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Where South Dakota Deer Will Need To Be Tested For CWD

It was first identified in Colorado in 1967, and is caused by infectious prions (misfolded proteins) that cannot be broken down by the body's normal processes. Advance Media New York. No link has been found between the animal's disease and any neurological disease in humans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Seggos says a controversial topic is a debate to ban urine-based lures for deer hunting, which also contributes to spreading Chroinc Wasting Disease.

More than 49,000 deer have been tested in New York since 2002, and there have been no reoccurrences of the disease since 2005. The proposal introduced this month is aimed at determining the prevalence of chronic wasting disease in the park's deer population, the Rapid City Journal reported . The deer proposal will be considered for adoption after a June 7 public hearing during the next Game, Fish and Parks Commission meeting in Aberdeen.