Rhode Trip: My Week With A Kia Niro PHEV Kia Ceed GT Spied, Announced For 2019 Launch With About 200 HP 2 dudes give the Kia Stinger 2 thumbs up Kia's big $60K sedan aims to fix automaker's image 2018 Kia Picanto GT-Line pricing and specs

Rhode Trip: My Week With A Kia Niro PHEV

In November, 2016, Kia invited me to a ride and drive event for its new to North America Niro Hybrid in San Antonio. With an 8.9 kWh battery, the Niro PHEV has about 25 miles of electric-only range. Charging the battery to 100% takes 2½ hours using a Level 2 charger or about 8 hours on normal household current. I confess I did not commit it all to memory and by the time my week was up, there were still many features of the car I had yet to discover.

Steve Hanley Steve writes about the interface between technology and sustainability from his home in Rhode Island. Pras Subramanian and I think Kia succeeded, as you’ll see in the video above. The plasticky interior is somewhat wan, especially compared with the refinement of the European luxury makes. The magazine's car testers also rate it very highly in performance and practicality. It's big. All rights reserved.

Kia Ceed GT Spied, Announced For 2019 Launch With About 200 HP

Kia has announced the third-gen Ceed hatchback will get a sporty GT version next year with roughly the same power as its predecessor, but more efficient.

When I arrived at the hotel, it was dusk. For the average American on a typical day, that’s enough to get where you’re going and back without burning a drop of gasoline. Regenerative braking is part of the PHEV package but is not adjustable by the driver. I did turn off the lane departure warning system after the first few miles because it was beeping constantly. I got to try the Chevy Volt two years ago and loved the car.

This screamer provides track-level thrills, with the exotic looks of something that might ordinarily be Swedish and unpronounceable. Pras complained about the lack of contrast stitching in the Stinger’s cabin. When people look at real vehicles with the badges removed, Kia ranks among the best looking, too, said Kelley Blue Book analyst Akshay Anand. It has an elegantly designed interior filled with real leather and wood.

2 dudes give the Kia Stinger 2 thumbs up

Kia's new sport-sedan can hang with its German competitors.

Out front, bathed in the glow of several spotlights, was a white crossover SUV. It has a total of 139 horsepower available. If the Kia people have missed anything in configuring the car, it is providing a regen paddle so the driver can take advantage of true one pedal driving. From a driving perspective, the Kia Niro PHEV has a well modulated ride that soaks up bumps and potholes with aplomb. It performs all the normal driving chores extremely well.

Listen for the engine roar Pras and I have to shout over. Neither of us cared for the touchscreen that protrudes out of the center stack, as if glued on, rather than integrated into the dash. That's not surprising, since Kia's lead designer, Peter Schreyer, used to work for BMW and Audi. It's actually the second version of the K900 to be sold in the United States but this K900, Kia product planning chief Orth Hedrick promised, will be a true luxury car.

Kia's big $60K sedan aims to fix automaker's image

Americans buy plenty of Kia cars and SUVs. But the Korean automaker still gets no respect.

The electric motor is rated at 60 hp. That’s a feature you didn’t know you wanted until you experience it for yourself. It handles curves with authority and brakes with confidence. It also has an all electric range twice as long as the Niro PHEV. UPDATE] Speak of the devil, the new Kia Ceed GT has been photographed. The value proposition is still there—just two notches higher than Kia typically aims.

2018 Kia Picanto GT-Line pricing and specs

Performance is sprightly, if not in the “knock your socks off” category. I did discover one of the dangers of driving a new car, though —  it makes your daily driver feel like something from a Flintstone’s episode. So which would I choose if it was my money? Another day, another piece of news about the third-generation Kia Ceed unveiled last month in Geneva. The Stinger starts at about $32,000, three grand cheaper than the entry-lever BMW 3 series.

It all dates back a long way to when Kia first entered the US market in 1994. "Those cars were pretty rough," said Eddie Alterman, editor-in-chief of Car and Driver magazine. But that's OK. Your IP address will be logged. In any case, here's the new Ceed GT, undergoing road test with all the bells an whistles. Last week, Kia delivered a loaner PHEV to my home in Rhode Island to use for a week.

New Kia Picanto GT-Line revealed

My car had the optional feature that remembers seating and mirror settings for two drivers. Hmmmm, good question. That’s the good news. Yet the Stinger is nearly as big as the next model up in BMW’s lineup, the 5 series—which starts about $20,000 above the Stinger. Read more: T rump is right about Obama’s MPG rules 2 Dudes try to ride the range The buzz in Detroit: Who will buy Tesla? Kia quickly improved its cars to meet the demands of this hyper-competitive market like its sister-brand, Hyundai, did when it entered the US market eight years earlier.

Have a car to sell? For us, the highlight of the makeover are two large, triangular exhaust tips, one for each side. To say this car is appealing is an understatement. The transmission is ultra smooth in operation, shifting seamlessly up and down through the gears. It is rated 105 MPGe by the EPA and gets 48 mpg on the highway, 44 in the city, and 46 combined once the available battery power is exhausted.

Kia to Offer Alexa on Selected Models

Both are excellent cars. The bad news is we shouldn’t be expecting more power as the new version will have roughly 200 hp, so just about the same as its predecessor. The Stinger nestles into the same narrow niche between the Audi A4 and A6, the Mercedes C Class and E Class and the Cadillac ATS and CTS. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - Americans buy plenty of Kia cars and SUVs. But in the car industry, 24 years just isn't that long.

Sell your car without the hassle. Like the Civic hatchback, the Kia hatch is all about the sports trim. In an age where other cars feature sharp creases that meet at odd angles — the latest Toyota Prius being a prime example — the Niro is handsome, composed, poised, and thoroughly modern. All together, the impression one gets from the driver’s seat is that you are in a normal car.

Spyshots: Next Kia Ceed GT Prototype has Cool New Exhaust, Red Accents

The all-new Kia Ceed will have a hot hatch version too, not on the same level as the i30 N, but still pretty hot. These are the first spyshots of the upcoming Ceed GT, a model we expect to see at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

As for a beefier version that would slot above the GT, it’s not going to happen. So it’s a mid-sized sedan priced like the compacts in its class. But the Korean automaker still gets no respect. It can take decades to shift brand perceptions, said Alterman. Kia also recently released another all-new head-turner -- the Stinger sports sedan. Get an instant offer from sell your car fast. Taking cues from the i30 N, the GT model has red stripes on top of black plastic accents, as well as red brake calipers.

Forget about all the geewizardy under the hood. The onboard gasoline engine is called into service on cold mornings to help warm the interior without draining the battery. My wife insisted the Niro was bigger than her Civic Si so we lined both cars up side by side in the driveway. The bottom line is, I could see myself driving a Kia Niro PHEV long enough to pay off a car loan and enjoying every mile.

Kia Adds UVO Skill For Amazon Alexa On Select US Models

The top-line Kia Stinger GT-2. That's it. People only shop for cars once every few years and, outside of that, they're usually not paying much attention. Critics compare it to cars like the BMW 4-series, although Car and Driver, for one, says it's not quite that good. Priced at $17,490 drive away the GT-Line is slightly more expensive than the $16,777 driveaway AO edition for which it shares the same features.

Kia launches new 7-year service package to match warranty offer

Kia has unveiled a new service package that includes options to cover the first seven years of a car's life, matching the company's impressive warranty.

The brand is seen as below average for dependability, styling, performance and comfort, according to a survey by the web site Kelley Blue Book. At the New York Auto Show last month, Kia unveiled an important weapon its ongoing war against "Yeah, whatever." The new Kia K900 is a large luxury car expected to sell for over $60,000. But the price is $10,000 less, which could make up for the fact that it doesn't feel quite as solid in a tight corner.

Toyota Beat Volkswagen. They buy cars based on how they make them feel. Sometimes the gasoline engine kicks in, sometimes it doesn’t. It had so many bells and whistles, the bells had their own whistles. It has enough range to be useful but a small enough battery to keep the sticker price of the top model well below $40,000. The good news is that those of us who want to drive an electric or electrified car have more choices than ever, with more coming along every day.

The Kia Proceed Shooting Brake Could Debut at the Paris Motor Show

It's very good looking. The Stinger is meant to win over true car enthusiasts, the sort who read magazines like Car and Driver and Motor Trend and who advise their car-shopping friends. Copyright © The Motor Report 2018. Tank Vs. You want specs, so here we go. It doesn’t matter. The owner’s manual is smaller than an Oxford English Dictionary but only fractionally so. The base model starts at $28,840.

The new Kia Stinger aims to replicate or exceed the performance of famed rear-drive European sports sedans, and earn staid Kia some needed rally points. So where did Kia cut corners in order to pack a ton of wallop amid the metal? Kia is ranked near the top in reliability and owner satisfaction by Consumer Reports, which surveys actual owners. It's powerful. Copyright 2018 by CNN NewSource. The size of your tyre is located on the sidewall of your tyre.