Brexit: Ireland 'does not want a border down the Irish Sea' The EU tells Theresa May her Brexit border plan isn't good enough to secure a deal Britain will leave customs union, May says, to offer Ireland backstop Daily Briefing: Merkel, Putin to seek common ground on Iran, US sanctions “New” Brexit thinking needed - as “difficult summer ahead”

Brexit: Ireland 'does not want a border down the Irish Sea'

We had to say [to May] it was too early to tell. German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomes Russia's President Vladimir Putin to the opening day of the G20 leaders summit in Hamburg, Germany, July 7, 2017. Bundles of banknotes of U.S. That was talked about at the Brexit committee this week in Westminster, and that could mean replicating or extending parts of the current customs arrangements for the whole of the UK.

While the U.K. is hinting at piecemeal extensions, the EU view is that it’s all or nothing . Terms of Service Trademarks Privacy Policy ©2018 Bloomberg L.P. PM CEST Giuseppe Conte asked to form Italian government BY Giada Zampano Law professor must now come up with names for his team as Italy prepares for a populist government. So to summarise, the EU wants the UK to stay in the EU. Steuersklav Erei: Honestly, what is the point of trying to get a deal with the EU now?

Therefore, prolonging the transition phase will never be a solution to the NI issue. You obviously didn’t read my post. But I do have a strategy to offer for making your dreams come true. I think your analysis is spot-on. The EU’s game is to pressure the UK into making a mistake. It is hard to think of any major mistakes that the UK has made. Sorry, just saw your excellent reply to my comment.

All the news coming from London is very disorientating. REUTERS/Ludovic Marin/Pool They have not always seen eye to eye, notably over Moscow’s annexation of Crimea. Dollar are pictured at a currency exchange shop in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico January 15, 2018. The PM is an avowed Unionist and relies on support from the DUP, who would never accept different rules for Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

The Cabinet is still divided about what Brexit should mean for future U.K.-EU ties and trade. May wants to force a decision by next month. Latest 5/26/18, 7:22 PM CEST Two-thirds of Irish vote to repeal abortion ban BY Sarah Wheaton Voters were asked whether to repeal an amendment that gives mother and the unborn an equal right to life. PM CEST Pompeo says Trump-Kim summit still set for June 12 BY Nahal Toosi Pompeo spoke about the preparations during an appearance before the US House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The EU tells Theresa May her Brexit border plan isn't good enough to secure a deal

Had Brexiters considered a day of action? I would add two qualifications, however. But if the UK can avoid this, then the EU will have to try something else. There was a tricky time around December 2017 when the first part of the agreement was signed. Yes, you are right. FILE) - Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May meets staff at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, Britain, 10 April 2018 (reissued 12 April 2018).

But this time around they may make common cause over the Iran nuclear deal , criticising the Trump administration's decision to quit the 2015 pact and vowing to preserve it nevertheless. Energy stocks have been a key driver for the gains as investors seek to take advantage from the rising crude prices by lifting exposure to a sector which has positive cash flows. The "backstop" is only there though if the government and Brussels can't make any of the other ideas work.

There’s some key legislation that has the potential to push the government to change its stance and keep closer ties to the EU. PM CEST White House still a go on planning trip for North Korea summit BY Kelsey Hayes President Donald Trump has signaled that he’s open to proceeding with the sitdown. PM CEST Former Macedonian PM Gruevski sentenced to two years in prison BY Yasmine Salam Nikola Gruevski found guilty of unlawfully influencing officials in purchase of a €600,000 car.

The simple act of lowering our import tariffs to zero and not having any import controls would resolve all our issues. You know, the one with BoJo, DD and others inside. Viewed like that, it makes perfect sense to delay effective Brexit beyond the next general election. You obviously didn’t read my post. What if you collectively threatened to hold your breath until you turned woad? No trade deal would indeed be disastrous for the Republic of Ireland.

I think the EU thought it had nailed down the Irish Border backstop position, but the actual wording of the agreement did not match what the EU thought they’d achieved. My understanding is that “real Brexit” will indeed begin at the end of March 2019. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Google+ Share on LinkedIn + Theresa May proposed on Thursday a “backstop” solution for a post-Brexit-customs regime regulating UK-EU trade.

They could also discuss a joint response in case their companies doing business with Iran are hit with U.S. sanctions. Italian stocks are up half a percent. No 10 is strikingly adamant that their goal is making one of their plans work so that the backstop is not required and, importantly, the PM can avoid a huge hit to her political credibility. No one will officially get into discussion about the idea, whether it was forgotten - in the manner of the reshuffle post it falling down the back of the sofa - or ever, very serious.

Britain will leave customs union, May says, to offer Ireland backstop

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Thursday Britain would leave the EU customs union after Brexit but a source said London was considering a backstop plan that would apply the bloc's external tariffs beyond December 2020.

PM CEST Swedish far right at record high in pre-election poll BY Stephen Brown The ruling center left struggles to respond to rhetoric on crime and immigration. July 2022 looks like a complete dog’s breakfast. Thanks EU – the longer you remain intransigent and unwilling to compromise, the more likely we are to have a no deal hard Brexit. The significance of this offer (if it is actually made) is to be seen to have gone the last mile in terms of diplomacy.

But the UK will not be in the EU, so the extremists will unite in haring something they do not belong to? The UK = the maybutt only ‘agreed’ to this backstop because she was forced to do so in Decembre in order to be granted the ‘sufficient progress’ label by the EU. But ROI simply does not weigh heavily in the minds of the EU. I guess you can call it whatever you like. This was shown when the EU tried to draft it into a legal document and failed, since it did not match what had actually been agreed.

Until recently, “backstop” was a reference to the UK’s government commitment in December 2017 for a customs solution that would help to secure an open border in Ireland even if negotiations failed. The “max-fac” idea seeks to eliminate friction on the border through various technologies. Experimental vaccines are being rushed in to the source of the outbreak, which has now spread to the northwest city of Mbandaka, with a population of more than a million people.

She has said more times than I can remember that the UK is leaving the customs union and won't be in "a" customs union. But is it conceivable that some of the shenanigans over customs are the product of a brain fade? The Brexit purists continue to issue veiled threats when they think they’re about to be betrayed, but they may not have the numbers to topple May.  What do voters think?

PM CEST How Trump’s obsession with China could turn America into Japan BY William Pesek As a real estate mogul in the 1980s, Donald Trump railed against Japanese economics. It would take the UK into another General Election cycle, meaning the EU problem would still be hanging around. There definitely won’t be a Brexit. You said exactly the same in December. The December agreement was entirely the EU’s creation, not the UK’s (and it has since backfired).

You see, my love, one owns real estate :-D. Second, the Republic of Ireland actually does not really need the EU customs union. Is there some sort of Brexiters oath that binds them never to have or express an opinion about another country? They only seem to have understood their mistake after saying negotiation would move onto trade. London gets a Playbook. The agreement was to retain the current status quo of a customs union in Northern Ireland,, effectively shifting the UK border for trade purposes to the Irish channel.

Daily Briefing: Merkel, Putin to seek common ground on Iran, US sanctions

Germany's Angela Merkel meets Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi today.

Britain's long goodbye to the European Union limps on, the latest fudge on Britain's future in the EU customs union appearing to satisfy neither hardline Brexiteers or the EU. In the UK focus on AstraZeneca which is down 2.3 percent as generic competition to cholesterol fighter Crestor and higher costs hit the drug maker in the first quarter. For her to therefore argue overtly for an extension to the customs union is deeply unpalatable - and senior government figures suggest it just can't happen.

Polls show a slight shift against Brexit, but it’s  too close to call .  By October both sides say they want a deal. PM CEST Trump teases that summit with Kim may be back on BY Cristiano Lima Advance team of 30 staffers still plan to go to Singapore at weekend. Now, to counter China, he is fatefully emulating them. Most importantly, this proposal will be rejected by the EU, because the EU will not accept a sunset clause.

Anyway, I am still quite positive that nobody in Cabinet is eager to take the huge risk of stearing UK over the cliff in March. The UK has always followed the EU mantra of ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t mean ‘prisoner of mother England’ because it was never POME it was always POM. The context is that the UK is currently a big loser from the customs union and will gain greatly from leaving it.

Ahhhh yet another brainless brekkie who mistakes the UK for Germany. Alas Stan Canadian politics just lacks the interesting feature that Brexit supplies. Log in to access content and manage your profile. However, the Democratic Unionist Party has vetoed this backstop solution, making clear that they would be unwilling to accept a regulatory barrier between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Copyright © 2017 Business Insider Nederland.

But South Africa’s rand, Mexico’s peso, Russia’s rouble all also on track for a week in the red. Indeed, Business Secretary Greg Clark said at the weekend that elements of the new arrangements might take longer to bring in. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Then it’s meant to go to Parliament, in what could become a dramatic showdown .  But don’t tune out.

AM CEST Europeans love the EU (and populists too) BY Ryan Heath Levels of support for the EU have gone up in 26 of the bloc’s 28 member countries, new survey finds. The best that can be said of this proposal is that Theresa May will launch it in the full knowledge that it will be rejected. Steuersklav Erei: They don’t need to try particularly hard regarding the markets. WTO is not a choice. To the point.

“New” Brexit thinking needed - as “difficult summer ahead”

The ROI needs the EEA for its higher-margin, lower-volume, foreign-owned trade with the EU26. Ah well, you are excused. We just aren’t able to compete with Brexit level incompetence. Forgot your password? More specifically, the backstop solution would entail the UK agreeing to a common external tariff on goods coming to Europe. All rights reserved. Outside of politics, the question on many lips today (in Britain at least) is: Who is going to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle on Saturday , now that her father's not coming to the wedding...?

The UK position may, therefore, end up being - in the words of one cabinet minister - "a longer fudge". Days to Go Today in Brexit: Theresa May sought assurances from the European Union that it would accept her new proposal on the Irish border. There’s a crunch before then: the run-up to the June 28 summit. AM CEST George Osborne takes on (yet another) new job BY Yasmine Salam Former UK Chancellor will take on a new role at Exor, the listed holding company of Italy’s Agnelli family.

It’s like the UK institutions of state have some bizarre muscle memory. They have correctly determined that EU membership is mostly a political construct, not economically advantageous. It is what happens if the EU and UK fail to agree anything else. Was it not the EU and it’s single market that ensured no border between the UK and RoI? It sounds more plausible because adding an ‘e’ as you have means ‘OME’ would be pronounces as it is in Rome.

Thus the solution is staring Dublin squarely in the face (exit the EU and become like Norway with a separate trade deal and/or customs union with the UK). Dr Ortho: see above. But rest assured I don’t just mock delusional Brexiters. The shadow NI Secretary has said the government must take a longer-term approach in its Brexit customs proposals to avoid a hard Irish border. And the UK would continue to collect tariffs for the EU.

The dollar is flat today after days of strong gains and Treasury yields are likewise off their multi-year highs. The pressures are not quite filtering through to emerging hard currency debt with the JPM EMBI having widened just 1 basis point from last Friday.  Mexico held rates overnight as expected. It's not what No 10 wants, nor what Brexiteers want, but it just might be forced on both of them by the failure to agree anything else - or perhaps by parliament in the coming months.

FTSE 100 logs record; UK government said to remain in customs union post-Brexit

Just stop. But, a Tory leadership challenge would shave another 2-3 months off the time for any agreement. I’m not sure what you mean in your comment about December. There should be two basic problems: neither Leavers nor Remainers have found their (workable) version Brexit yet. XKM’s information about the UK is never reliable. Note that the EU’s current trading arrangements with Turkey, Norway and Switzerland do not include agricultural produce.

The one thing the UK certainly does not need any assistance or pressure for is making mistakes by the dozen. There are other fools worthy of mockery. Theresa May's cabinet agreed on a new proposal on Thursday . London wants to avoid European Court of Justice continued jurisdiction in arbitration during this period. FILE PHOTO: Union Flags and European Union flags fly near the Elizabeth Tower, housing the Big Ben bell in Parliament Square in central London, Britain September 9, 2017.

A look at the day ahead from EMEA Desk Chief Jon Boyle and EMEA markets deputy editor Sujata Rao. PS: Word reaches me that much of this could have been avoided.... May’s plan for solving the intractable Irish border issue would keep the U.K. tied to the EU’s customs rules for years after Brexit as a last resort. If May concedes too much, expect outrage from the Brexit hardliners. #lazy-img-327869941:before{padding-top:75.40909090909092%;} Macron, May, and Merkel in Sophia yesterday.

PM CEST Italian PM candidate faces troubles over his CV BY Jacopo Barigazzi Giuseppe Conte’s name put forward by the 5Stars and the League. Steuersklav Erei: I am not sure I have your confidence. At the end we would have a proper Brexit supporting leader (the Tory base supports leave now). Are you referring to the December agreement? Nothing to do with EU, all to do. Convicts have not been sent to Australia for some 150 years and the term is much newer than that.

Good timing from May. Whatever suits you guys, to make you happier I’ll go a step further a “whining pome” is an English immigrant with excellent taste in wine and French fries 🙂 LOL. Trump and Trumpers for example offer stiff competition to your show. Ministers signed off on the "backstop" that would see the UK match EU tariffs after 2020, if there is no deal on their preferred customs arrangements.

A 'longer fudge' on customs union?

The debate on UK-EU trade is heading, in the words of an ex-minister, towards "boiling point".

The views expressed are their own. If the PM had managed to get the customs partnership plan through her Brexit committee last week, the government would have been able to put forward an agreed position already. It is politically risky for her as it could provoke pro-Brexit Tories to try to oust her. The re-emergence in the debate of the option of staying in the single market is bad news for Brexit backers, Tim Harford argues in the  Financial Times .

PM CEST Mark Zuckerberg hearing: As it happened BY POLITICO Rolling coverage as the Facebook CEO speaks to select members of the European Parliament. I am of the opinion that a leadership challenge is on the cards. That’s how negotiating from weakness works Anthony. It now looks like that the UK government indeed does not want a hard NI/I border. You predicted that May wanted the negotiations to fail, than walk away from the deals and start WTO immediately.

Threaten to annex Northern Ireland into customs union if trade deal is not acceptable to EU. Today it’s all marriage in the papers. Not that I know of Peter, but day after day and you have to start wondering. And your both really just in season one. However, Labour's Tony Lloyd said that was only a temporary continuation. What is clear is that neither Ireland nor the UK have the infrastructure in place for customs checks.

Meghan Markle, girlfriend of Britain's Prince Harry, watches the closing ceremony for the Invictus Games in Toronto, Ontario, Canada September 30, 2017. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. As you know, while there wasn't a vote, six ministers backed the "max fac" arrangement, while five argued for "NCP". Getting Brussels onside early would offer some political cover. If it becomes a clear possibility, remaining in the bloc will start looking more attractive by comparison, he says.

AM CEST Bernie Sanders to run as a Democrat — but not accept nomination BY Edward-Isaac Dovere The Vermont senator announces his complicated reelection plans for another term. You must remember that the EU’s ability to control it’s membership is quite impressive in scale. If they won’t give you what you want then you’ll just leave sums it up about right no? Once the decision is made to avoid a hard border and having no sea border, the rest follows automatically.

Brexit Bulletin: Seeking Assurances

Today in Brexit: Theresa May sought assurances from the European Union that it would accept her new proposal on the Irish border. She didn’t get them.

I don’t know what would motivate me to plague a Canadian forum about the politics of your region to be honest. Fill your boots fella, I know you will. In simple terms the customs union means there no tariffs to be paid, while the single market means consignments don't need to be inspected to check they meet product standards. May’s preferred solution is a “customs partnership.” That solution envisages the UK maintaining regulatory alignment with EU without recognizing European Court of Justice Jurisdiction.

Meanwhile Euro/dollar and dollar/yen hit its highest level since late January and the dollar is likewise at a four month high to the yen. Apps Newsletters Advertise with Us Advertising Guidelines Cookies Terms of Use Privacy All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. Because of that, it ended with the declaration that both needed more work and discussion, hence why we are in this purgatory. So with just five months to go until there’s supposed to be a deal, where are we?

PM CEST Boris Johnson duped by pranksters pretending to be Armenian PM BY Paul Dallison Brexiteer talked about Putin and the Salisbury poisoning before suddenly hanging up. Search Search Term Search My Account Login Register Europe Edition U.S. I thought that the UK was a strong enough country to actually be able to leave, but I suspect that the systems of federalisation are so strong that we are already trapped.

Is this a nefarious EU at play with evil masterminds in Brussels? Luckily the Troubles aren’t returning and the border is staying demilitarised. If it was a French nickname I’d say yours would be much more likely than my offering. Threaten to a unilaterally resolve the Ireland issue after a time period (eg 18 months). Transition ‘2’ only needs to be different from transition 1 for political reasons, so basically SM with a different logo.

Still pretending to be someone you wish you were eh? The backstop which has been agreed by the cabinet seemingly only deals with customs issues - on that basis it would be inadequate to guarantee no hardening of the border. In this scheme, the UK would also retain the right to sign its own trade deals but would collect tariffs on behalf of the EU. If no better ideas emerge, the bloc wants the backstop clause under which it would go on regulating trade in Northern Ireland after Brexit to prevent a hard border.

See here for a complete list of exchanges and delays. © 2018 Reuters. The Remainer Home Secretary Amber Rudd had just resigned, leaving the place on the committee for Sajid Javid. Here’s a rundown: Talks are deadlocked on how to avoid a policed border between the Republic of Ireland, an EU member, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the U.K. Last week five Labour lawmakers signed a similar letter.

UK customs proposal is really Brexit delayed further

Theresa May has begun a diplomatic push to sell a customs compromise — but Brussels is highly skeptical.

It’s a pretty common human failing mind you. You’re still looking at the Irish border question the wrong way round. May certainly doesn’t want negotiations to fail. XKM’s information about the UK is never reliable. The threat of annexing NI into the customs union is removed. That is not entirely true. Makes zero sense… again. Whatever you wish me to be and no matter how much to wish to spoil other people’s lives ….. you have no power over them, not even with brexit.

Brexit Secretary David Davies has promised more detail to come in a 100-page white paper to be published in the next few weeks, which will detail a policy alternative. Both sides fear a return of border controls could reignite the violence that afflicted Northern Ireland until a peace deal in the late 1990s. The rupiah has weakened further today, unpacified by Thursday’s rate hike. I can't put it off any longer - it is now time, again, for another post about the customs union.

May’s government has come up with a new proposal, but the EU isn’t buying it, at least not in its current form. The party leadership isn’t endorsing a second vote. BY Ken Hu, rotating chairman at Huawei Technologies Right now, the whole world is in the digital fast lane. Second problem: What good is a backstop if it’s time limited? But recent history shows that the EU can only perform regime change if it has powerful placemen inside member states or overwhelming economic leverage.

You are correct that the UK doesn’t want a hard border in Ireland. Maybe some of her Cabinet do, but even they don’t want WTO before March 2019. I do indeed. 🙂 I don’t know why a New Zealander or Canadian would want to spend so much energy on this stuff but they do. ~\o/~. The UK has a free hand to negotiate what is in the UK’s best interests. For example, there used to be a very hard border separating the DDR and West Germany.

You will only hurt yourselves …. certainly not me. The Taoiseach has been clear that what's been proposed by the UK so far would help solve some of the problems related to the border but not all of them. COPYRIGHT 2018 NEW EUROPE. May has said as it stood in March, the EU’s backstop was unacceptable because it would cut off Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom. Japanese inflation data continued the run of softer than expected indicators, rising by 0.7 percent year on year in April, below the 0.8 percent that was expected.

Brexit border plan 'must be longer-term' says Tony Lloyd

Labour's Northern Ireland spokesman wants a general election if longer term arrangements are not agreed.

Several sources have told me that there was a plan to put Justice Secretary David Gauke on the committee too. May’s team has agreed to the idea of keeping the U.K. tied to EU customs rules for years after Brexit. Naming Lords | May is expected to create about 10 Tory peers in an attempt to improve her position in the House of Lords, the Guardian reports. With strong industry, research capabilities, and forward-thinking governance, Europe is in a solid position to take the lead.

Regime change was not necessary in Ireland in 2010 because Dublin caved and accepted the bailout (after Trichet had threatened to detonate a ‘financial bomb’ in Dublin). Why won’t those other guys just realize that what I want is in their interest? Both the UK and ROI are prisoners of history and geography. But what May wants is irrelevant. Well Stan as a Canadian I can answer your question as to why I would be interested.

Both the Irish government and the UK government have promised there will be no hard border, so I am very optimistic that this will happen eventually. We are very particular about the way we are insulted and you spelt it wrong again. As a bi-national, i can pick from 2 options. Brexiteers fear the proposal amounts to staying in the customs union longer. Reporting by Elizabeth Piper, Estelle Shirbon, William James and Andy Bruce in London, Writing by Gabriela Baczynska; editing by David Stamp Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

But the situation is, in the words of one former minister, maybe heading towards "boiling point". He would have been almost certain to back the PM's preferred partnership model. There’s a growing sense that some kind of extension is going to be needed beyond the two-year transition that’s already been agreed to. Source: Pedro Canto Brum/Fladgate Partnership Something to add?  Please join our Facebook group, Brexit Decoded , and follow us @Brexit  on Twitter.

So what next? The closest example to the British one would be Italy in 2011. Meanwhile they are actually telling you why it isn’t in their interest and why you aren’t going to get it. They know that a hard border is impossible. No UK government can force the EU to negotiate. It is entertaining as all get out. In the same way the UK refused the EU proposal. Currently there is just game playing by both sides.

May proposes “backstop solution” if negotiations fail

No 10 says the UK would still be able to sign and implement trade deals, and the measure would only last for a matter of months. Apps Newsletters Advertise with Us Advertising Guidelines Cookies Terms of Use Privacy All quotes delayed a minimum of 15 minutes. However the peace looks fragile as markets await the final agreement to see what details remain in there. So here goes - and I promise there is something more fun at the end of this piece too.

So Brexit day is March 2019 but it might not feel real until a few years later. Missed yesterday’s Bulletin? PM CEST Germany’s far-right AfD offices blocked by giant ice blocks BY Emma Anderson Activists say far-right party has shown a ‘chilly’ disposition toward constitutional values. The U.K. will present its new offer to Brussels within two weeks. Berlusconi voiced the heresy of questioning Italy’s membership of the Euro.

Only the EU thinks a hard border is a possibility. If the EU won’t negotiate, the result is WTO. Beats any telenovella I have ever heard about. That is the point of these proposals. They are trying to get pole position for the trade negotiations to follow. I do not live in Germany, which is why your above statement makes no sense. Hate to spoil your dreams …. i do not. The UK is due to leave the European Union in March 2019, after which a 21-month transition period is due to begin, which aims to smooth the way to a post-Brexit relationship between the UK and EU.

Worryingly one policy will be to issue two-year debt to pay companies owed money by the states, according to a senior League official. Remember the "backstop"? Well, that would have made the committee meeting a score draw, giving the prime minister the casting vote. Whatever new customs setup the government aims for, it probably won’t be ready in time. Have a confidential news tip? PM CEST 4 biggest risks to Europe’s 2019 election BY Ryan Heath Brussels wants to create a Continent-wide democratic conversation, but faces apathy and a populist surge.

In the UK I don’t really see any EU placemen ready to do carry out the EU’s bidding. It is not EU holding you, is it? A frictionless border is not possible with any of the customs arrangements discussed in the UK. The UK likes this backstop very much. Like they say you couldn’t make this Brexit disaster up and be believed if you offered it as fiction. The UK’s proposal delays the advantages of Brexit.