas yet?

They draft ( Penn State running back Saquan Barkley) ? The club tried to force the ball in Bryant's direction last season. And that's why we made this decision. If he had stayed in Columbus, who knows what Brown would be considered in this year’s draft class. Dooley responds, “The key on that DB is as long as we're together, and we're trying to find solutions to winning, it works. Mailbag: Trading Up For A Receiver?

Well, it’s not quite that, but defensive linemen David Irving and Kony Ealy have some poundage to shed. Dallas Cowboys. Do you anticipate them making anyone available next week? While I would like to see Jerry Jones run a curl route, I don't see where he's really under any pressure after this decision. He needs to continue to show the Cowboys he's their franchise quarterback for years to come.

They need a linebacker for depth and someone capable of pushing for a starting spot, like Hitchens. Guys that don't have to be there and they're there every day throughout the offseason. It should still be head coach, player. I'm not sold on Thomas being this massive difference-maker so many fans and certain media believe. Thomas has battled injuries the last few seasons and openly spoke of retirement.

Jason Witten, Sean Lee finally break their silence on Dez Bryant

At his pro day, Bryant ran a 4.52 40-yard dash; Noah Brown ran a 4.57 at his. People have always sometimes misconstrued your feelings, because they don't know you. FRISCO, Texas – Hang on tight, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, lot of Shots to knock out quickly, so we’ll be going fast. Over first eight games of 2017, with Zeke on field, and Tyron Smith , too, Dez had 38 catches for 437 yards and four TDs.

All rights reserved. If so, are there any leading candidates? The release has been tied to Stephen Jones moreso than his father. JM:  Jason Garrett followed by Dak Prescott. DM:  My top three positions are receiver, linebacker and safety. At safety, they have an open spot. You know, so only 82 knows what it is to be a 'Garrett guy' and what the locker room should be like. You know, unless all 53, all 61 guys is at that house.

I think the Cowboys will draft a running back next week but it will be third day selection. Look for players like Rashaad Penny of San Diego State. Ryan Dunleavy may be reached at [email protected] It was just five fewer targets than he had in his 16-touchdown season in 2014. He's a special guy. Bryant had elite quickness out the gate. You always praise these mother [expletive],” he says. “Why not we just can't go out there and beat the [expletive] out of them?

Add those together, and you have essentially a 16-game season with 81 catches, 1,085 and 12 TDs. Same with free-agent signee Ealy, but maybe he has somewhat of an excuse. David Moore:  Dangling is one thing. If Bryant posts big numbers elsewhere, he'll hear about it but I wouldn't really call that pressure. If the Cowboys don't perform, Garrett is likely out of a job, so he's No. You can make an argument to rank any of those as the top priority.

Brandon Marshall to Dez Bryant on joining Giants: 'Sorry baby bro no room'

I personally feel Dak had his say, so just a little bit. If all 61 guys are not there, I personally feel that that shouldn't happen.  What does Dez have left? Will the Cowboys benefit more from a bigger receiver like Courtland Sutton or a smaller guy like Calvin Ridley? I saw him play at the Armed Forces Bowl and he is a player.  Nyhehim Hines of N.C. Follow him on Twitter  @rydunleavy .

I love him. The point is that if the Cowboys are looking to try and replace Bryant’s production, Brown already possesses some of the necessary traits to grow into a similar role. Why can't we get words of [expletive] encouragement? Batter up. Would you take it? After the season he had shoulder surgery, and chances are you not going to see the fifth-year defensive end trying to jump-start his career in team activity until the start of training camp.

Jason Garrett is under pressure to get this team back to the playoffs. Prescott needs to play well, especially early in the season. You could also replace safety in my mind with defensive tackle. I'm very intrigued by how they fill that last safety spot.     KH :  Receiver, linebacker, safety. Does the "Garrett Guy" talk create distrust between teammates? PT: I personally don't think he's lost a step.

State is a guy who can catch the football. New Jersey On-Line LLC. Or to get 100 of Prescott's targets. When you lose, things like this happen. Another benefit Brown has is that his new position coach, Sanjay Lal, is considered around the league to be an excellent teacher of the game. At Washington in October, Bryant is animated on the sidelines. Just Be Honest : Lots of numbers floating around to diminish the career of Dez Bryant, it’s as if folks are overly qualifying the Cowboys releasing their all-time leader in receiving touchdowns (73).

Why Cowboys aren't truly looking to draft another 2014-style Dez Bryant

The more you examine it, that season was the anomaly.

Looked trimmer. Veteran cornerback Orlando Scandrick is whom they dangled this time last year , even though they denied it afterwards. If the Cowboys follow-up their 13-3 season in 2016 with two straight years of missing the postseason, you'll see the head coach go the way of Bryant. Can you imagine if Prescott struggles to start the year and Dez Bryant is looking like his 2014 self with another team?

The Cowboys don't have to use the first-round pick on a receiver, but they need to get one early to throw into the competitive mix and add to the revamp that's underway with Bryant's release. PT: I don't think it does.  I think it sets the standard. I think it's the chemistry and I Dez, he pressed a little bit this year. I think he will be a better pro. Ito Smith of Southern Miss is another back to look out for.

The Cowboys ranked 31st in pass attempts in Romo's final productive season in 2014. So Dez knows how I feel. Brown’s most memorable collegiate game was in a 2016 contest against Oklahoma where he caught five passes for 72 yards, with four being touchdowns. Bryant and Prescott discuss the throw at length in the clip afterward, but that’s a play they never mastered together. You know, you can’t always put everything into one big box and tie a bow on top.

Nope, not just the coat. He's now gone. I wouldn't say Bryant's release adds any pressure because it was there before he was gone. Not a great look. But keep this in mind: Owner Jerry Jones usually leans toward offense as a tie breaker. Going with linebacker doesn't mean I'm out on what Jaylon Smith can be for the Cowboys, but  Dallas needs significant depth at the position considering Sean Lee's injury history.

Jason Garrett says he'll always love Dez Bryant, but release best for Cowboys

While Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Tuesday that he'll always love Dez Bryant as a player and a person, he said the decision to release Bryant was in the team's best interest. Bryant would have counted $16.5 million against the salary cap this season.

They ranked 30th in pass attempts in Prescott's rookie season. I know I enjoyed my time with Dez and I think that I appreciated everything that we were able to do. It’s not a huge sample size, but it shows scouts and coaches that on any given day, Brown is capable of being a red zone threat, much like Bryant was for eight years. It becomes clear during a CBS Sports production meeting when Bryant is talking with former quarterback Tony Romo.

Check Yourself: OK, one more since somehow these perceptions become truths. He was, saying he dropped like 10 pounds and wants to play at 230-235. The template: anyone dangled is likely a veteran at a reasonable price whom they don't envision being in their plans beyond the 2018 season. Allen Hurns won't be asked to replace Bryant's production all by himself, even though the statistics for Hurns and Bryant over the last three seasons are similar .

So does head coach Jason Garrett, who was a backup quarterback in this league for a long time. Former Cowboys running back Phillip Tanner recently joined 105.3 The Fan's Shan and RJ show [KRLD-FM] to talk about Dez Bryant being released from Dallas. I think going into the draft as well, you look for 'Garrett guys,' you know. You know, he wasn't as secure and I don't think that trust factor was there between him and [Dak Prescott].

Click here to view the full chat transcription . It won't surprise me if they draft a safety or even a linebacker in the first round and wait until Friday to seek someone to fill Dez's shoes. That has to be the goal for 2018, one that coincides with finishing in the top five in rushing attempts as the Cowboys have done in three of the last four seasons. Certainly invested a lot in him and he has helped me become a better player, too.

At New York in December, Bryant is shown dropping a couple of passes. Like this: Over the past three seasons Dez has 150 catches for 2,035 yards (13.6 avg.) and 17 TDs. The Cowboys, with Zeke, are a run-first team, so you don’t need that go-to receiver. Shorter Shots: Yea! While there are a few players who fit that description, I don't envision anyone being dangled at the moment. He's not the talent Bryant is but that doesn't mean he won't come close to the production. That leaves Dak Prescott.

Cowboys WR Noah Brown deserves expanded role in 2018 offense

The Cowboys have a wide open depth chart at receiver, and Brown could earn more snaps than he saw as a 2017 rookie.

Phillip Tanner: Up and down. So I don't think coming out of college Dez [Bryant] was a 'Garrett guy,' so he was behind the stick coming out of college, you know as what they wanted as a 'Garrett guy,' in the locker room. So you see the drops. Is simply selecting the best player available a bad strategy for the Cowboys at 19? A Giants wide receiver corps with Dez Bryant and Brandon Marshall? Chark , Oklahoma State's James Washington and the man who touches all the vowels, Notre Dame's Equanimeous St.

So I appreciate that time together. The Cowboys are not committed to any receiver in particular as of right now, so Brown is a prime candidate to take advantage of it. Said Prescott, “I miss you. True enough. In 2014, when DeMarco Murray rushed for a franchise-record 1,846 yards and 13 touchdowns, Dez Bryant had 88 catches for 1,320 yards (15.0 avg.) and a franchise-record 16 TDs. Many of us will be able to plan out the rest of our lives for the year when the NFL releases the 2018 schedule at 7 p.m. (CT) Thursday on NFL Network.

I'd say he has more pressure on him than anyone else. Now, if the Cowboys would've signed Sammy Watkins for around $16 million per year, he'd be in the conversation.   KH: The Joneses are the bosses. BG:  Well, receiver has climbed near the top of the list now that the Cowboys have moved on from Dez Bryant. PT: I think the Garrett guy came off as a negative person, a negative thing.

You see the bad routes. Scruggs:  The Cowboys need to beef up that defense. Brandon Marshall posted this on his IG story this morning. But they lost their only Pro Bowl wide receiver of the last decade , you say. This offense will continue to revolve around Elliott, the offensive line and a low-turnover passing attack as it did in its two recent playoff seasons. Look, being a captain is a huge honor for me and the other guys and I know what those guys' character is all about.

Dez Bryant: Playing for Giants, With Odell Beckham Jr. Would be 'Crazy'

After being released by the Dallas Cowboys last week, wide receiver Dez Bryant has indicated he prefers to stay in the NFC East to play his former team two times a year. On Tuesday, Bryant revealed that the New York Giants are in fact a potential destination for the 29-year-old.

Dez also produced those final eight-game numbers in 2016 with Zeke piling up 815 yards over those same final eight games. Betting against a Cowboys-Giants opener a fourth consecutive season and sixth time in the past seven . . . Since Williams' salary in 2018 is guaranteed, Dallas would have to pay him regardless of whether he's on the roster or released. It's no secret that Prescott and Bryant never seemed to click on the field.

Also, I'd put safety, defensive line and linebacker not far behind. I was a Garrett guy. I think Dallas Cowboys, that locker room, even from when I was there, you've got to come together and be close. Watching ball on Sunday afternoons, you could see that. A linebacker at 19 or a defensive lineman is what I'm all about. I took a screenshot of it but didn't think it's much of a big deal. Beyond their needs on defense, it's because they aren't truly looking for the Dez that threw up the X 16 times in the 2014 season.

We can't get into that (talk). Dez Bryant: Playing for Giants, With Odell Beckham Jr. You see we’re where we need to be though. Plus, he played only one game with Tony Romo that season. Why Not June 1? See where Cowboys 2013 second-round pick Gavin Escobar has moved on to his fourth team within the last year after the Cowboys chose not to re-sign him last spring. So, the Cowboys aren't likely to cut him but could look to trade him as they continue to rebuild the receiving corps.

So the pressure will be on Garrett and Prescott in 2018. The Cowboys will likely use one of their early-round picks on each receiver and safety to fill big needs. You know, there's nothing wrong with being a 'Garrett guy.' Every good coach in every good organization have their guys.  ... I always say still that the locker room could be a lot closer than what it was, even from when I played there.

Documentary takes a look at Dez Bryant's tumultuous last season with Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys recently cut veteran wide receiver Dez Bryant.

The more you examine it, that season was the anomaly during Bryant's eight years in Dallas. Bryant went three straight seasons without 1,000 yards and was set to count $16.5 million against the cap in 2018. We use cookies to offer an improved online experience. On Tuesday, Bryant revealed that the New York Giants are in fact a potential destination for the 29-year-old. Against Seattle in December, Bryant has a costly fumble after a catch.

But in doing so, they would not have recouped his 2018 base salary of $12.5 million until after 3 p.m. He’s gone from Kansas City (released Sept. Also, Beasley could be in his final season in Dallas as he's entering the last year of his contract in 2018. BG:  Dak Prescott has to be the one with the most pressure on his shoulders to perform now that Dez Bryant has been released. For Garrett, it's impossible to believe he'll be back if the Cowboys don't take the next step this season and win a playoff game, at least.

Of course, Garrett has that leeway to build the guide plan to what a 'Garrett guy' is. So that's going to be amongst the players. In retrospect: Was Dez Bryant worthy of wearing No. Anthony Hitchens left in free agency and Sean Lee never plays 16 games in a season so Evans fits a need. The Giants do not need Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shepard, Marshall and Bryant. The Cowboys just need a reasonable imitation of the 2016 Bryant to show up.

By A.J. Playing with him, Sterling [Shepard]... the tight end [ Evan Engram ], [Eli] Manning? Garrett barks at him to get his mind straight. “Hey, [expletive] it. [Expletive] it and go play,” Garrett said. “Pro football. In 2016 Dez missed three more full games (fractured tibial plateau) and most parts of two others. June 1. Baltimore (played in two games, released Nov. Beasley struggled to make much of an impact last season and the Cowboys could look to move on from him as well in the draft.

Mick Shots: Dez, Dez & More Dez During A Round Of Scattershooting

FRISCO, Texas – Hang on tight, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, lot of Shots to knock out quickly, so we’ll be going fast. Especially now that the NFL Draft at AT&T Stadium is now a week away. Batter up.

Cowboys to go with either a defensive end or linebacker with their first-round choice. It's the first guy in, last guy out, you know, a guy that's going to work his tail off every day, he's going to stay out of the media, you know, stay out of the media. You know, the players are going to have to get that together. In retrospect, was Dez Bryant worthy of wearing No. The NFL is about mismatches in the passing game and Evans can cover running backs and tight ends. That skill is a must in the NFC East where the tight ends are darn good.

That's the 13-3 season in which Bryant caught 50 balls for 796 yards and eight TDs. With Dez Bryant gone, how high are the Cowboys' needs at receiver? By: A.J. Crazy. ... Cowboys fans' expectations were high after last year's 13-3 regular-season effort. So like five. They decided they wanted to have that money under the salary cap now , so took the extra $4 million hit this year. Cleveland for three months (released April 12) to signing with Miami on Monday . . .

With Bryant gone, Prescott will need to find a new primary target and develop a rapport with him right away. The team had a lot of excuses last season with Tyron Smith's injuries and Ezekiel Elliott's suspension, but the offense can't continue to flounder. The Cowboys are still looking for an elite right-side defensive end to rush the passer. Being a true professional on and off the field and really being first class and relentless.

Scruggs:  Dez Bryant set some good franchise marks wearing the number 88. Evan Engram of the Giants, Zach Ertz of Philly and Jordan Reed of Washington are matchup problems for most linebackers. The Giants, who have $4.4 million in cap space and need to clear more to sign draft picks , probably would need to cut Marshall to sign Bryant. Nice numbers given that he missed three games but nothing otherworldly like 2014.