What the thick tire smoke at the Gaza-Israel border means Gaza protests to move closer to border with Israel Hamas sees the Gaza protests as a peaceful 'deadly weapon' The wars that defined us: Gaza's reconstruction - Toward a better future Time to take a stand on killings in Gaza

What the thick tire smoke at the Gaza-Israel border means

Since March 30, Hamas' violent protests on the Gaza-Israel border have garnered intense media coverage.

What the thick tire smoke at the Gaza-Israel border means Search Search Keyword: Recommended Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to plead Fifth in Stormy Daniels lawsuit You're fired! Copyright © 2018 The Washington Times, LLC. Finally, British Gas will be authorized to develop a natural gas field off the Gaza coast. Israel Will Not Survive Netanyahu. No foreign official would be invited to the Clinton White House more than Arafat.

Abbas’s ascension left policymakers in Jerusalem and Washington playing Weekend at Bernie ’s with the corpse of the Palestinian Authority, waving its arms and propping it up in public. But that is consolation only for those who mistake personalities for politics.” Yet in one way Abbas is arguably more dangerous even than his predecessor. Then, seeing how difficult Obama was making life for Netanyahu, he thought he could wait for Netanyahu’s government to crumble.

Finally, a 2016 Harvard University survey found that, among adults between ages 18 and 29, 51 percent did not support capitalism. But what can be done about them? For Yeats, the “love of force” was a visionary trait. Those restraints annoy people who think change should just happen because they will it. Air Force photo by Maj. We became so used to the Tel Aviv Hilton, he said, that we forgot Tel Hai, where the one-armed Zionist warrior Josef Trumpeldor sacrificed his life for his country.

Israeli Jewish identity is about speaking Hebrew and eating cheesecake on the holiday, often overlooked in North America, of Shavuot. The idea of cultural revolution was thereby wholly transformed. Rabbi Yehuda Leib Maimon, rabbinic representative of the Religious Zionist movement, proclaimed himself unwilling to sign any Declaration of Independence that made no reference to the God of Israel. Interviewing for the job with city officials, he encountered hours of question from the mayor of Netanya and his staff.

Even some potential Wing members embrace the exclusionary attitudes of the worst private clubs. White House departures Japan presses Trump to demand hard deadline for North Korea to surrender nuclear program Quiz: How well do you know your guns? Click here for reprint permission . This plan will be coordinated with the PA, which will eventually be able to sell gas to Egypt and Jordan and profit from the sales.

The Israeli–Palestinian peace process would not be a mere sideshow to the wider Arab–Israeli conflict. More than 250 people were killed by Palestinian terrorists in the five years after the signing ceremony. Both wanted to show the Palestinians they could get more with honey than with vinegar. Arafat was notoriously defensive about possible successors because he had created an entire system centered on his role as the Indispensable Man.

Many liberals and progressives were encouraged to see Barack Obama as messianic and to understand his politics as emancipatory, and they fell for it. Positive views of socialism have been rising almost inexorably, even as a 2016 CBS/ New York Times survey found that only 16 percent of Millennials could accurately define socialism. Great Society legislation in the 1960s—the farthest-reaching effort to reorder and reframe our country along social-justice principles—was designed to extirpate these evils.

You don’t need a one-party autocracy to effect change. Hertzberg understood how helping the Jews over there in the Middle East had helped Jews over here in North America. Having grown up feeling secure as Americans, some Baby Boomers questioned American Jewish silence during the Holocaust. And Zionism, which is in many ways a conservative cultural initiative despite Israel’s liberal democracy, faces a hostile environment.

Gaza protests to move closer to border with Israel

Despite reports Egypt trying to stem the March of Return for fear of war, Hamas vows to continue 'with full force'

As one eager Wing applicant posted recently on Twitter, “Do you think I can use NYC and SF locations with a @the_wing membership because that would be heavenly. Chumley Randa Jarrar and the inequalities of the First Amendment View all SPONSORED CONTENT Is Your Online Privacy At Risk? The Washington Times Comment Policy The Washington Times is switching its third-party commenting system from Disqus to Spot.IM.

Haaretz.com, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East. It would be a tapeworm inside U.S. foreign policy, diverting and consuming resources. Arafat’s political rivals in Hamas pioneered the use of suicide bombings as a regular feature of terrorism. But by 2004, it didn’t really matter. Nonetheless, PLO bylaws made Abbas the rightful successor, and he remained the consensus choice.

But political shifts in America just aren’t that radical, and never have been—even though that’s what the flimflam men who run American politics always promise. But today’s progressive activist isn’t content with cultural domination; he’s after something grander. It is clear that today’s progressives are convinced we have not progressed very far from those days, if at all. These perverse judgments on the right were nothing next to the seductive power of leftist totalitarianism.

After decades of American Jewish ambivalence about Jewish nationalism, the Holocaust had created an instant consensus for a Jewish state. Frustrations at their parents’ passivity “while 6 million died” altered the community’s course—triggering a move toward activism. American Jews, whose parents and grandparents were once more culturally conservative than the rest of American society, tend now to be far more liberal.

But that is not the end of her story. “What I do fault her for is jumping on the Communist bandwagon,” Wolin adds. The British were departing, the Arab armies were descending, and the Jews were debating whether God existed. As the interview came to a close, Anilevitch stood up and said: Friends, honored rabbi, before we disperse, please allow me to say my piece…. As the New York Times noted, the Wing “has retained the services of some men.

Enter Name to Find Out Question of the Day Who is to blame for the Ronny Jackson nomination debacle? You will need to either create an account with Spot.im or if you wish to use your Disqus account look under the Conversation for the link "Have a Disqus Account?". This task force will also need to encompass an effective supervision mechanism to prevent resources designated for reconstruction from being used to further Hamas’s military buildup.

Arafat had made the Palestinian Authority the center of the world. This served Arafat well: He could crack down on Hamas if and when he needed to but could also keep his fingerprints off some of the most heinous violence against Israeli civilians. With President George W. But to say Abbas has failed to claw back any control over Gaza would be an understatement. The UN resolution at first seemed to be a clear gift to Abbas.

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote in a memorandum dated March 2003: “The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society. This can lead to only one devastating conclusion, which is that the United States is a structurally oppressive nation. George Bernard Shaw was a Stalinist convinced of the virtue of eugenics and murderous purges. There has been a generation now of civil peace in the city, notwithstanding the act of war against it on 9/11.

The biggest shock was the Six-Day War. Moreover, the systematic campaign to delegitimize Zionism has done great damage, just as conservative dominance of Israel has tarnished Israel’s luster among America’s passionately liberal Jews. When done right and understood properly, Zionism can offer an important clarification to all Americans, especially in the age of Trump. First she served the interests of Moscow and then those of Chairman Mao.

Hamas sees the Gaza protests as a peaceful 'deadly weapon'

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — It was a striking tableau: Ismail Haniya, the political leader of Hamas, the Islamic militant group that has tried suicide bombs, ...

And progressive politics. Consider Sorosis, a private women’s club founded in 1868 by Jane Croly for women who had been denied entry to professional men’s clubs. ANALYSIS/OPINION: Since March 30, Hamas ‘ violent protests on the Gaza -Israel border have garnered intense media coverage. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting.   Click to Read More and View Comments Click to Hide Top Stories Quiz: How much do you know about the FBI?

Palestinian cyclist Alaa Al-Daly, 21, who lost his leg by a bullet fired by Israeli troops, leaves a hospital in Gaza City, April 18, 2018. Twenty-five years of violence, corruption, and incompetence later, the PA lies in ruins, with the Palestinian national project right behind it. A perfect example of this double game occurred in February 1996. Bush’s backing, Sharon went forward with plans to pull Israel completely out of Gaza and parts of the West Bank.

But in reality, it was a ham-handed attempt to tie the hands of President-elect Donald Trump, who would be taking office just a month later. At the moment, what we’re living through is disillusion on the part of progressives, and on a grand scale. It didn’t quite work out as progressives hoped. The system is the problem. Theodore Dreiser became infatuated with the Soviets’ brutal adaptation of social Darwinism.

By doing the right thing in the late 1940s, American Jews atoned for their failure to save more of their doomed brothers and sisters. Both their fear of losing Israel in May 1967 and their euphoria when Israel won that June surprised American Jews. Nevertheless, Israel and Zionism still have a magic, illustrated by the great counterforce that most lamentations about the Israel-Diaspora relationship overlook: Birthright Israel.

Unlike most of her French colleagues, the Bulgarian expatriate was in a position to know better from direct experience. The compromise was accepted, and the modern Jewish state was born by eliding the issue of the existence of God. I was deported from my hometown to Buchenwald. But the Wing’s unofficial patron saint is Hillary Clinton. Croly was one of the first women to write a syndicated newspaper column and mother to progressivism’s founding father, Herbert Croly.

This trap was set well before Trump won Quiz: Do you remember the 1990s? Tel Aviv, INSS, pp. Palestinian cyclist Alaa Al-Daly, 21, who lost his leg by a bullet fired by Israeli troops, talks with his sister while holding his bicycle at his house in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, April 18, 2018. Arafat controlled the PLO for a half-century before assuming control of the new PA. The Norwegian diplomat and UN envoy Terje Rod-Larsen met regularly with Arafat at the Palestinian leader’s Gaza home throughout the Oslo period.

Every few years, Hamas instigates a war with Israel to remind the world that no degree of physical isolation can make it irrelevant. Trump wouldn’t have it. This follows, in turn, the same sort of consensus that rose among conservative voters in 2015 and 2016 that led to the rise of the insurgent Trump candidacy. The first bill President Obama signed into law in 2009, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, was sold to progressives as a visionary effort to root out workplace discrimination.

Stuart Chase’s 1932 book A New Deal , predating FDR’s governing program of the same name, heaped praise on the nascent Soviet state. These parties engaged in a block-by-block effort to restore streets and relocate the homeless. In 1959, Hertzberg published a seminal anthology, The Zionist Idea, for the purpose of establishing the movement’s intellectual and ideological roots. Many discovered that they were more passionate about Israel than they had realized.

The wars that defined us: Gaza's reconstruction - Toward a better future

Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and pragmatic Arab states all have a role to play in improving the lives of Gazans.

On April 11, American airplanes circled in the skies above the camp. What do women do within these “safe” spaces? Croly also aggressively avoided hosting discussions of controversial political issues such as suffrage. Media coverage of the riots has been excessive, biased, misleading and outright false. Egypt has reportedly been exerting pressure on Hamas and other Palestinian groups to halt the mass protests.

No Israeli casualties have been reported. Thus his death in 2004 was the first moment of serious potential change in the character of Palestinian institutions. On February 24, 1996—a Saturday—Arafat asked his guest his plans for the next day. More important, perhaps, was the fact that it was unilateral. On March 30, the group organized the first so-called “March of Return,” a day of protest and mischief at the border with Israel in which 20 Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli troops.

Fewer and fewer Americans see the grinding work of passing legislation and formulating policy as anything other than a sham, an act, a Washington con. In fact, all it did was relax the statute of limitation on holding firms liable for discriminating on the basis of sex and race—a fine-tuning of one part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It is powerfully attractive to believe that because some American institutions were forged in racial bias, the country is forever soiled by discrimination and white supremacy.

Wilson and George Kelling. At the time, Israel was fragile and the Zionist conversation was robust. Zionism became American Jewry’s glue. The enthusiasm comes from tasting a thick, dynamic, 24/7 Jewish experience that is qualitatively different from their thin, static, fragmented American Judaism. In this view, national service is the defining step toward adulthood. She didn’t have to celebrate Communism.

The prisoners, myself among them, were first out of the barracks. A lot. The 19th-century women’s clubs’ code of conscience is long gone. Abbas’ reaction to the Hamas border campaign has been lukewarm at best. In a related development, Hamas said on Wednesday that it has resumed payments to Palestinians injured during the events near the border with Israel. By DANIEL J. Slideshow (6 Images) Gaza medical officials said at least 16 Palestinians were killed on March 30, the day that Daly was hit, and that 17 wounded people needed amputations.

Rod-Larsen said he was thinking about spending the day in Jerusalem. How much did the PA even matter anymore? A top Hamas official said the marches will continue until they succeed in overrunning the border and driving the Jews out of the land. They undid the damage to the U.S.–Israel relationship inflicted by Obama. This view encourages frustration and, eventually, fatalism. Yet the “pay gap” persisted, and Obama and his administration spent the next seven years hectoring the private sector over it.

When the political process fails to perform as they would like, activists and ideologues become disillusioned and embittered. By the time Rudolph Giuliani was elected mayor in 1993, a quiet consensus had been building for years about the nature of the problems afflicting New York City and how to solve them. Today, Israel is robust and the Zionist conversation has turned fragile. Israel reinforced a sense of peoplehood and renewed Jewish pride.

Time to take a stand on killings in Gaza

Letter: MPs, MEPs, former ministers, trade unionists and other political and cultural figures call on the government to ensure that UK arms, finance and trade are not used to support unlawful actions by Israel

America, inspired by the Israelite commonwealth in the Hebrew Bible, ordered that a reference to a providential God be added to its Declaration of Independence. As we ran, a hail of bullets passed us. Consider the once-secret Facebook group, What Would Virginia Woolf Do?, founded by fortysomething former literary agent Nina Collins. Today, the Wing offers its members a vaguely defined sense of “safety” from the real world instead.

According to Hamas, some 350 injured Palestinians have received a total of $75,000 in the past few days. Copyright © 2018 Jpost Inc. Hamas has denied this. Rather than reform Palestinian institutions, Abbas has presided over their terminal decline. Violence wasn’t the only way Arafat hindered the cause of Palestinian statehood. Abbas’s legitimacy was another nagging problem. Hamas displays the organizational control Abbas can only dream of, and the ability to have its propaganda amplified by the Times , CNN, and other major media across the globe.

The conviction that the political process cannot address the most relevant issues of the day is paralyzing and radicalizing both parties. They claimed that the figures showing that women in aggregate earned less than men in aggregate demonstrated that the entire society was somehow in violation of the spirit of the law. In a 2016 Washington Post op-ed, Zack Linly concurred. “I’ve grown too disillusioned to be relieved and too numb to be frustrated.

BETTER THAN WE WERE Moynihan’s famous quote is usually cut off before the end. Israel’s 70th anniversary offers an opportunity to reframe the Zionist conversation—asking not what American Jews can do for Israel, but what Zionism can do for American Jews. It inspired the teaching of Hebrew, revitalized summer camps, and invigorated the Conservative and Reform movements. Israel proves Theodor Herzl right: Fitting in, not standing out, because you’re Jewish is liberating.

The moral equivalence and outright giddy enthusiasm with which Western intellectuals ranging from the left-wing to the merely liberal treated Lenin and Stalin. But in the 20th century, the restored Israelite commonwealth went out of its way to remove any such reference. Among those running toward the gate was a little boy.…I jumped on top of him, threw him to the ground, and lay over him to protect him from the bullets.

Wing women retreat to their expensively appointed safe space to blow-dry their hair and commiserate about Hillary’s election loss. Abbas and his Fatah political party and Hamas in Gaza , currently led by Mr. Man admits toppling more than 100 headstones in St. For several weeks you have reported the killings by Israeli forces in Gaza. It argues that refugees should resettle in a future state that the Palestinians seek in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and in Gaza.

Corruption tore through nascent Palestinian institutions. Though he won a presidential election in 2005, the PA was haunted by the ghosts of Arafat’s corruption. He now indicates he’ll designate deputy chairman Mahmoud al-Aloul his next in line. Contrary to the fears of Western observers, and the ill-disguised morbid hopes of some in the media, the region did not go up in flames. It is also wrong.

I’m just tired.” Violence, too, is seen as systemic. These marvelous obstacles are designed to thwart the human impulse for radical change. It was a reflection on why America is forever reinventing and refining itself. Hertzberg understood that Zionism wasn’t only about saving Jewish bodies but saving Jewish souls. The community learned how to mobilize politically and raise money prodigiously. Even more surprising, unlike the media’s dystopic portrayal, Israelis are happy and fun-loving.

The Fate of Palestinian Journalists Who Risk Attending Protests

Not only do Palestinian journalists who document demonstrations get shot by the Israeli military, now they are also denied proper medical care. The case of photojournalist Ahmed Abu Hassin is the latest example

The New Republic ’s footsie-playing with Communists under Henry Wallace. For religious Zionists, however, removing God from a document did not do away with God’s role in the divinely directed drama that is Jewish history; in fact, the contrary is true. And today I see him before me alive and well. Some group members were miffed when Collins announced that she would be publishing a book, What Would Virginia Woolf Do?

Al-Sinwar, are battling for control over the Palestinians. Ban police training with Israel? Each week Israel has placed troops on the security border with Gaza with the intention to shoot to kill Palestinians demonstrating. Peace talks to that end collapsed in 2014. Yet rather than destroy Israel, the Arab armies lost territory to the Jewish state, including the West Bank of the Jordan River. The numbers are staggering.

But “anyone who thinks Aloul’s appointment will find smooth sailing within Fatah is wrong,” warns Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar in Al-Monitor. The “terrorist’s veto” did. THE LIBERAL SOUNDTRACK OF DAILY LIFE People on the american left have reason to be happy these days. The stroke of his pen did nothing to change the culture. Acts of small-scale and mass violence are the result of many factors in American life.

But as partisan actors and media outlets confuse the practice of politics with exhilarating bouts of cultural warfare, this equilibrium begins to come apart. As the celebrations of Israel’s 70th birthday begin, Zionism’s capacity to save our souls remains vital. Now we wonder how having a Jewish state helps Jews navigate what Birthright Israel calls “their own Jewish journeys” and their quests for meaning.

For decades, she lent her intellectual prestige and her powers as a writer (and propagandist) to some of the most repressive and vicious regimes of the second half of the 20th century. Noam Chomsky’s dismissal of the Cambodian genocide as an American propaganda invention. Sidney Morgenbesser, the kibitzing Columbia philosopher, once inquired of a colleague at the end of his life: “Why is God making me suffer so much?

And Other Questions I Ask Myself as I Attempt to Age Without Apology , based on the Facebook group’s postings. For the past six days, Palestinians in Gaza have made attempts to fly kites carrying burning cans of fuel into Israeli territory. This conflict, essentially a civil war, began in 2007 when Palestinians in the Gaza Strip rejected the leadership of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah in favor of Hamas .

So far 35 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1,500 injured with live ammunition. Daly, who trained for more than six hours a day for months to compete at the Asian Games in Indonesia, now accepts that his “dream of waving the flag of Palestine in Jakarta” is over. The following year, Fatah—which had by now joined the PLO—provoked a costly battle with Israeli forces in the West Bank town of Karama.

Confident of victory, he permitted Hamas to participate in the elections, and the U.S. didn’t object. The largest challenge could come from Mohammed Dahlan, Fatah’s former Gaza security chief, whom Abbas sent into exile in 2011 and who has been cultivating Sunni allies abroad. It took four decades, but the dog is once again wagging the tail. Boilerplate liberalism has become the soundtrack to daily American life.

The individual who commits those heinous acts is often a secondary concern to activists on the left. Pull back from the granular view of events and try to examine America over the past decade and you see something else. The quotidian, custodial duties that typify public service are neither dramatic nor entertaining. Many American Jews in the 1950s helped their fellow Jews settle in the new land. That could seem to be a chaotic souk, an oriental bazaar resulting in a gay Zionism and a Mizrahi Zionism, an Orthodox Zionism and a Reform Zionism, a feminist Zionism and an environmental Zionism.

Wounded Gaza cyclist to miss Asian Games after amputation

A Gaza cyclist's dream of waving the Palestinian flag at the Asian Games has been shattered by an Israeli bullet that caused him to lose his leg after he joined a Gaza border protest.

And she did so as someone who had first-person experience with real-world socialism as it was practiced in what was arguably the single most suffocating regime in Eastern Europe. The reverence for Fidel Castro. In a much more profound sense, the events that preceded and followed Israel’s declaration of statehood are so staggering that providence alone explains them. For us, this tends to mean the splitting of the sea, the stopping of the sun, the opening of the earth.

Man admits toppling more than 100 headstones in St. The border riots have escalated the chess game, with each side trying to position itself as the more effective and legitimate leadership. You’re using a browser set to private or incognito mode. It is right for the British government to comment on hostile actions by foreign states in breach of international law wherever they occur – on UK territory, in Syria or in Yemen.

Fatah lost nearly 100 fighters, but Arafat’s mad gamble paid off: The Palestinians survived a face-off with the Israeli military and demonstrated their independence from Jordan. Why didn’t the creation of the PA result in Arafat’s transition from guerrilla leader to civilian state-builder? Had his Fatah party won, its legitimacy would have been undeniable. Jibril Rajoub is the party’s secretary general and believes he’s the rightful heir.

But they’re not happy; far from it. The Affordable Care Act wasn’t only a health-care law; it was an effort to transform society. For them, the problem rests in our militaristic national character, which is foremost exemplified by a pathological devotion to guns. You see American voters responding in complex ways to complex events. Zoning laws are boring. They could help “rush completion of new settlements, new housing for the homeless, the irrigation of wasteland acres….

As the occasionally embattled Jewish state in an old-new land, Israel remains a Republic of Something, even as America risks degenerating into a Republic of Nothing. Kristeva arrived in France in 1965 on a research fellowship. The embrace of Hugo Chávez by everyone from Hollywood progressives to Democratic elected officials. Harry Truman, the former member of the Missouri political machine whom no one had ever expected to become president of the United States, overrode his hero, General George C.

It’s likely not what Virginia Woolf had in mind when she mused about a woman’s need for a room of her own. Ban police training with Israel? Al-Sinwar has succeeded in putting Gaza back on the international stage and Mr. To continue reading articles in this mode, please log in to your Post-Gazette subscription account. But the silence of the prime minister and the foreign secretary on Israel’s premeditated killings is deafening.

Arafat used this failure-as-success to complete Fatah’s takeover of the PLO in 1969 and become the undisputed public face of the Palestinian guerrillas. Three problems kept cropping up. But in a shock, Hamas won. Hamas could leap into the vacuum to try to take the West Bank by force, or it could play havoc by supporting someone like Dahlan. For a very limited time, we are extending a six-week free trial on both our subscription plans.

But once again, the political process failed to match the transformative ambitions of the progressive activist class. And poverty? “Poverty is systemic, rooted in economics, politics and discrimination,” reads the Southern Poverty Law Center’s guideline for elementary-school teachers. Obama overreaches and the voters elect a Republican House. Police reforms are boring. In the 1960 movie version, Exodus even tackled serious ideological issues within Zionism.

The Palestinian Authority Loses Its Authority

A Journal of Significant Thought and Opinion

The shared past, purpose, and principles produce happier, more grounded, people. I. Lenin was later displaced from the Tel Quel intellectual pantheon by Mao Zedong. Chants of “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh / The NLF is going to win!” on the streets of New York in 1968. Marshall, in supporting and recognizing the birth of a Jewish state. It is a miracle that after so many civilizations have disappeared, Jewish children continue to be born.

Gerald M. Abbas is worried he may lose the political advantage if Hamas ‘ border campaign bolsters its popularity with the Palestinian public. Or switch your browser from private or incognito mode to normal mode. Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. Apps Newsletters Reuters Plus Advertising Guidelines Cookies Terms of Use Privacy All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes.

Arafat exploited this—he never built his state, in part because nobody was willing to make him. Fatah was hobbled not only by the perception of Arafat’s venality but also by the consequences of his one-man rule. If the succession battle becomes a proxy fight among Arab states, it could get bloody fast. Put your intellectual life in order while you can. Awards shows have become primetime pep rallies where progressive celebrities address the nation on matters of social justice, diversity, and the plague of inequality.

Its lesson plan is explicitly designed to convey to students that “poverty is caused by systemic factors, not individual shortcomings.” Corruption? Mitt Romney says 47 percent of Americans are losers, and he loses an election. Business-improvement districts are boring. As Ari Ben Canaan escorts his non-Jewish love interest, Kitty Fremont, around Israel, the two look over the Valley of Jezreel. Building careers usually trumps the labor of deepening traditions, morals, or communal commitments.

They ceased behaving like mandarins and internalized the virtues of democratic humility. Ten million Che T-shirts. “There are Western intellectuals who don’t succumb,” Professor Wolin says. “The George Orwells, Susan Sontags, and others who learn the lesson. And he did so, in part, because of his relationship with a Jew named Eddie Jacobson, with whom Truman had run a haberdashery business decades before.

It turns out it may not be. Time to Say Goodbye to the Two-state Solution. In an attempt to gain international credibility for Hamas and to gather domestic support in its conflict with Mr. Click here for assistance. Not only do Palestinian journalists who document demonstrations get shot by the Israeli military, now they are also denied proper medical care. See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. © 2018 Reuters.

The second problem was that the PA only added a layer of opacity to Arafat’s power structure. While Hamas’s candidates ran under one banner, Fatah showed disastrous disunity by having splinter lists in multiple camps, towns, and villages.” Civil war engulfed the Palestinian territories. The PA as an institution survived Arafat’s death. This offer is also valid for existing subscribers wishing to purchase a gift subscription.

Kite from Gaza sets fire to wheat field in Israel

For fifth time in as many days, Palestinians send airborne Molotov cocktails across border

Academic postmodernism validates that professionally driven Jewish laziness. Beyond that, Zionism answers some core ideological conundrums many American Jews don’t even know how to formulate. In May’s aftermath, they attuned themselves to new forms and modes of social struggle. In the case of 20th-century radicals such as Julia Kristeva, the enemy was capitalism, and the most prominent alternative to capitalism was Communism.

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Email Print A R emember Shannon Faulkner? Actress Amber Tamblyn tweeted: Hi @BilldeBlasio I see you follow me here on Twitter. By A.B. PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat criticized Hamas , saying that these icons would be “astonished” by Hamas ‘ claim about the “peacefulness” of the demonstrations. Not a subscriber yet? Gazan photojournalist Ahmed Abu Hassin was gravely injured last Friday while documenting the March of Return, a series of weekly Palestinian protests at the border between Gaza and Israel.

Rabin, then the defense minister, opposed the Arens plan, fearing it would undermine Israel Defense Forces’ control of the West Bank. As the analyst Jonathan Schanzer notes in State of Failure : “Was he the chairman of the PLO, the president of the PA, or the leader of Fatah? Hamas took control of Gaza and was booted from the government in the West Bank. It may not survive Abbas’s. Click here for more details.

This is because the politicians who pursued these reforms set unrealistic expectations for what they could achieve. It is logical, therefore, for them to determine that engagement in traditional forms of politics is an exercise in naiveté. The GOP appears to be on a path to electoral disaster in November 2018 because Trump may be bringing about a counterattack against the way he does business. Unexciting governance is limited governance.

But a community cannot exist without any boundaries—it’s as useless as a house with no walls. Zionism celebrates nationalism as a force for good, cherishes religion and tradition as valuable anchors, providing meaningful “software” of values and beliefs running on the “hardware” of belonging. Their post-May awareness concerning the injustices of top-down politics alerted them to the virtues of “society” and political struggle from below.

At the same time, they take comfort in the fact that what followed that extraordinary day vindicates their own interpretation of the words Tzur Yisrael. She was the woman who, in 1993, sued the Citadel, one of the last all-male public educational institutions in the U.S., for refusing to allow her to enroll. We have a problem. Want to read more? Unhappy with Hamas ‘ massive press coverage and eager to show that it too is capable of mobilizing the masses, Fatah has launched a series of rallies in the territories in support of Mr.

Want to read more? Two days earlier, Clinton had Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization removed from the State Department’s list of terrorist groups. A compromise plan was for the Palestinians in the territories to hold elections for negotiators, not officeholders. The only thing that changed was that nothing changed. Abbas is now in the 14th year of his four-year term. Sadly, his track record here isn’t any better.

Time to Say Goodbye to the Two-state Solution. Here's the Alternative

A.B. Yehoshua, one of Israel's staunchest fighters for the two-state solution, lays out a proposal for an Israeli-Palestinian partnership

This is my country.” Kitty dismisses differences between people as artificial. More powerful than these ideological issues is the simple fascism of the clock. And Zionism celebrates the virtues of having red lines to respect, as well as blue-and-white lines to affirm. In consequence, French intellectual life was wholly transformed. Her alleged collaboration with the Bulgarian secret police, tawdry as it might have been, would not constitute the greatest of those errors.

Faulkner was one of the celebrities of the 1990s-era push for gender integration, hailed by feminists as a trailblazer (and often unfairly pilloried by opponents of the court ruling). Gelman issued a passive-aggressive statement: “Quite surprisingly, the Commission reached out to us on the first day of Women’s History Month. Haaretz unlimited. Abbas, jailed leader Marwan Barghouti and all Palestinian prisoners and detainees held in Israeli prisons.

Haaretz unlimited. Just like that, one of the most consequential terrorists of his generation became the equivalent of a head of state—before the state even existed. Shamir’s right-of-center Likud party revolted, and the government eventually collapsed. Not until Arafat died did the full extent of the PA’s failure become clear to all. His legitimacy in tatters, Abbas went about consolidating power and cracking down on dissent.

Shares Facebook Twitter Google+ Email Print A T he psychological burden on liberals in the age of Donald Trump is immense. At the noncelebrity level, polls confirm a turning away from conservative social mores altogether. Income disparities. In the fall of 2016, the Claremont Institute published a piece by Republican speechwriter Michael Anton (under a pseudonym) in which he postulated that the United States was all but doomed.

In doing so, they are encouraging mass despair—and that is an entirely self-imposed affliction. Ari makes the particularist case against universalism: “People are different. Few high-achieving American Jews devote much time in their week to being Jewish. It “rewards togetherness,” in Anne Roiphe’s lovely phrase, and demands loyalty in many ways—especially considering Israel’s military situation. The Sartrean model of the engaged intellectual was upheld, but its content was totally reconfigured.

Many inmates, having longed for release, ran to the gates—and as they did so, the Nazis, in a final attempt at murdering the prisoners, opened fire from the guard tower. Despite her brief tenure at the Citadel, she appeared to be on the right side of history. The club already boasts thousands of members and has all the hallmarks of a public-facing business. Haaretz.com, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East.

Implementation of related projects will have to begin as soon as possible following the achievement of regional and international agreements. Want to enjoy 'Zen' reading - with no ads and just the article? The whirlwind changes left Clinton unprepared for the meeting. This put the PLO and Israel on the glide path to that September 1993 breakthrough and the creation of the Palestinian Authority. Arafat’s absence was supposed to be cause for hope; instead, it revealed the bankruptcy of the PA’s model.

The 2008 U.S. election briefly appeared to vindicate him—Barack Obama was elected president and proceeded to browbeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into giving away the store. Barack Obama was a commanding presence on the American stage for eight years, but he left a small and ever-shrinking legacy. Then there’s the ascension of supposedly advanced attitudes about religion, or rather, the lack of religion.

Israel shoot 12 yr old Palestinian and then deny medical treatment

Gil Troy 2018-04-16 Gil Troy / Apr. They have a right to be different.” They suspend the debate, Hollywood-style, with their first kiss. The demands of work and the lures of leisure leave little room in the schedule for much else—especially such unhip, pre-modern, and un-postmodern activities. They see total Judaism, immersive Judaism, public Judaism. The Maoists started out as political dogmatists and true believers.

Lau was in the line of fire; suddenly, someone jumped on him and held him down until the shooting had stopped. In U.S. v. The Wing is not backing down. Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. They willingly sacrifice their people on the altar of self-interest. Presumably, however, the commencement of infrastructure work will involve at least partially visible measures that will convey hope to the Gaza population and the promise of a better future.

In his good-hearted innocence, Clinton had revealed his preferences. All this history taught Arafat one unmistakable lesson: Violence works. Mahmoud Abbas inherited not a state but an illusion. The courts, legislative institutions, education, civil society—Palestinian state-building simply wasn’t happening. But Abbas made a fool of Obama, too. And politically he left his party in tatters; by the end of Obama’s presidency, more than 1,000 Democratic oficeholders had been unseated throughout the country.

The privileges and disadvantages associated with accidents of birth. Buchanan devotes at least one column a month to the virtues of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s authoritarianism. The system works. U.S. and Israeli flags are flown in preparation for a media event during Austere Challenge 2012 in Israel Oct. In print, on screen, and in song, Exodus cast Zionism in such glowing terms that it condemned Israel to the inevitable comedown.

And, often without realizing it, they see a startling contrast, even with secular Israeli Jews who have figured out how to keep their kids and grandkids Jewish without being religious. But they soon found it impossible to reconcile their pro-Chinese ideological blinders with the emancipatory spirit of May. Soloveichik / Apr. Having no idea who had saved his life, Lau made his way to Palestine, attended yeshiva, and entered the rabbinate.

A recent tweet was defiant: The Wing firmly believes that women deserve safe spaces in a male-dominated world. We are witnessing an internecine war between a third-world Palestinian kleptocracy and a Palestinian terror group, neither capable of responsible governance. This supervision, like the supervision exercised at the land border crossings, will be committed to preventing weapons and dual-use materials from entering the Strip.

Arafat would not forget them.” Indeed he would not. And so, after the signing of the Declaration of Principles in 1993, violence continued. There is no doubt that Abbas was an improvement over Arafat. It is true that many institutions were built in spite of Arafat and that Fayyad’s behavior suggests a greater respect for rules and institutions. At first, he sat back and played for time. Progressive hope has turned to ashes.

Such matters increasingly dominate the agenda of leftist politicians because they preoccupy the minds of their voters and donors. William Butler Yeats and Ezra Pound found much to admire in how nationalists detested moderation. It works by restraining excessive ambition. Austere Challenge 2012 is a three-week bilateral exercise designed to increase air defense interoperability between the United States and Israel. (U.S.

Judaism must be more than gefilte fish and lox, more than some colorful Yiddish exclamations and shtetl tales. Finally, Israel helps American Jews shift from Anatevka to Jerusalem, from what Irving Howe called “the world of our fathers” to the lives of our brothers and sisters. Once they ceased deluding themselves with revolutionary slogans, they began to understand politics in an entirely new light.