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The Bubble: Conservatives and liberals agree James Comey's book didn't do him any favors

Yahoo!-ABC News Network | © 2018 ABC News Internet Ventures. Those ethical values are what are going to last. But I have to say what the Justice Department can certify to, what we find lawful. And so I called Bob and told him what was happening. I'm not a perfect leader. I didn't focus on it. We've just opened a criminal investigation of one of the people who will likely be candidate for president of the United States in the middle of that viciously partisan atmosphere.

I don't think so. The F.B.I. knows they're junk. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And I think eight about top secret topics. S-- so what impact did the Steele-- the so-called Steele dossier have on the FBI investigation? It was the secondly of Homeland Security, and the director of National Intelligence, my boss. Senior Justice officials weren't convinced that you actually had an obligation to tell Congress that at that time.

It seems inconsistent. And that-- that wasn't a new lesson. I know my amazing spouse did. You think the result could change. It was right-- January 5th in the oval office. A small conference room, looked kinda ordinary to me. Well, at that point, he said that. So-- so-- at-- at-- at this point, you've had-- two substantive conversations with the president. She said, "That's Jim's 'oh shit' face." And so I'm walking forward thinking that, thinking, "How could he think this is a good idea?

I-- and I'm not trying to that, by the way, suggest that President Trump is out breaking legs and-- you know, shaking down shopkeepers. But at the end, he asked me whether I wanted to see the president. It always struck me and still strikes me as unlikely, and I woulda been able to say with high confidence about any other president I dealt with, but I can't. That is obviously an area that a special prosecutor would want to investigate.

So they put the headphones on me and I sat on a jump seat between the two pilots and watched them land along the Potomac. Calls you a nut job. I mean, I only worked with him very briefly before I was fired. He strikes me as a person of above average intelligence who's tracking conversations and knows what's going on. And some of them come out with-- with this storyline on James Comey. "Here was a guy who loved being F.B.I. director.

A complete list of winners is  here .) Sen. Not acceptable!’ the president wrote on Twitter. To that point, he agreed with the U.S. The Senate passed a resolution that will allow Sen. On the other is Mr. ABC News should have been more prepared for that, spending less of its hour on remedial primers and dramatic buildup and more of it in direct conversation. She joined The Post in 2008 and has previously written for the Boston Globe, USA Today, the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader and the American Journalism Review.

And when you have to explain what you've done someday to your grandchildren, that's what will matter. And that you really want it or that it's important doesn't change the law. And I wanted him to know about it because of his stature and his ability. There-- I don't think there are any perfect leaders. Shortly thereafter, the F.B.I. opened a criminal investigation. Of course, at the time, I had no idea that I could make both halves angry at us, but we'll come to that later.

I knew this would be terrible for me personally. Yeah, that's tricky for me 'cause-- 'cause the F.B.I.'s told me that I have to be very careful speaking about this 'cause it's still classified. And so that's why there's a two. So if I'm going to be honest, I have to say somehow it's more than ordinary sloppiness. No, in fact, as I said, the information that triggered it was the Papadopoulos information that came in late July.

Their argument was that it was not consistent with our policy, and that we don't normally comment on investigations, all of which I agree with. I mean, "We don't get involved." We get involved if it is the least bad option, right? But if you take the time and look at the posture of the two cases, they're very, very different. And investigating one of the two candidates for president of the United States.

And you didn't tell us that?" And so, again, people can weigh that differently, but that's how I thought about it. The president and the vice president in arm chairs with their back to the fireplace and I was sitting slightly off to the right so the president would have to look slightly left to see me. And a group of them sat at the table with us and a group sat at the wall behind me, against the curtain.

It did to me. That he's going to try to hug me, the guy that a whole lot of people think, although that's not true, but think I tried to get him elected president and did. Something that made me uncomfortable and my best intuition at that point was it's part of an effort to make me part of the team, to make me “amica nostra.” And that it made me deeply uncomfortable. The-- the loyalty oaths, the boss as the dominant center of everything, it's all about how do you serve the boss, what's in the boss' interests.

Back again. Yeah, I saw that. Eventually my assistant, Althea James-- there was an actual person down on Pennsylvania Avenue knocking on the front door of the F.B.I. with a letter from the president. That's it. Says the pressure's been relieved now, the pressure on him has been relieved. My sense of him, maybe it's unfair to him, was that he was over matched for the job. I don't think he's medically unfit to be president.

It's really fun to engage with young people. John McCain (R-Ariz.)   had surgery after contracting an intestinal infection. From Dave Weigel : “[Paul Ryan’s] surprise announcement last week that he would retire at the end of his term boosted Democrats’ hopes that they could wrest back control of the House this fall. Inspector General office’s investigation into Andrew McCabe, Comey’s successor at the FBI.

Comey, whose optics imply discipline, self-control and lack of guile. The interview took five hours to conduct, but a viewer watching the special would hardly know it. Follow @emilyyahr The story must be told. Simple start. What they'll want to know is, "What was your North Star? And so I-- I can't my view." And so it was thick with tension and it was-- I felt like I was going to be crushed like a grape, frankly.

But I've learned from working with great people, from making a lot of mistakes, and from working for people who aren't effective leaders, here's what I think it should be. And I didn't know when we'd opened it. But the deputy director who was a great deputy director and a longtime special agent, looked at me and said, "You know you're totally screwed, right?" And I smiled. Or maybe she'll lie to us during the interview, which is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

What I can say is the material is legitimate. Two, she announced publicly what she was doing before talking to me. So my first draft, which I wrote myself, said, "Gross negligence." It's a lawyer term. The FBI didn't get any information that's part of the so-called Steele dossier, as I understand it, until after that. But it allowed us to be consistent with our standard which is, if possible, we should avoid action in the run-up to an election that might have an impact.

That's a terrible option, to speak. No way. That's what he meant, "You're totally screwed." And-- one of my kids-- I stayed off Twitter during that period of time. And I-- I get that. And so again, in that-- in that session with the Senate, I got the chance to lay that out. And there were a variety of questions, especially focused on, "So how do we stop it from happening in the future," questions about sources and whatnot and how certain we were.

And I assumed he was asking that rhetorically, I didn't answer that, and I just moved on and-- and explained, "Sir, I'm not saying that we credit this, I'm not saying we believe it. You could've asked me, when I became F.B.I. director, if I could imagine those conversations. And I'm thinking all this as I'm walking and I have this awkward look on my face. And so I just waited. It's the family, the family, the family, the family.

Valentine's Day. And that-- I don't know where that's coming from. And she somehow got the F.B.I. police to go down and get it, scanned it, e-mailed it to me. Over in a flash. Wow, was my reaction. And-- that the job was f-- much, much bigger than he was. And that's not a policy statement. That's why he didn't speak up on several different occasions when he should've spoken up-- about President Trump.

Ambassador Nikki Haley the day before.  Philip Rucker, Carol D. The possibility of majority control also gave new life to a looming question: Will Pelosi, or someone else, lead the party? The McCabe case illustrates what an organization that’s committed to the truth looks like. ... They're disposable diapers. In case you missed it, he drew attention to the point himself, noting to Mr. A viewer could almost sense a roomful of news execs standing just out of frame, breathing down Stephanopoulos’s neck.

I r-- I was never going to write a book. Why did you make the decision you made?" And I hope your answer's going to be, "'Cause I took the time to think about what matters. But in a way, there was no other way I could act. But I knew he saw it the way I did. As you say, no one's perfect. F.B.I.'s an enormous organization. And I said, "Yup. But after nine or ten months of investigating, it looked like on the current course and speed, this is going to end without charges.

Transcript: James Comey's interview with ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos

The following is the transcript of the ABC News exclusive interview.

I think I was asked to sign it-- by the director of National Intelligence, Jim Clapper. Actually never spoke to me about it personally. I've devoted my life in government to institutions that have no impact on elections. I-- I believe in the chain of command. I just can't figure out which party." And I took that as a compliment, but also an illustration of what I'm talking about. S-- so what did she say to you?

And he conveyed that it was a joint high-confidence assessment, which is very unusual. My impression was he looked exactly like he did on television, except he looked shorter to me than he did on television, but otherwise exactly the same. We just thought it very important that you know." And I explained, "One of the F.B.I.'s jobs is to protect presidency from coercion. Like, it's hard to imagine them even sitting here.

And the president showed up and had me sit down and it turned out just to be the two of us and that the purpose of the meeting, the dinner was for him to extract from him a promise of loyalty. It was him talking almost the entire time, which I've discovered is something he frequently does. Sit." And then he left and-- went down the hall, apparently to the Oval Office, and came back and said, "He's in the Oval.

That-- unless I'm-- I-- I-- said something that people misunderstood, I don't remember even intending to say that. And this took probably a half hour or so. Makes no sense at all. First of all, what are the Russians doing in the Oval Office? And that he was going to struggle in it. There's something more important than that that should unite all of us, and that is our president must embody respect and adhere to the values that are at the core of this country.

I've never quite gotten there, but here's what it should look like. Leonnig, Anton Troianovski and Greg Jaffe report : “Trump was upset the sanctions were being officially rolled out because he was not yet comfortable executing them ... From Abigail Hauslohner : “More than 90 American Muslims, nearly all of them Democrats, are running for public office across the country this year. I ordered the investigation.

Stephanopoulos and in his book that when he met Mr. The next morning’s “GMA” appearance seemed like a compulsory hangover; Comey remained bright, but there was already the sense of a world moving on. When I did this, now I said to myself, 'You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story. But I decided I had to write this one to try and be useful. Right at the beginning of your career, you're involved in prosecution of major mafia figures.

And I knew that his gravitas, his-- his experience, his weight, would be important. How much time do you have? It was opened in the ordinary course in our counterintelligence division. Nobody gets out alive." And, of course, it was gallows humor. And so what will we do? Dig into that. The content is real. No, but there's a third route. And then my staff convinced me that that's just going to confuse all kinds of people, if you start talking about statutes and what the words mean.

And I think I explained why-- I thought the FBI shouldn't sign up at this point. Speaking is really bad; concealing is catastrophic. Speaking is going to have some impact, potentially. I followed her instruction to call it a "matter," because she told me to call it a "matter." And I didn't believe it was unethical or illegal. You're the FBI, you're supposed to be finding the facts. Yeah, I don't-- I-- she knew enough, Patrice, the pain that I was in that-- and how hard these decisions were that I don't think she spent a lotta time-- I think she got actually where I was.

You say high confidence. And the reason I say that is most people look slightly different in person. I said, "We're not saying that-- I'm not saying that I believe the allegations, I'm not saying that I credit it." I never said, "I don't believe it," because I-- I couldn't say one way or another. The president is inaugurated a week later. And so I extend my hand and he grabs my hand and he pulls in and back.

And so it would be monologue in this direction, monologue in that direction, monologue in a different direction. Let me stop you there. Well I know the attorney general didn't want to leave because-- he ac-- he was-- I'm sitting here, he was sitting off to my right and the door by the grandfather clock was off to my left. So at this point-- the president is now, given what you thought was a direction-- you didn't step in and say, "Listen, you shouldn't do that, Mr.

I was a bit numb at the time. One, as a counter intelligence person I'm thinking, "That's crazy--" without any Americans being present, one. And you also said that the deputy attorney general, who's now running the Russia investigation, you said what he put out in support of your firing was just a pretext, and the pretense then fell away. The most important being truth. He got fired. Don't withdraw.

Many are young and politically inexperienced, and most are long shots. I don't care whether people support a Republican or a Democrat because I'm not either. Intriguing pix to share from around D.C. and the Capitol? Comey is recognized by President Trump at the Inaugural Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders Reception in the Blue Room of the White House in 2017. The morning shows, with their chronic attention-deficit issues, are an easy place to lose focus.

That was my goal after I was fired, to be useful. Well, it's a tremendous education to get-- a view inside La Cosa Nostra, the mafia, both in the United States and in Sicily. And so how could I possibly, as the leader of the Justice Department, sign up to something that we had no lawful basis for. And then he started a race to the hospital. My rap on myself is that-- is that ego focus. Yeah, yeah.

Smart people, competent people plan ahead. Well, for a bunch of reasons. Now, whether the content is true is a different question. You-- you-- you push her to recuse and then it goes through the normal Justice Department channels. What's a colloquial way to explain it? I'm thinking the questions that we're asking ourselves, which is, is anybody-- is the Trump campaign in any way working directly with the Russians?

Especially, given the world we're operating in, when Hillary Clinton's elected president? Hillary Clinton's convinced that that letter defeated her. Part of me thinks-- given an encounter I had with Loretta after I sent it, that she may have understood what I was doing. And you're finding the facts in a world where everybody's on a side, and can't possibly understand you're not on a side. She hated the fact that I had to make these decisions, and 'cause she loves me dearly, she hated the fact that I personally was stepping in front of the institutions to get shot repeatedly.

Yeah, that's the closest the intelligence community-- you never say you're sure in the intelligence business. He had-- impressively coifed hair, it looks to be all his. I think as graphic as I needed to be. I want to try to get inside your head again at that moment, because now you've had these encounters with the president. He was going for the hug, going for the hug. He-- he was-- he took on-- on the plates was a card-- a calligraphy card, so-- very nice script.

You've been in the Oval Office several times in your career. President was sitting where you are. Well, yes, in a sense. How could that be? And I thought, "It's crazy to fire me." I'm leading the investigation of Russian influence and particularly whether the-- anyone in the Trump orbit had coordinated and conspired with the Russians. And, two, it-- the pretense is melting away, the bit about, "You were fired because of how you handled the e-mail investigation," is melting away.

This president is not able to do that. I get that. Get into the public square. Administration officials said Monday it was unlikely Trump would approve any additional sanctions without another triggering event by Russia, describing the strategy as being in a holding pattern. Mike DeBonis reports : “Most of that — $38 million — is reserved for television airtime in 20 battleground House districts. I don't care who they support.

Credit Al Drago/The New York Times Then there’s that now-famous story about Mr. That is not acceptable in this country. . . . I faced great pressure because of Russia. And it occurred to me maybe I can be useful by offering a view to people, especially to young people, of what leadership should look like and how it should be centered on values. And to realize that the mafia is an organization like any other organization.

He didn't get to the hospital until after the two senior White House officials had turned and left. That I-- since I was a kid, I've had a sense of confidence. The question was, was classified information mishandled. If you know you're totally screwed and you know that people are going to be angry at you no matter what you do, y-- you can't do anything about it. If you're going to charge, you plan ahead.

I-- I didn't see any indication that Loretta Lynch was trying to cover this investigation for the Clinton campaign or direct me in any way. Sure, maybe. Yeah, I get that. I don't know what's behind that. Really, October 27th. She'll be an illegitimate president, but these organizations will never recover from that. I hope not. And-- and so didn't want to be involved in the decision, didn't want to approve it, but didn't want to give me the instruction not to send it.

She would say, "Look, I get what you're doing. He wasn't telling me, "You made the right decision." He was telling me, "I know where it came from. The top level is high confidence. I confess, I stared at it pretty closely and my reaction was, "It most take a heck of a lot of time in the morning, but it's impressively coifed." He looked-- his tie was too long, as it always is. And so I left that part out.

The Daily 202: Trump fills the job of White House communications director — with himself

Comey pushback shows the president will always be his own spokesman.

Everyone agrees, everyone agrees, I did this, the-- I never assaulted these women, I never made fun of a reporter. You served several presidents. And the attorney general came around and stood right by my chair and lingered. And so I need to remember exactly what was said there. But they also, I think, s-- attached to it a letter from the attorney general and a letter from the-- the deputy attorney general, purporting to lay out the reasons I was fired.

You were fired because of the Russia investigation. First of all, the American people can have complete confidence in Robert Mueller. You're the former director of the F.B.I. I mean, I get why people would think that. Be part of the life of this country 'cause we need you so badly. Sometime after Haley’s [comments], the Trump administration notified the Russian Embassy in Washington that the sanctions were not in fact coming ...

Comey said there has been one piece of criticism about the book that has caused him to reconsider what he included. Don't miss a brief. Comey’s attempt to use his blue suit to blend into the Blue Room’s blue curtains to avoid an awkward encounter with President Trump, of whom he was already suspicious. I hope people read the book and see why the rule of law is such an important value in this country. . . .

You lay out qualities of an ethical leader. Has a leader, has underlings, has values, has principles. You sped to that room. And I was-- it was a really hard time. That I know I'm good at certain things. And what that means is did anybody talk about classified information outside of a system that you're supposed to talk about classified information on? And so you just put your f-- head down and you do your job.

It really did surprise me. She stayed away from it as far as I could tell. And-- and I-- I suppose a reasonable person might have done that. And then the other said saying, "You're admitting she committed a crime, you didn't prosecute her." The goal was-- and-- and one of the mistakes I made is I don't know what it would be. You first were briefed on the Steele dossier in August of 2015. I think it was Andy McCabe, but I'm not certain.

I-- I don't know. Sorta let me take the hit for that. It's the reason that you talk about cases-- again, cases of great interest you talk about all the time. But why does it have to be you? I know you're not a partisan hack. There's low confidence, medium confidence, high. He looked slightly orange up close with small white—half moons under his eyes, which I assume are from tanning googles. I don't-- the nature of an investigator is you don't believe or disbelieve.

Because he's just able to lean up to put his face by my right ear-- unfortunately, the cameras were on the left side of my face. And-- and then he talked about-- one of the things he said was how luxurious the White House was, the residence. And-- I'm sure you're wondering what question did I ask that would prompt those? It was different-- well I noticed right away the curtains were different. And then the president said, "Thanks, Jeff.

And-- and then I took a call from Patrice who called saying the kids and she had seen it, "What's going on?" I said, "I don't know. In fact, it wasn't even then. Same thing. I think we played golf once in our 25 years. You've served in senior positions in the Department of Justice for Republican and Democratic presidents. That's just not right though. And when you do it, think about what matters most of all.

They want to empower the average voter and reduce the influence of the wealthiest. Welcome to The Hill's Morning Report , which is replacing The Hill's morning Tipsheet each weekday. James Comey Still Looks the Part The former F.B.I. director has made the rounds this week, offering his take on what “ethical leadership” means. It didn’t work, of course. Colbert peppered Comey with more or less the same questions as everyone else: the Clinton email decision (and fallout); what the former director may or may not know about special counsel Robert S.

First and foremost, it's someone who realizes that lasting values have to be at the center of their leadership. They're entirely corrupt. Yeah, I did. And I was overcome with emotion, hearing that. And so I think that's my primary worry about myself, is an overconfidence that can lead to that-- that pride, that closed mindedness. What it centered on there was Secretary Clinton used this personal email domain to conduct all her business as secretary of state.

What would be hard for the Obama Justice Department for a bunch of reasons is not to bring charges about Hillary Clinton. He's a very smart man and a lawyer. But then wouldn't-- your obligation then be you get up and say, "No, there's no monkey business. But my judgment was she's just announced publicly that she's not going to recuse herself. Yeah, they did. That it, at its core, was consistent with the other information we'd gathered during the intelligence investigation.

And so the director thinks that we have to speak. I honestly don't know. It sucked. It was really important that the Department of Justice put out a report about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. Why do you have to be the one that everyone's going to hate?" And my answer was-- "'Cause I'm stuck. I know you're trying to do the right thing." And it meant a lot to me. This was the top of the chart.

You ask, "What's my evidence? I need to make sure to keep that distance to protect the F.B.I.'s independence, which had been built since Hoover. And so the whole world saw him kiss me. And he said, "I-- and I know luxury." And-- which I credit. None, zero. He had hung bright, gold curtains, which I found out later were actually Bill Clinton's Oval Office curtains, excuse me, since changed. I just want to talk to Jim.

We're trying to find out." My friend Pat Fitzgerald called from Chicago, I said the same thing. I snapped back three days later in the middle of the night. Because I wanted someone without political conflict, someone who is not “amica nostra,” to find the facts. And-- sorry, and-- and I've had dinner with him maybe once or twice. I do. I mean, if all I cared about was getting the job and going along, getting along, it's hard to explain some of the things I did during 2016.

The doubters pointed to a telephone call [Maxim] Borodin made the day before he fell. Just imagine — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) April 16, 2018 From an MSNBC anchor: Then I guess I’m just curious or maybe a little nosy. The race is on to Nov. If we’re going by appearances, it’s a lot like the movies. But it did prove he understands the value of clothing as camouflage — and, indeed, communication. Mueller III’s ongoing investigation into the Trump White House.

Whether they're in government or in the private sector or leading a university, they have to focus on things like fairness and integrity and, most of all, the truth. But I didn't know it at the time. I think it was the next day after the meeting with Vice President Cheney when I was on the way home, driving along Constitution Avenue. And-- had this sense that the law held. I've tried to guardrail that my whole life.

Yeah, it was not a break with precedent, but y-- you're right. That will be hard to do without jeopardizing the reputation of the institutions of justice. And so it surprised me. I know that. And she'll accept my recommendation that of the career prosecutors. They did. Th-- those allegations are at the core of the Steele dossier, and we already knew that was true from totally separate information.

And he would be happy to talk to you about it. I sure hope not. Yeah, it was-- it was a very painful period. Now, they could have said, "We don't talk about our investigations," but folks wanted to know what happened in Ferguson, Missouri? I would rather not." Like I said, I would rather Hillary Clinton have used the State Department for her email system. I came to deeply respect him, and his higher loyalty to the values I care a lot about.

Then comes the briefing. What is the evidence that establishes me whether someone's telling me the truth or not. I mean, Hoover was always over having drinks with presidents and doing all kinds of stuff-- that was-- not appropriate. And he didn't kiss me, he said, "I really look forward to working with you. Not long. And then later in the same meal, near the end, he says, "Reince knows we're having dinner, so follow-up with Reince." Just-- so one of those things is not true.

Thank you." And then he walked off. But something else was true, it was important that we did not intend to abide his direction, we were not going to let it go, no matter what he said. He was very upset. I woke up in the middle of the night and the thought hit me like a lightening bolt, like, "Wait a minute. And I don't know what they'll find. So I know him and I can s-- and I-- we're friendly. There is the rule of law.

James Comey disputes the notion that his controversial book is 'a tell-all'

Former FBI Director James Comey today defended himself against critiques of his new book and criticism of his remarks about the Republican Party.

Republicans as they seek to protect majorities in the House and Senate. Image James B. Mueller III, a devotee of white shirts, and signal a new era. (Mr. Now hold on, America. Comey says he considered it his “dream job” when he was hired by the U.S. And you have-- there's almost a sense of-- of alarm underneath the whole book. But it was forming my view that the truth has to be central to our lives and that leadership has to be focused on important and ethical values.

The law held. First of all, by marrying someone who will tell me anything at any time. Classified information is either the lowest level confidential, the next level secret, the top level top secret. In the late summer after the investigation had been opened for three months and the whole world was talking about it, 'cause you remember, it began with a public referral from the inspector general. Look, I understand why people ask that.

I've investigated it. Well, you make the decision to make a public statement-- July 5th. God love them, they have criticism of nearly every press conference. And so at its core, it said something that was consistent with what we believed. How could there be a connection between Anthony Weiner's laptop and Hillary Clinton's emails? Even though you didn't know what was in-- what was in those emails, you could have predicted what President Trump and his allies would do with it once you released this information.

Again, my whole life has been dedicated to institutions that work not to have an involvement in an election. For reasons I totally understand. I would rather have had-- I've still never met Hillary Clinton; I would rather never have been involved. That was a real, in some ways a very raw conversation, in your telling. And in that meeting, that's what Russia did. Director Clapper laid out, as I said, exactly as he had for President Obama and the gang of eight. "Here's what the Russians tried to do.

Gathering information, all that sort of thing on political figures. So-- and I know this is speculative, but what do you think is going through his mind? I think it was probably during the salad, before the shrimp scampi. One of those things is a lie, but it reminded me of the inauguration crowd thing. But I noticed he was behind the desk with-- both arms on the table top, on the desktop. And then the president said, "Thanks, Jared.

Please don't do that. If there are tapes, he will be heard on that tape in the Oval Office asking me to let it go. I don't know whether Bob Mueller s-- and his people will conclude that President Trump committed a crime or not. But I know his work most of all. There is integrity. That was my goal. Instead, he continues to do the job himself. But the US expressed concerns that Russia may have tampered with evidence at the site.

The last time the Democrats won back the House was 2006, but back then, few were predicting a flip until the fall of that year when the Mark Foley scandal broke. Comey being sworn in during a hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in Washington in 2017. Comey said as well that he tried to encourage a more casual dress code, but — well, everything is relative.) The question now is whether, in becoming the avatar of the ultimate G-man, Mr.

However, Comey recalls that he was warned early on that he needed to be careful to make sure the spotlight was always on the boss. I think it is. Truth at the center of our lives. On the right, we're coming up on the ellipse where you can see the White House. It-- it felt like a dream to me, that we were in a hospital room with senior officials trying to get the desperately ill attorney general to sign something.

And there's rules about how you can email about that information and where you should talk about it. So the candidates were talking about it. We would actually prefer-- most people haven't been in front of a grand jury. I don't know. I've looked into it. Take us inside your head. And I actually think that's fair feedback. It was coming from a credible source, someone with a track record, someone who was a credible and respected member of an allied intelligence service during his career.

It's exactly what happened. I mean, my hope-- I didn't write the book for this reason. I walked around vaguely sick to my stomach, feeling beaten down. Oh, of course I am. But what am I going to do? Yeah, I said to him-- "Mr. And there was a portion of it that was particularly salacious that related to allegations around sexual conduct of-- before-- President Trump was a candidate. They tried to hurt our democracy, they tried to hurt Hillary Clinton, they tried to help elect you.

And that affected you-- a couple of days later when you got invited to the White House. You've briefed him twice, you've spoken with him twice. He redirected the conversation-- I think we started talking about how the beautiful the White House was. That's not a perspective, that's not a view, that's just a lie. And so I sat-- so there's a gigantic block of wood between us, I sat in a little wooden chair right up against the desk.

We thought-- rightly, he was about to recuse himself on anything related to Russia and so that didn't make sense. Please don't do that, John. Of possible obstruction of justice. And I know the F.B.I. would be that way, and now I know the prosecutors will be that way. And I've watched it closely. Those things matter before any fights about policies. I'm sure I did it imperfectly. He drafts talking points.

Would the senator have voted for Trump, knowing that it would turn out like this? Now, Democrats are publicly expressing confidence they will secure the majority and Republicans privately acknowledge the chances are better than 50-50. Credit Brendan Smialowski/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images By Vanessa Friedman April 19, 2018 James B. Comey will herald its renaissance or, by the time his tour is finished and the final page has been turned, its last gasp?

By signing up you agree to receive email newsletters or alerts from POLITICO. And-- I chose those words carefully. And didn't want any part of. It was-- the attorney general, my boss was John Ashcroft. But it wasn't a dream. Slow down. And this had come right on the heels of a very famous case-- involving General David Petraeus for his mishandling of classified information. Congress was talking about it.

He didn't have any insight into the case, at least as far as I know, more than anybody reading the newspaper did, which was zero 'cause there were no leaks. Well, sure, if I could do that, given the rules of classified information, but I couldn't. We're not on the Democrat side or the Republican side. And I-- I think that's an example of my ego sneaking through. Well, certainly the source was credible.

Everyone says, "This must be significant. That people will read that story and try to put themselves in my shoes. That's the way I felt. Yeah, I've thought about it a lot. We were involved. President," first of all, I said, "Thank you, Mr. That was James Clapper. And-- and Director Clapper explained, as I think he already had, "No, we didn't do that analysis. President Obama's eyebrow raise is banging around in my head.

We know what the subject has been. And I kinda gave him this look and then he explained what he meant. And-- and yet he would say it and, "Everyone agrees, everyone says, everyone believes," and the-- the danger sort of occurred to me is-- 'cause you don't have a chance to speak. I don't know for sure. Because why would you kick out the attorney general, who's my boss, and the vice president of the United States to speak to me?

And I knew him well and still-- knew-- thought highly of him then, still think highly of him, and I said, "Please don't do that. Somebody's gotta go get those tapes. And whatever they find, the American people can rely on because they will find the truth. He's not on anybody's side. Where are we as a country? You've pointed out w-- I think reasonably ways in which I could've done it better or differently.

Tim Kaine (D-Va.) confer on Capitol Hill. (J. That his fate — his party’s, his country’s — would be bound up in the balled fists of a 71-year-old chaos agent? More than three dozen GOP lawmakers have opted to retire, rather than seek reelection. The ultimate G-man. Depends, I suppose, on whether the Netflix adaptation is far behind. Or is he just the first person who isn’t allowed to? It took me a while to realize that Giuliani’s confidence was not leavened with a whole lot of humility.

The Hill's Morning Report: 200 Days to the Election

Welcome to The Hill's Morning Report, which is replacing The Hill's morning Tipsheet each weekday.

I think he felt a pressure in the political environment because he wanted Hillary Clinton to be elected, to give her a shot in the arm. But what I could do instead is offer unusual transparency to the American people about the investigation. And there's no there, there. But-- I think I was wrong about that. There's no doubt that he had a network of sources and sub-sources in a position to report on these kinds of things.

Yeah, I totally get that, and-- which is why we worked so hard. Try to realize that I'm not trying to help a candidate or hurt a candidate; I'm trying to do the right thing. I felt like I was totally alone, that everybody hated me. And I was going to say a million times. Hillary Clinton? It has been a nightmare. He didn't say a word. We found no Russian manipulation of vote count. That it'd been financed by his political opponents?

You've been talking to him about Moscow. You oughta get him in front of you and make sure he's a friend of ours. Did you just agree to that? He seemed to want to bring the topic up. That was my read, that it's-- it's so unusual that-- first of all, it's unusual for the attorney general-- excuse me, for the F.B.I. director and the president to be alone at all. Well there's a box within the investigation where we're holding a piece of information so that we can figure out what to do about it later.

I trust the F.B.I., right, 'cause they'll see what I see. Again, I don't sit here saying, "I hope the trust is that," or, "I hope the truth is this." I just want them to find the truth. He does not care about anything except the truth. So I worry sometimes people think I'm talking about politics. I don't follow him on Twitter, but I'm sure it's going to come. He oversees rapid response. Scott Applewhite/AP) -- A bipartisan pair of senators proposed replacing the current authorizations for use of military force (AUMF) in the wake of the U.S. strikes on Syria.

Democrats have an advantage in enthusiasm. With all the associations and expectations that image implies. Vanessa Friedman is The Times's fashion director and chief fashion critic. Does anyone really want to live in a country where we no longer have the freedom to describe Trump as ORANGE? Rudy’s demeanor left a trail of resentment among the dozens of federal judges in Manhattan, many of whom had worked in that U.S. attorney’s office.

WorldCom, Adelphia. Very, very seriously ill at George Washington Hospital. And there's-- a remarkable moment with your wife, Patrice. And part of that is just aging and getting to realize that doubt is not a weakness. He eventually had a plea. She agreed. You can bring a lot more people and have a lot more people involved in the questioning. And so he spoke about an investigation. Tell them, "Here's what we did, here's what we found, here's what we think about it.

In fact, I know I was wrong about that 'cause it led to a lotta confusion. "Where is he going?" And people thinking that I was somehow burying the lead for dramatic purposes or-- or something. But we tend to approach these things with a bit of a blank slate, trying to figure out, "So what can we replicate?" This guy, who's credible, says these things are true. I don't know whether the Bureau team could have moved faster to-- to bring it to me for a decision.

And you can come up with different conclusions. And that there wasn't a way out because it really was the right thing to do. It was terrible for me, terrible. I-- I realize it sounds like I'm pumping my book, "I hope you'll read those chapters of the book. I'm just-- I've just tried to do the right thing." And he said, "I know. President Obama has a great poker face. And then the conversation, to my surprise, moved into a PR conversation about how the Trump team would position this and what they could say about this.

At 5:00, the president posted the law enforcement leaders of the agencies that had helped protect the inauguration, which is a really nice thing to do. I don't know. 'Cause I don't-- I worked with him for five months, I have some insight into the mind of Donald Trump. He said, "I expect loyalty, I need loyalty." And I did not reply. Did you just agree that he didn't make fun of a disabled reporter because you-- because you didn't speak?

But to kick out the vice president of the United States and the attorney general, who I work for, so you could talk to me alone, something was up that was really important. Oh no. I understand. But I don't trust the leadership of the Department of Justice to do it. You're free to do to that. And again, I don't know what that will be. Not in the way we normally talk about in this country. And that's okay.

Karoun Demirjian reports : “Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) joined with Sen. Not even Facebook itself understood how the group was manipulating the platform's users to influence the election. Some view the Senate as in play, although the map favors Republicans. If the Trump administration is its own reality show, Mr. Nonetheless, the comments had Trump allies saying that Haley is thinking too much of her own political brand."   It's Thursday.

They thought he made the office about one person, himself, and used publicity about his cases as a way to foster his political ambitions rather than doing justice. But what we have in common is a set of norms. Enron was going on. And his chief of staff was on the phone, telling me that although we had told the White House we can't certify to this, I'm the acting attorney general, we can't certify to its lawfulness.

Doubt is a strength. As you know, many of your conservative critics-- say that the David Petraeus case was far [less] serious than the Hillary Clinton case. Loretta Lynch I had a great relationship with and still have a lot of respect for. And it offers us an opportunity in a less formal setting to poke at someone. And he shouldn't have done that. And so, it was frustrating. And you can rely upon that 'cause we did this well and in an apolitical way.

Yes, I-- I was told at some point that it was-- the effort had originally been financed by a Republican source to develop-- material-- opposition research on Donald Trump. All I know is that they did bring it to me on the morning of October 27th. But j-- of course I know what's going to happen. Reasonable people woulda chosen a different door for reasonable reasons. And that-- that, in a way, I'm ruined.

Not so that you walk away agreeing with my decisions, but that you understand better where they came from. And-- and also to t--" I told him that, "I dread the next four years. But he simply turned-- so if I'm President Obama, he turned slightly to his left, looked at me, and went like this-- and looked back at Director Clapper. They actually started talking about drafting a press release with us still sitting there.

Yeah, I didn't want to go for two reasons. And so I'll give you my best guess as to it-- what I think it is. I just-- we're-- actually, the-- we were probably just about as close as you and I are now, probably exactly the same at this small table. Well, you did have a chance to speak because there was no gap at all in the words. You know, you mentioned something about-- since you brought up the Steele dossier again, you mentioned that the parts about-- the prostitutes was-- unverified.

What would we do with that? I-- I think you've-- you've sacrificed as much as you really can of yourself for the country. Well the attorney general was recused and the deputy attorney general, in my view, had acted dishonorably by putting out this pretext about why I was fired. I mean, because I've tried to be consistent. He may conclude that there is nothing that touches President Trump or any of his senior people.

You close the book with a very vivid image describing the Trump presidency. And, of course, he manages his own social media presence. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), one of Congress’s most vocal advocates for a new AUMF, to draft the proposal authorizing operations against al-Qaeda, the Taliban, the Islamic State and affiliated groups. For Kim … the goal was to document the way the usual dark money groups target divisive election ads online ...

Comey represents a character from a different Hollywood tradition. I'm  Cate Martel  with a quick recap of the morning and what's coming up. He joined the paper in 1999 as a reporter for the Style section, where he covered popular culture. Gagliano said Comey’s observations about Giuliani’s penchant for publicity were not unfair, but it was curious to fault him for that while taking a more flattering tone toward people like Sen.

And in the middle of this, walks on this case involving a famous person who appears to have lied during an investigation of insider trading. And he didn't need to hear more than the tone in my voice. I love her desperately. Always remembering I could be wrong until the moment you make a decision is important. Yet, you chose not to prosecute. And she said, "I agree. They're still required to tell the truth.

I'm sure it's frustrating to Loretta Lynch that-- that this material was out there. And so we crafted a statement that we worked on endlessly to get it right. Find some other way to convey, 'cause I wanted to be honest and transparent. Then after the Republican nominating process ended, the effort was taken up and funded by a Democratic aligned group trying to get opposition research on Trump. And so, there's an inspector general investigation going on-- about our work on that investigation.

James Comey Still Looks the Part

The former F.B.I. director has made the rounds this week, offering his take on what “ethical leadership” means. If we’re going by appearances, it’s a lot like the movies.

That the intelligence community does intelligence, the White House does PR and spin, and the searing lesson, as I explained in the book, of the Iraq war is you don't mix the two. It might have been-- a mistake. First, I worried very much about that independence of the F.B.I. And so, although there would be hits from embracing him, he would embrace me-- he's embracing me, making me his F.B.I. director.

But I-- I have an encounter with him two weeks later where I learn from that and try to interrupt him to tell him I don't agree with him. You don't know whether they're true or not. And then he-- got a little bit distracted, the conversation moved off to leaks a little bit. That something really important just happened and that I was a little-- another one of those outta-body experiences, like, "Really?

So I thought, "Well he's ‘amica nostra.’ Right? What you worry about with interviews or with-- with-- with a witness writing a book is, does their story change? And that's fine, so long as he's able to find that truth. Values matter. I think of it as a forest fire. Since the 2016 election, five people have now done six stints as Trump’s communications director. The Wall Street Journal’s Michael R.

At this point the math still favors Republicans. And if the goal of his book, “ A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership ,” is to define what “ethical leadership” looks like — well. Kim's fleet of Soviet-era planes can fly him more than a few thousand miles from North Korea."  That sounds terrifying .  Keep in mind: Kim hasn't flown outside of North Korea since he took office. Follow @hankstuever Most Read 1 Analysis Did Trump just make a ‘hugely damning admission’ in the Stormy Daniels case?

Truth is the fourth word of that sentence. And my initial reaction was, "You know, that's kind of a small thing. And so he turned on the lights and siren and drove this armored vehicle like it was a NASCAR race to George Washington Hospital. But she's great at giving me feedback. And that's great to tell yourself. Well, the David Petraeus case was, to my mind, not a close case at all. And so I dropped it at that point.

Reason number two. But it-- to my mind, it added to the case that we need to do something unusual to offer the American people transparency. And I decided that I would read it, say it out loud, so that people could hear the tone in my voice. This wasn't your ordinary bureaucrat who just mishandles one document. And-- and all through August and September-- there's a great debate going on inside the Obama administration: What to reveal about Russia (SIC) was doing, what to reveal about your investigation.

And the question is so what do I do? In fact, that was a question asked by one of my best people-- a deputy general counsel in the FBI who is a very thoughtful and quiet person, who didn't speak a lot. Yeah, the Monday I sent the letter-- I learn about the emails, get briefed on the need for a search warrant on the 27th of October. Election Day 2016. I've gotten the daylights beat outta me-- this is the first time I've talked about this.

Didn't say a word, but communicated to me at least-- and I could be misreading it, 'cause I don't know President Obama's eyebrow raises, that sort of-- sympathy and concern. That we give you facts and then we leave and then you figure out what you're going to tell people about them, if anything. The general counsel of the F.B.I. had argued, "Look, it's literally true that we don't have a case open on President-elect Trump.

He had made the secret service director stay with him up there, almost on display. That's a fair question. So you're listening. What about the rest of the Steele dossier? And he talked about how bad leaks were of classified information. Calls you been-- calls you back a couple weeks later. You've done your absolute best. He's part of the family now. And you also had to testify to Congress about all that-- a few weeks later.

If you are right, what is the remedy? That forest fires do tremendous damage. After watching media coverage of the fired FBI director’s book, which comes out today, Trump has now blasted him on Twitter three of the past four days. The initiative comes as the administration has asked Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to contribute billions of dollars to help restore northern Syria. It was the day a man plowed his car into a group of counter-protesters, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

He’s providing an answer in more ways than one. Democrats only need to flip 23 seats to take back the House."   ANNOUNCED THIS A.M. Disappearance of two Okla. girls stumped police for 18 years. No fair-minded person with any experience in the counterespionage world … could think this was a case the career prosecutors at the Department of Justice might pursue. That's what we are.

We pulled up in front. And there was a great deal of news and debate about whether the American government was engaged in torture. Another short chapter in your career, you were part of the Senate Whitewater investigation of the Clintons. He was the director of the C.I.A. I didn't know. It's still a crime to lie to the F.B.I. and federal prosecutors, whether or not you're under oath. And I have to talk about it very carefully.

But that I wouldn't take any questions. This was something more than that. Not the second part. I walked into a conference room early in the morning on October 27th. Given that that's going to happen, what do I do? And I paused, and then I said, "Thank you for asking that question. We debated and debated and debated and decide on the 28th to send the letter. I'm the director of the FBI. And what I'd ask them to do is please try to come into those rooms.

It's possible. Very much. We're looking at other people." And-- and-- but his argument was, "There's a problem with you saying that for two reasons. My staff said, "No, you have to go. And I backed off, like, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy," which inside my head, I was thinking, "I'm not suicidal." And so then I backed, backed, backed up to the end. I think because I was caught totally by surprise.

Has it checked out? And I agreed. The next phone call was-- and that was just kind of a check-in. I want to get back to the story -- but one more question. I can't trust him." And so what can I do? That was a dramatic moment-- for the country, it appeared to be a powerful, personal moment for you. And I also think the deputy attorney general-- I don't know this, but has likely learned a painful lesson from the way he handled my firing.

His presidency is doing, and will do, tremendous damage to our norms and our values, especially the truth. But then Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt the next day that he already had decided to fire his FBI director before Rosenstein’s recommendation and would have done it regardless. Among Democrats, though, Mueller's favorability is at 56 percent, with just 19 percent viewing him unfavorably and a quarter unsure.

Steve Israel Steven (Steve) J. Image Mr. A gust of shrapnel blew out a window, partly sucking one passenger in Row 14 headfirst into the sky. Then they learned about the Polaroids. In his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Comey did say he was aware that Giuliani was on TV in 2016 predicting surprise developments from the FBI just before the November election. And if we lose that, if we lose tethering of our leaders to that truth, what are we?

I jumped out with my security detail. She knew that and she also knew I was under some sorta great stress. I worked for five months as a staff lawyer on the banking committee's special committee I think they called it on the Whitewater investigation. He was having a romantic relationship with a woman who was also an author, going to write a book about him. It worried me. It doesn't matter. Now, I don't believe that.

I did. And-- and that's one of the things about the criticism that drives me crazy. So consistent with our policy-- again, very different than the Hillary Clinton case, which began with a public referral. So we're now less than two weeks from the election. Does-- does that mean I conceal? But the answer is not for a moment because down that path lies the death of the FBI as an independent force in American life.

I'm trying to be outside of politics so intentionally tried not to follow it a lot. Read the book and come into those rooms and see how we tried to make these decisions. They should. But-- you know, again, I could be misreading it. What's the future look like? And second, you're going to create a duty to correct. You're the director of the F.B.I. But if I had to guess-- and I could be wrong. And again, I'm operating in an environment where I don't want-- I'm going to be director for another six years.

The Hill's 12:30 Report

To view past editions of The Hill's 12:30 Report, click here:

You're a citizen. And so that's bad. We found no Russian manipulation of vote count. Philip Bump and Devlin Barrett report : “[U.S. EU and SCL that it says raise concerns about how voters were targeted in the Brexit referendum. Sure the Senate could flip. Comey in an interview with George Stephanopoulos during a “20/20” special on April 15. We didn't know whether to trust him. Some think her work led to the suspect’s arrest.

And so I started to worry. And folks don't realize this, but I almost hesitated and almost didn't bring the case against Martha Stewart, in hindsight, because she was rich and famous. And I ran into the hospital and ran up the stairs. This is after the stress of the surveillance battle. Vincent Foster, yeah. He had taken home and stored in a backpack notebooks full of notes about some of the government's most sensitive secrets.

If you knowingly tell a false statement to the F.B.I., as Martha Stewart did, as David Petraeus did, as so many others have, you will be prosecuted for it. And I don't believe that's true. The New York Times quoted former dus-- Department of Justice officials saying, "The F.B.I. never uncovered evidence tying Ms. We're in such-- we're still in such a vicious partisan time. Nobody who has done counterespionage work would think this is a case that's been prosecute-- would be prosecuted, ever.

And it's unusual to email me at 5:30 in the morning. And my judgment, and reasonable people can disagree about this-- my point is not to tell people-- "You should believe I'm right." But I want people to know where the decision came from. If I ever start considering whose political fortunes will be affected by a decision, we're done. And they all waited outside. And that I shouldn't be choosing between the candidates.

But the FBI always has to be a little bit alien to the executive branch 'cause we have to investigate the executive branch. Was there any choice there? Because we'll be custodians of the security of this country." There was none of that. I didn't know at that point in time whether that would change or not. It would be an insult to the other agencies-- secret service, park police, if you don't go. I'm at lunch.

The Priebus thing is-- is an example of it. When I left the F.B.I when I was fired in early May of last year, an effort was underway by the F.B.I. to try to verify as much as pos-- rule in or rule out what-- and that work was still ongoing. And the president-- waved him away and had him close the door. And that was March 1st. And-- and there's no easy way to define it in the abstract, that you-- the challenge of this president is that he will stain everyone around him.

And I know this 'cause of the boxes and boxes of letters and cards they've sent me. And it would be something that our entire country-- again, Democrats and Republicans, that is higher than all the normal fights about policy. Yeah, I'll tell you, I'll give you a strange answer. But I'm an optimistic person. They actually started talking about drafting a press release with us still sitting there,” Comey recalled. “And the reason that was so striking to me is that's just not done.

In one clip, the founder of SCL, Cambridge Analytica’s parent company, can be heard comparing Donald Trump’s political campaigning strategy to that of Adolf Hitler. I’d still say more than likely it doesn’t, but absolutely it’s possible. Credit Ralph Alswang/American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., via Associated Press Even though he is no longer, actually, a G-man — not since being fired by Mr. The House is out.   Tidbit: Via The Washington Examiner's  David M.

At a Senate hearing last year, days before Comey was fired, he was also asked specifically about leaks to Giuliani. I think we are in part. And decided that if she were anybody else, any other ordinary person, she would be prosecuted. In the end, he was remarkable. And she said, "I don't want to talk about it. And whether any documents were taken from his office and mishandled. And he had given these notebooks to this person who had neither a need to know, nor the appropriate clearance.

You interview Hillary Clinton I guess it was July 2nd-- 2016. Again, it wasn't true. Lynch and the document's author and are convinced that Mr. I don't know whether folks notice this, but in Washington Democrats tend to wear blue-- men tend to wear blue ties. I've asked myself that a million times. This was very different. And so I m-- arranged to meet with the team. That's between speaking and concealing.

And I'm not a big hugger, but especially-- there was an awkward dis-- difference in our height, I guess as there is with me and most people. Yes, I was. And it's illustration of our polarization here that you've got the Trump camp, which I guess thinks I was trying to save Hillary Clinton. It's the reason Congress gave the FBI director a ten-year term, to signal that need for independence. Because we, the intelligence community, including the F.B.I., knew this information about allegations around prostitutes in Russia.

But-- and I said to the general counsel, look, I get that, that makes sense to me. You're there as the president walks in. I almost never went to lunch as F.B.I. director. And so-- and part of it was just sheer surprise. The-- the inauguration thing is an example of it. So I don't know what the answer is. Get back to the point. He then called you again-- it was actually a few weeks later-- March 30th.

And so I'm going to do it. But I never got a chance to say, "Thank you," and to frame it and say, "keep up with your mission," those kinds of things. That is about the values of this country and the rule of law. We'll fight about guns. And so I choose to see the opportunity in a forest fire 'cause what forest fires do is allow things to grow that never could've grown. The intelligence community does intelligence, the White House does PR and spin, and the searing lesson … of the Iraq War is you don't mix the two.

The committee chair, Damian Collins, said the interviews provided ‘a unique insight into the private thoughts of key people at Leave. It will be a good year for Democrats and a bad year for Republicans. Trump last May. EDT: President Trump  has a briefing with Joint Interagency Task Force-South, Northcom and Southcom. Subscribe to The Washington Post Try 1 month for $1 entertainment tv Success! I don’t know yet,” Comey told Sen.

And I begged this minister, "Please don't lie to us because if you do, we're going to have to prosecute you." He lied. I went into that hospital room and got there before they did. Just don't be the torture guy." And she repeated that periodically thereafter. I was only there five months. And he'd actually allowed her to photograph pages containing top secret information. And it did worry me that the attorney general's direction was tracking that effort to avoid using the word "investigation." And so, to be honest, it gave me a bad feeling.

But there was material that would allow that to come out someday in the long future when it's declassified. Look, I-- I understand why people say that. Republicans tend to wear red ties. It's hard-- hindsight is a wonderful thing. We did not want these Americans to know that we had reason to believe they might be working with the Russians 'cause we gotta run this down and investigate it. And I didn't smile again for a long time like that-- after that.

But-- but at some level, wasn't the decision to reveal influenced by your assumption that Hillary Clinton was going to win? And then we-- parted and she said, "I-- I thought you needed a hug." And she was right. Because, again, I'm leading an institution that public trust and confidence in that institution really matters. And then Clinton camp thinks I was trying to shiv Hillary Clinton. And I worried, given what I had seen during the campaign, that-- that that effort to remain apart-- might be challenged in-- in a Trump administration.

I had a flashback to my days investigating the Mafia, La Cosa Nostra. I don't know that. I walked into the blue room, which is a big blue oval room. I would walk up to the cafeteria and get a sandwich and eat it at my desk. I couldn't think of a clever response. I'm sure there are others in the conversation. And then O'Reilly responded, "But he's a killer." And the president responded, in substance, "But we're killers, too.

I think two reasons. So I don't know. And so I asked a friend of mine to get it out to a reporter. And I wrote the substantive information that the Senate committee wanted in advance so that I could talk in my opening to the people of the F.B.I. I don't. We'll fight about taxes. Were crowded out, didn't have the light or the water to grow. We give you facts and then we leave and then you figure out what you're going to tell people about them, if anything.

You should listen to your parents.’”   DAYBOOK: Trump will greet and meet with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago. Some donors think the House is a lost cause and are considering whether they should shift their money to focus on protecting the Senate. Demand for some of those events is so high that tickets are being resold on sites like StubHub for hundreds of dollars. He then heads back to his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Comey gamely endures TV's gantlet but caves on the right to call Trump orange

From Stephanopoulos to Colbert to some smart talk on “The View,” the first-time author gets grilled.

Oh, it was helpful. Patrice and I had a personal tragedy. And then, when the F.B.I. interviewed him about it, he lied about it. I didn't because I've known Loretta for a long time. Only on TV is the director jumping out of helicopters and conducting interviews. That all changed when someday, in my mind, became maybe tomorrow. That's just not true. Which seems crazy that I have to think about that, but given the times we were operating in and we're still in, I was hoping the American people would see us as apart from this craziness.

Trying to hurt our democracy, hurt Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump. And what they told me was, "We have found, for reasons we can't explain, hundreds of thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop. Boy, you seem to be alone in that judgment. It must have been. I'm sure it showed on my face how beaten I felt. And take us through that day. Both can't be true, but in our polarized world, people live in separate bubbles.

And then two specific reasons. And I pushed it back and it came back again. But I-- it seems reasonable, given his view of the world. And I quickly looked around, trying to figure out where-- which way the president would enter and I figured where the doors were. So I'm at my desk, eating my lunch and working. And by the second time he came back to it, he didn't respond at all. Correct, yeah. You think our country's so innocent." I forget the exact words, but that's the gist of it.

And then I think there continued to be a lotta stuff in the news about the Russia investigation. And it-- it-- it would be hard for anybody to answer that. And my goal was to prompt the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor, go get the tapes. And I wanted to do it from heart, and so I didn't use any notes. I think, given his experience with me, that-- that he has an opportunity in overseeing Bob Mueller to restore some of his professional reputation.

I see the kids marching in the streets, including my own kids, about guns. How might we stop it? Hannity sought to downplay the relationship. “[Cohen] has never represented me in any matter,” he wrote on Twitter. “I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. The president and first lady will later have dinner with Abe and his wife. At this time, and of course much can change, I believe the Republicans will continue to hold both the House and Senate.” – former Sen.

EDT: The Senate has a confirmation vote on  James Bridenstine  as NASA administrator.  The Senate's full schedule today: 2 p.m. Sure enough, Colbert and former FBI director James B. Since then, Australian soldiers have fought alongside US troops in every major war while playing a crucial role in the “Five Eyes” intelligence-sharing alliance. But I liken President Trump in the book to a forest fire.

And he didn't seem to be following me. In the moment-- it w-- it was helpful. We had a healthy baby boy, Collin Comey. And so you had clearly intentional misconduct by a guy who's in charge of the country's secrets as the director of the C.I.A., involving huge trove of our top level classified information. We worked a case together in the early 1990s. My job is to make the final decisions. And all of a sudden, it dawned on me that that someday decades from now when this material comes out actually may be now, tomorrow.

That these are people I can trust. And-- here's why I say that. What should we do about that? And something much more important than that. You look at previous attorney generals for President Bush, for President Ford, for President Obama, Justice Department officials for President Clinton; they all disagree with you. I don't remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been. 'Cause I was operating in a world where Hillary Clinton was going to beat Donald Trump.

I don't even remember. So you wouldn't change the big decisions. And I-- I've made a million of them. So you're not going to be able to hide it so they don't have leverage on you." And then second, he's going to be president of the United States and the head of the entire executive branch. And I think what it was was the nature of La Cosa Nostra is an effort to make everyone part of the family. Remember, that was what I worried about is that he would think I was pulling a J.

And my assistant, Althea James, says, "There's a call-- coming from the White House." And they put it through and it's the president asking me if I want to come over for dinner that night. We just stared at each other and then he went on eating. He brings it up and says he may want me to investigate it to prove that it didn't happen. And just going on and on and on. He did. So he was calling me to tell me how frustrating he found that and it was getting in the way of his ability to make deals for the country.

That's all I was thinking about was the tapes. A s-- decision I was regretting standing there with butterflies in my stomach before walking out. Sure, if he asked me to be. But you cannot have, as president of the United States, someone who does not reflect the values that I believe Republicans treasure and Democrats treasure and Independents treasure. I see all kinds of civil society getting engaged.

From Politico’s Michael Calderone : “The omission raised questions about whether Hannity had violated journalistic ethics — or whether he was a journalist at all. Mitch McConnell has an interview today at 4 p.m. The Hill EXCLUSIVE : Koch-backed group targets Sen. Even in interviews, he rarely smiles (though there were a few grins with Mr. EDT: The Brookings Institution is hosting an event on education in Africa.  Details: 2:15 p.m.

But relations have since improved significantly as the two countries have focused on larger issues in the Asia Pacific. Going to do tremendous damage. And as I stood in my office in Manhattan, I'm looking out at the Brooklyn Bridge, I remember this moment. He looked gravely ill, gray and lying in his bed, barely conscious. In-- in the moment, it was irritating because I wanted to say, "You have no idea how hard these legal issues are.

It was not a close call. And she's a very smart person. The pros will do the interview, the agents who had actually been investigating her and crawling all around her life for a year. And again, even though I didn't believe it, the material was real. We didn't have any reason to believe that what the document said was accurate. And part of that was not just the way I dressed. Because we would've taken a tremendous amount of criticism for being fixed.

She used a Blackberry for the first three months or so of her tenure as secretary of State before setting up the personal server in the basement. Yeah, I've-- I've heard a lot of that. And so I'm sure that it-- that it was a factor. And then she said something that floored me. I think I was home that day. Oh, I'm-- well, I'm sorry about a number of thing-- I'm sorry that Seacrest-ed the announcement.

And so the logic of it-- was powerful that we should share it. There's an expression in the Mafia-- there's a distinction between a friend of yours and a friend of ours. Yeah, I thought the logic was too strong that-- how could we have this information and conceal it from the incoming president of the United States? And I-- so I was now as far away as physically possible without going out the window from the president.

And then he came back to-- he didn't-- he noticed that I didn't answer. And the reason I'm recounting this is I remember-- I wasn't listening to him, 'cause I'm running this through my head, like, how could that possibly be true? And having seen it happen during the dinner I thought, "I can't let that happen," 'cause I don't think it was a hard question. And so I'd be a crazy person to make it up.

I-- as I told President Obama, I was dreading it and I-- I would be im-- an unhappy F.B.I. director, but in a way proud of the organization and in my role in trying to protect it. Go get the tapes. And-- and so saying, "Goodbye," to them was an emotional thing for me. I'm a fact witness. That is the core of this country. I see parents talking to their kids about truth telling and prejudice and bias and respect.

Hannity has shifted in recent years on that point. ‘I never claimed to be a journalist,’ Hannity told The New York Times in 2016 when asked about his informal advising of then-candidate Trump. E.T. with Fox News’s Neil Cavuto. Republicans for years have been running against Obama … They’ve got to find their rhythm on this...It's not Trump versus Clinton … They're one-trick ponies. His under-eye pouches speak of sleepless nights worrying about the soul of the executive branch and the burdens of doing the right thing.

He’s tweeted at me probably 50 times. Copyright © 2017 Business Insider Nederland. Going to damage those important norms. Why would I treat Martha Stewart differently than that guy?" And the reason would only be because she's rich and famous and because I'll be criticized for it. His wife stood on the other side of the bed the entire time and never let go of his arm. You have no idea that Congress defined torture in American criminal law differently than you and I would understand it.

Y-- you also write that you-- you knew from the start that the Clinton case was unlikely to be prosecuted. And if she'd had a reason that I couldn't see in Justice Department policy or something, she'da given it to me. Spent a lotta time on the phone with the team that afternoon and learned that we didn't find anything, the team didn't, that changed their view of the case. Whether what it said was true or not, I didn't know.

'I'm like a breakup he can't get over': James Comey joins Stephen Colbert and mocks Trump

The former FBI director was pretty even-keeled on “The Late Show,” until Colbert brought up the president's tweeting habit.

And so, I don't know, was she telling me, "You've done the right thing?" And, in a way, hugging me because she feels badly I've taken this incredibly brutal hit? Yeah, I think I was home that day, that night. 'Cause I think it was a fairly late evening. I'm sorry that I-- caused all kinds of confusion and pain with the way I described her conduct that led people into all kinds of side roads. But-- but I'm proud of the way we made those decisions.

The boss is at the head of the table and we're going to figure out together how to do this. And look, if it's true-- again, we don't know whether it's true or not. Yeah, and I almost got away it here though. Well, it's the president of the United States calling to ask me to a dinner. He came back to it later in the dinner. And I said to him, "Sir--" when he started talking about it, "I may order you to investigate that," I said, "Sir, that's up to you.

He-- he-- he later said there weren't tapes in a tweet several weeks later after it hung out there for a long, long time. And there was a challenge also with, so what's the limiting principle? I'm so glad that he's serving, 'cause I know he cares about the institutional values the way I do. But for the unclassified encounters, I wrote them up on my personal computer, printed them on my printer, with my paper, and kept a copy here.

That relates to-- I'm sure, to an obstruction investigation. That's our foundation. That was not happening three or four years ago. It was all, ‘What can we say about what they did and how it affects the election that we just had?’” -- For decades, Trump famously masqueraded as his own publicist to brag about himself. Brady Dennis and Juliet Eilperin report : “In an eight-page letter to lawmakers, [Government Accountability Office] general counsel Thomas H.

They're giving the same speech they've been giving before. " – former National Republican Campaign Committee chairman and former Rep. Warner Bros. couldn’t have cast him better if it had tried. Friday: Former first lady  Barbara Bush  lies in repose at St. I’ve been gone for a year. All rights reserved. We put it out in two ways. The truth matters in the criminal justice system. And I waited. So saying, 'Don't be the torture guy,' I don't want to be.

There's wrong-- what-- what the F.B.I. brought to the case-- folks forget I didn't actually do this investigation. But her answer, "Just do it," told me this is an order from the attorney general. That this was a case that the Department of Justice would never prosecute. So-- so-- so you find no indication this is true. That thi-- that this information was not true? Your critics say you offered way too much information.

But I also recognize why this is such a hard question, because if you announce that the Russians are trying to mess with our election, do you accomplish their goal for them? And so now they're telling me, "For reasons we can't explain, thousands of those Blackberry emails are on Anthony Weiner's laptop." And so I said, "Okay. What I would hope is that they would, by reading the book, come with me to October 28th.

But I interpreted that as, "First of all, I feel badly for you. Well, no part of me, 'cause I don't know the answer to that. And I'm sorry there wasn't an opportunity, especially with the second one, to explain more. And I keep saying "we." Again, they were my decisions; I'm accountable for them. So you all go up to New York the next day, January 6th, for the meeting in Trump Tower. I mean, I-- I-- I think that's a reasonable question.

And-- the-- you would think that you would notice me, this giraffe standing at the end of the room. Yeah, but you had been pretty scrupulous. The second time was later in the conversation. But you'd want to be careful about that, because it might create a narrative that we're investigating you personally. In fact, he was telling me it was a good answer and then said-- gave me an opening by saying, "You think it was a great answer.

And then if they say, "Is the attorney general under investigation," do you answer that? It's hard, you gotta constantly worry about efforts to compromise you and compromise your institution. But because I also want to protect the bureau, I left a copy at the F.B.I. I started to choke up talking about them. Where that's going to go, I don't know. Well, sure. And I also see the Courts and Congress getting involved in ways they hadn't before.

Armstrong said the agency failed to notify lawmakers that it was exceeding the $5,000 limit for agency heads to furnish, redecorate or otherwise make improvements to their offices. I didn’t expect that. Trump says he won’t meet with Kim Jong Un if he believes a summit with North Korea won’t be successful. Comey fits neatly within this predetermined, easily read lens. EDT Friday:  Air Force Secretary  Heather Wilson  speaks at an American Enterprise Institute event.

Deze site gebruikt cookies Meer info lees je hier. We put it out first by not becoming numb to the fact that the truth is being assailed every day. You can't or the rule of law breaks down. And two of my staff members stood behind me. Explain that to-- to everybody watching at home because I think that it would be hard for people to understand. Actually, I've never heard of another case where a fugitive from justice was pardoned.

So it's not improper, it's a little bit off axis from the actual facts. There was nothing she said that they believed we could prove was false. One of the reasons. Yeah, I c-- I can't say what I said in a classified setting, so let's set that aside. Yeah, and I get that. And so I-- I'd kinda be in the same place, except I'd be playing defense like a cornerback backpedaling. Will the Russians be happy that you did that?" And so I-- I wrote an op-ed, was going to go in a major newspaper that laid out what was going on.

Not knowing the future. Not with respect to the counterintelligence investigation of those small number of Americans. And remember, the Department of Justice had thought, "We gotta go get a search warrant," in the week before the election. But a whole lot of me was thinking, "Oh my God, did we have some role in this? To say, "Look, here's what we're doing." 'Cause I got that chance-- the only time I've actually gotten that chance was in a private setting with the whole U.S.

Yeah, I don't know. I should've said, "Hey-- Mr. We have to protect the presidency. And then the media group comes in and the president starts speaking on camera and his eyes start sweeping the room. You wouldn't play basketball with President Obama, you only met with him on a non-policy issue once and that was before you were F.B.I. director. He said, again, "I need loyalty." And I said, "You will always get honesty from me." And he paused and then he said, "Honest loyalty," as if he was proposing some compromise or a deal.

You think it was a good answer." And then he was starting to move on. I have no insight into whether Former Director Mueller and his team subpoenaed the White House for tapes. And-- where do you stop? You say you were surprised as you read the letter. One of the orders that was issued is I was never to be allowed back on F.B.I. property, like I had killed somebody. But I knew it would mean a lot to them, and I knew it would offer me a measure of closure.

Tha-- I-- I didn't mean to say that I want them to stop doing their investigation or whatever flows from that. So I choose to see opportunity. He’s known to call and thank people who say positive things about him on television. I'd like it definitive,’ Zinke responded. I’m a little jealous. The president said he aspires to a fruitful meeting with the leader, but is ready to walk out or could decline to attend .

Livestream:   NOW FOR THE FUN STUFF...: Today is  National Rice Ball Day.   When you've hit 'cotton candy burrito,' you've gone too far: Cotton candy burritos are now a thing. It’s not okay for the president of the United States to say a private citizen should be in jail,” said Comey, referring to  another recent Trump tweet . “It’s not normal. James Comey faces the public's questions at New York book event By Eric Levenson , CNN Updated 1912 GMT (0312 HKT) April 19, 2018 Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.

And there once was a day when people were afraid of going to hell if they took an oath in the name of God and violated it. I didn't know that one of them was taking notes the whole time. It adds to your level of stress. And so the F.B.I. and the U.S. attorney's office were investigating were there promised contributions made to the Clinton Library or something else to secure that pardon. That's the world where mishandling of classified information is investigated.

And there was nothing else they needed to run down to see if she was testifying to us falsely. In a way, yeah. Third brick. Look, that's fair criticism. There'd be this tremendous hit the institution would take. Not the investigation, 'cause that was too sensitive to reveal, but that, "The Russians are here and they're screwing with us. Well, no. And sit there with me, look at the doors I looked at, and tell me then what you would do.

And so that's how I took it. God, I hope we had no impact. But S-- then-Senator Franken stuck his hand up and said, "Can we talk about the elephant in the room? What did it cost me? That's why we-- thanks, bud. President-elect, the way it works is we in the intelligence community shouldn't be here for this." I-- I guess that's a reasonable question. Because you know that we know. And I remember the movement of his eyes 'cause I was-- obviously, thought I was going to be spotted.

Trump Reverses Self on Why He Fired FBI Chief

US leader now says he did not oust James Comey because of investigation of Russian interference in 2016 election, contradicting his 2017 statements

April 11th. Yeah, I don't remember being angry. So my staff had to box my stuff up and send it home. It is so clear how much you love the F.B.I. That's a good question. But in a way, as a citizen, I think we owe it to each other to get off the couch and think about what unites us. I think this forest fire will leave us better and stronger, as did the last forest fire. He’s put Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on speakerphone during meetings in the Oval Office to seek his perspective.

Are you giving him all the credit? U.S. and Japan agree to new bilateral trade talks during the Mar-a-Lago meeting. Life imitating art imitating life. Don't miss a brief. It’s not acceptable. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. So all of us have to constantly be involved and call it out when we see the truth endangered, when we see lying. We've drifted away from that day. But in came the White House chief of staff and the-- the-- the White House counsel.

Concluded there was not sufficient evidence to bring any charges in that case. They'll prosecute cases like David Petraeus'. And so I'm not going to fight this new attorney general. And so the view of the team was, "We're done here. I mean, I like Loretta. Yeah, the biggest brick of all. But here-- here's my response to it. I'd be trying to explain to people, "No, no, we did it in a good way. And this is consistent with what they've done in the past," and they never took me up on it.

Tell me which you would pick? We didn't want to tip anybody off. I knew that there were leaks coming-- or appeared to be leaks about criminal investigation of the Clintons coming out of New York. I hope we had no impact." But it-- I know-- I worry it sounds arrogant to say, but it-- it wouldn't change the result. And so I answered, and I laid out what we've laid out. "Look, here's where I was on July 5th and why.

It's not really helping me. And I was about to stay behind to talk about allegations of the president being involved with prostitutes in Moscow. Buzzfeed-- publishes the entire-- Steele “dossier”-- as you all had feared it would happen. And I was relieved and surprised. Although, part of the environment was I had-- I remember, I had this concern about having a war with the president and I'd done the brief on hookers thing privately.

Yeah, not at all. President, the first part of the answer was fine, not the second part. But he said-- and I just said, "I agree he's a good guy," or I said, "he's a good guy." And so then full-stop. And I explained to him that I had referred it to the acting deputy attorney general and I hadn't heard back. I remember just thinking, "This is a lie." The stuff about, you know, being fired because of the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation, that makes no sense at all.

I'm convinced-- well I guess it's easy to convince yourself, but I'm convinced that it was hurt as little as possible by virtue of what I did and that it would have been hurt more in other ways. I don't think I'm holding back on you. A lotta them come from families with a proud history of military service. Watergate was a forest fire. This made him agitated and led him to vent to reporters that evening.

You know that means the end of his job, you know.” ( John Wagner ) NEWS YOU CAN USE IF YOU LIVE IN D.C.: -- The District will see more unseasonably low temperatures today. Trump and Abe announced talks aimed at “free, fair and reciprocal trade,” and reducing the trade deficit between the two allies. In many ways, these men have formed our fantasy of the ultimate upstanding lawman: who subjugates his persona to his ideals and his institution by assuming the uniform of lore.

I mean it in the sense that he leads, it’s all about the boss. JUST WATCHED Trump contradicts himself on role of Russia investigation in Comey firing Replay More Videos ... And then next, we need to get involved. You must tell the truth. And they were carrying an envelope. And she didn't have the appropriate clearance. I had-- first of all, I've never met her. But they're very unlikely to prosecute a case unless you can show the person, like Petraeus, clearly knew they were doing something they shouldn't do.

Our view of this case is firm. As I said, I respect her even today. Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had a conversation on an F.B.I. plane which transported the attorney general in Phoenix in late June. The Department of Justice has long done that in the appropriate case, where it's necessary to the credibility of the work. We did it in a good way." And none of it, by the way, would change what I faced in late October.

Well, maybe. And th-- that's what I would, in my mind's eye, scream at the television. You've said that a few times now. And I don't know exactly where that was coming from. It wouldn't. I know now I didn't find anything. I-- never going to run for office. I-- I took it as, "Just choose your words carefully. And I thought, "That's gotta be my focus." And so I didn't-- I didn't know where it entered my mind consciously.

And he called the director of the secret service forward, made a big-- display, hugged him, and then had him stand with him in front of the cameras. Plus, I assumed it would be a group event. But-- maybe, maybe. And I was struck by it. And when I said that, the weather changed in the room. And there was a brief pause. And that-- that was frustrating to him. And then, of course, I quickly saw on the news that, you know, the White House saying that the F.B.I. was in tatters and the workforce-- it was relieved that I was fired.

The F.B.I.-- you know, and the presidency of Donald Trump hurts the organization. I'm not talking about the details of investigations. And that's a wonderful thing. It re-balanced power among the branches of government. He also worked the phones. Coupled with opposition from Sen. The Capital Weather Gang forecasts : “Early morning starts off brisk. The RNC circulated praise for the director’s meeting with Kim Jong Un, The Hill’s Rebecca Kheel reports.

It’s a prescribed path of calculated, hype-tending interviews that says less about the author and more about us as a voracious media culture. What will serve the boss best? Answering questions written by audience members on notecards, Comey was asked several times if he regretted reopening Clinton's investigation just before the election. The American people need to stand up in the public square and in the voting booth and say, "Look, we disagree about an awful lot.

And they started speaking to him. And so she would know, during surveillance and during torture, something was disturbing my sleep. And my engagement was very limited. But without those, sloppiness, even extreme sloppiness, is handled through administrative discipline. The investigation proceeds. It's a great question and a reasonable question. And so in a way, it's unfair to her. And I didn't pay much attention to it.

Y-- you laid out a series of reasons that led you to do-- do the July press conference-- even going back to Loretta Lynch calling this a matter not an investigation. Eventually the-- administration does announce-- that they've found that Russia is interfering-- yet, and this is-- this confounds me. And maybe another director might have done that. I wouldn't scream at the television, but I'd say, "Tell me what you would do.

I commissioned an investigation to find out. We-- we tried to, and I believe did, make these decisions without regard to political Russia. But you have to come with me to the 28th of October. I wanted to be the FBI director for another six years. Well, I'm about to meet with a person who doesn't know me, who's just been elected president of the United States. I don't-- I don't know. And I explained to him that it wasn't-- that it wasn't government material.

And I had been to group events with President Obama. And maybe I should've said in the moment, "Sir, as I told you, the F.B.I. has to be--" and then give him the speech again, maybe. So struck by it, it stayed with me, that I've never seen him laugh. And like a shadow crossed his face and his eyes got this strange, kinda hard look. Should you have said more there? And then I explained to him how it should work.

I gave that unclassified memo to my mind, who was also acting as my lawyer, but this wasn't a lawyer task, and asked him to give it to a reporter. The organization's not politicized, that stuff is all nonsense. But I left a long time ago. What did their fathers and grandfathers fight and die for? I think we're going to see that. One person he is in touch with is Joseph diGenova, even though the firebrand lawyer did not formally join his legal team.

Comey's other target in new book: Rudy Giuliani

The fired FBI chief calls Giuliani’s management style “dangerous.“

How are you helping the boss? Comey gave a self-described "wandering" answer, saying he had small regrets in how he had explained the decisions to the public. But we have in common something that matters enormously to this country. And we were engaged-- I was at the Justice Department, the number two person at the Justice Department then, the deputy attorney general. And he shocked me by pushing himself up on his elbows and blasting them.

The five months on the Whitewater case was focused on Vince Foster and his office. Somebody is not prosecuted. And your initial instinct-- is confirmed by the investigation. And the reason I thought that would be inappropriate is the faith and confidence of the American people in the Department of Justice and the F.B.I. are at the core of those organizations. But when you're in the business of running a Justice Department institution, what people think matters.

What I'd ask those people is would the work really have been credible if I wasn't honest? President Obama weighing in. I-- I'm-- I'm puzzled by this. Well, we know there are hundreds of thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails there, including Blackberry emails. They have a pretty clear answer. Boy, your critics say this is a clear, clear, clear double standard. But, yeah, I was worried about-- the-- the team that had done the investigation was in the counterintelligence division at headquarters, of the emails.

Sit there with me. It had no impact on my awesome family who still thinks I'm a knucklehead but loves me dearly. By all accounts, and from my watching him during the-- the campaign, could be volatile. I don't think so, given things he's said thereafter and some of the things he's said about the intelligence community after that. So we shouldn't think of it as a leak of-- of classified information.

He would have a annual dinner for the senior appointees in the administration. But-- and so maybe I should've been-- yeah, that's fair feedback. Not in public, not in private. And I thought in that moment, "I've just done something unusual maybe." And then (SNAP) it passed and the meeting was over. Should you have said, "Mr. He should have the White House counsel contact the Justice Department if he wants to find out-- he has a request to make.

Why not do it yourself? It's an apolitical organization, but it's subject now to extraordinary attack. And there's been a lotta work done since the day I was fired. Not for immigration policy. But I worried about it constantly. Last Wednesday, the president tweeted: “Big show tonight on @seanhannity! GOP leader, told reporters.” -- Filling the swamp: Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn has been named a partner at a D.C. “consulting” firm.

As soon as they very much deserve it ... that is a question,” he said while speaking in Florida. Comey on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday. He hopes the book invites Americans to reconsider values over partisan politics. Why wouldn’t you get fired?” Colbert pressed. “Because that would be a crazy thing to do. But in a controversial move, he told Congress just days before the election that the FBI was reviewing additional emails in relation to the investigation.

And we had concluded, very smart lawyers working for me had concluded and I agreed, that there wasn't a lawful basis for a big part of these activities. And telling them he had been misled, he hadn't understood what they were doing. But she could only guess what it was. One of the questions was had the-- the then first lady, Hillary Clinton, caused anyone to go remove documents from his office. And I've gone through 50 years of cases.

What was unusual about this, in fact unprecedented in my experience, is that I decided it was important that I speak separately from the attorney general. And so whether or not it was true, the fact that it would be out there and allow people to argue that something terrible was going on in this investigation cut in favor of more transparency. I don't know what they talked about. That-- that Hillary Clinton's c-- conduct on that personal email server was extremely careless.

Yet, when they decide to come out with a joint statement of the intelligence committees, you as the FBI director refused to sign it. And so there is reason to believe that this is evidence in our case, and may change the result. Oh, I've never heard of it before. You revealed information about Hillary Clinton; you concealed information about Donald Trump. And there were no leaks at all, very tight.

What would you do? Whether I was in some way-- acting in an unprincipled way. And I was worried that I'm about to have a situation emerge where the president-elect thinks the F.B.I.'s out to get him somehow. In that session? I don't know whether any of this true, but this is what he said. And then I-- I look and right next to me is this blue curtain. I was one, the director of National Intelligent is another.

But I never saw anything that resembled a laugh. And, "Thanks for coming in," and-- and Priebus walked me out. President, I can't discuss this with you. He said, "'Cause I've been very good to you. It-- 'cause I'm no longer F.B.I. director, so how do I get home? For one very practical reason. Yes, it can survive the attacks. But you read the papers. Not for a tax policy. And-- and the guardrail for that, because that's a big worry I have about myself, was to surround myself with people who will hit that.

David Nakamura reports from Hialeah, Fla. : “‘Are there any Hispanics in the room?’ President Trump grinned. ‘No, I doubt it,’ he said with a chuckle, but he knew there were. Among those alleged to have improperly enrolled their children are a celebrated principal and a teacher of the year. Translation: The new sanctions U.S. There’s nothing really casual about them. That’s very nice, but give us a break and a Hi-Liter pen and watch just how quickly the 21st century can make work of a 15th-century piece of technology — a book.

In early November, Comey then informed lawmakers that those emails did not warrant any further action. I stick out 'cause I'm so tall. And so we were not going to sign onto it. They had deprived him of the legal advice he needed. In the surveillance fight she couldn't guess 'cause it was totally secret. And same with the pardon business. I don't know of a case where anyone has ever been prosecuted for just being careless, even extremely careless.

In the-- in the ordinary case, what we'd do is what I said publicly, we'd have sent that to the Department of Justice. I'm not saying it's true. F.B.I. agents up the s-- up the stairs and onto an F.B.I. plane. It just was. And if there were people who were secretly trying to protect Hillary Clinton, we didn't know about it. Because of the way we approach action in the run-up to an election. That's an affirmative act of concealment, right?

I get that-- why they say that. Yes, I saw that. I really don't know. I see two doors. And that's painful. People, in my experience, tend to project onto you their worldview. Yeah-- Director Clapper-- I call him General Clapper, 'cause he was a retired general. And then went right back without staying overnight. And I'm wearing a blue suit the doesn't match perfectly, but close enough. And so it actually didn't occur to me to say no.

The dinner ends, you immediately write it up. I'm struck by it and I'm struck by it both in public and in private. I mean, that-- that's also a fair criticism. I've been loyal to you," words like that. "We had that thing. I-- I actually gave thought to renting a convertible and driving almost 3,000 miles, something I've never done. What am I going to do? And the constant attacks, constant attacks, risks undermining that.

Not for Supreme Court justice. Hit at the certainty. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. His was a rhetorical question. Follow @JamesHohmann Most Read Politics 1 Analysis Did Trump just make a ‘hugely damning admission’ in the Stormy Daniels case? Chronic illness affects 1 in 2 Americans and accounts for more than 80% of all health care costs. On Mr.

The two went back and forth on this point. But overall, Comey said he would do the same thing given the same facts and circumstances, with only minor changes. Y-- that's only part of it. And there was a meeting to pressure me to change my view. And then exhausted, he fell back. Well, that's why I was never going to write a book. President Clinton's pardon of Marc Rich took my breath away. They did that.

Comey says US presidents — including Trump — are too busy to 'screw up' their relationship with Australia

The FBI drove this investigation and we did it in a competent and independent way. The-- it's not written down, despite what you might have heard, but there's an important norm that I've lived my whole government career-- obeying. Because I've told Congress and the American people-- the whole point of July 5th was transparency. "Look, American people, what we've done. I'm-- I'm not certain of that.

And I don't know whether that was-- it's part of what I ordered investigated. I've read a fair amount, 'cause-- 'cause I'm-- again, I hope very much. I can't find a door that says, "No action." I see two actions: speak or conceal. But at the end of the day, you have to make a decision and make it in a principled way. And even though I did not intend to jam Donald Trump with this, my thinking was, given his approach to the world, he may think I'm pulling a J.

And then he said, "Another reason you know it's not true is I'm a germaphobe. So I'm thinking, "How great is that? I was uncomfortable, but it didn't occur to me. Given the nature of my role, I can promise you I always tell you the truth," which I had already told him. "That's my role. And-- and so the detail can get lost over time. But you would think that in private-- talking to the F.B.I. director, whose job it is to thwart Russian attacks, you might acknowledge that this enemy of ours is an enemy of ours.

I was doing what I did many, many times visiting F.B.I. offices, I was walking around thanking everybody personally. I've had friends drive across country, but I'm not single or crazy so I didn't do it. People have to make their own judgments about other people. And that's why-- my concern about the attacks on the F.B.I. is not a political thing, we all need that organization as a country. I don't know is the honest answer.

I hope people read the book for a number of reasons. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m gonna think I’m a better political director than my political director.” To succeed in office, though, the commander in chief must learn to delegate. On stage with him here at Bucky Dent Park were Sen. Subscribe to The Washington Post Try 1 month for $1 powerpost the-daily-202 powerpost Success! GOP lawmakers also put Comey in their sights.

Comey’s interlocutors fleetingly seemed to understand exactly what he’s trying to say, both as a former official and as a writer. Take no action if you can avoid it,” Comey said. “And I kept looking for a door that said, ‘No action here,’ and I can’t find it. One woman, holding up her phone, yelled at Comey that he should be imprisoned. You've taken on the mob, Martha Stewart , right in the middle of huge controversies over government surveillance, over torture.

They just turned. It always felt like an exercise in ego. Th-- the notion that the president of the United States would pardon a fugitive without asking the prosecutors or the investigators, "What do you think," was shocking to me. But as investigators, our question is, when they did that, are they trying to obstruct justice in some ways? If you've been investigating for a year, you know that, unless things change, we're going to head in this direction.

And again, Justice Department policy allows for this. I think she's telling the truth about that. Yeah, I don't. While this is all going on in July of 2016, the FBI also opens an investigation into the Trump campaign. By that, I mean the FBI or the Department of Justice. We did it carefully, we did it well. Other people might have had a different view. Whether this small group of Americans was coordinating anything with the Russians.

I'd love to have a group of academics establish it had absolutely no impact on the election. Speaking would be terrible. You can't control what people think about you. Edgar Hoover and assume that I'm trying to dangle this over him to get leverage on him. President-elect, there's some additional material that we think it makes sense of Director Comey to brief you on-- privately. And-- and I remember thinking, "Well, should I say that, 'As I understand the activity sir, it doesn't require an overnight stay.

And so I just said to him, "Sir-- certainly, sir." And he said-- "6:00 or 6:30?" And I said, "It's up to you, sir." And he actually say, "And if you're-- if you're busy tonight, I can do it tomorrow. I should've given that whole speech then. And I-- I think what he was doing was trying to recall our encounter at that dinner and it coming up in his memory as, "Actually, the guy didn't promise to be loyal to me.

But it's possible that in the moment I shoulda-- you know, another person would have said, "Sir, you can't ask me that. And there was a group of employees who didn't have desks that I could visit, they were the custodial employees and then the communications room employee. And the-- the head of my security detail, who's an amazing person, said, "Sir, we're going to figure this out. I would ask people-- when I-- whenever we would evaluate a witness you'd always say, "So what's their body of work?

That-- that was th-- what we were trying to investigate at the time. The rule of law. It's about leadership and shows the importance of surrounding yourself with people who will poke at you, who will insist that you see the truth about other stuff. One reason Jimmy Carter struggled as president was that he micromanaged. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rep. Check your inbox for details. The Senate is in session and is expected to vote on the nomination of James Bridenstine to lead NASA.

In each appearance, Comey seemed comfortable with his role as a man who still hasn’t figured out what the right thing to do was at some of his most desperate moments. I could only see two doors and they were both action. That is not normal." He answered 13 questions in all. The big lesson from that-- and I've had a strange and wonderful career. I sat just to his left. And in the book, you describe an incident after that, a tender moment between Robert Mueller and Mr.

Seemed like a smart person, very hardworking. And we could never establish, develop the evidence-- evidence is a different thing from what people say. Prosecutors and investigators all the time draft indictments before they finish the investigation. You can count on the fact this was done in an apolitical way. What made it different was the separation between the F.B.I. and the Justice Department.

All these allies who think I went easy on her have a hard time explaining so why did I do what I did in October, but I'll stay in July. Right, who had been talking to someone in London about getting dirt that the Russians had on Hillary Clinton as part of their effort to influence our campaign-- the-- our election. And so we were being asked, in October, to sign onto a statement that says, "The Russians are messing with our election." In my view and the view of the FBI leadership was it's too late.

I-- I hope so much this is just a 500-year flood we never see again. We had just started the investigation. They're so used to operating in a classified environment. I've read people argue that it had. Not necessarily. You'd like people to understand your reasoning, and I'd be lying if I said I don't hope people will come outta this thinking, "Oh, okay. We went in through the back entrance through-- an entrance of-- residences.

And given that it was allegedly the presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton, I would imagine you could be at a safe distance from the activity--'" all these things are bouncing around my head. This will save me from having this public embrace with the president. Well no, 'cause I assumed he must be having leaders over to get to know them in groups. But in the moment, frankly, it didn't occur to me.

And so I don't know the reason. That's a criminal investigation. And the room had televisions on the wall at the very back. I broke F.B.I. rules. So what are they like? Democrats are doing a whole lot of attacking last year because the teams are on different sides. Was anyone aiding the Russians, conspiring with the Russians? Freedom of speech. But most of all, about yourself 'cause I have a lotta strengths, I have a lotta weaknesses.

Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.), Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, the only Latino member of the Cabinet, and several local Hispanic business leaders. Yahoo!-ABC News Network | © 2018 ABC News Internet Ventures. Close to Home”: The fourth article in a five-part series by The Hill’s Rachel Roubein about how the opioid epidemic affects Americans. This has the Pavlovian effect of giving his words a believability (at least for those who buy into the cultural stereotype).

Eventually, he concluded with, “Speaking would be really bad. Four were related to Clinton's emails and four were related to Trump and the current administration. And I don't know how I've ended up in all these spots. And my reaction was, and I said it to him, "That's not helping me. I called Bob Mueller-- as the armored vehicle was being driven like it was a NASCAR race to the hospital, I called Bob Mueller, then the F.B.I. director.

Had been obviously a U.S. senator and had a reputation-- again, I get only this-- I get this from the media, as a very hardworking person. Evidence that anybody who did that did it with a corrupt intent. Their mind is open that if they find something that changes their view, they won't bring an indictment. Your organization of justice acted the way you'd want it to be. Now, that-- of course, that material-- so-- I'm talking about it carefully because it's still classified, that was just one brick in the load.

I wasn't trying to go easy on her or hard on her. And so we opened, our counterintelligence division, in late July, an investigation to try and figure out-- we know the Russians are trying to mess with our election. Because the goal's already been accomplished. You can rely on the FBI. We have the FBI's criminally investigating one of the two candidates for president of the United States during the campaign.

They're much tighter. Yeah, I-- again, I don't know the answer. Take your lumps. I understand better." But the end of the day, you gotta look at yourself in the mirror. So we snuck around-- the press didn't see us going in. I didn't tell him anything. I'm the director of the F.B.I. and I'm standing at my window, looking out on the darkened Pennsylvania Avenue." And I remember this moment like it was yesterday.

James Comey faces the public's questions at New York book event

Former FBI Director James Comey answered New Yorkers' questions on moral leadership, regret and Hillary Clinton's emails on Wednesday night for the first time since his book was released.

He must be having a group thing tonight, a group thing tomorrow night. And I-- maybe I didn't have the guts to do it. This was a follow-up meeting to the dinner from the 27th. I think it's possible. I mean, it's certainly some evidence of obstruction of justice. And I was in the middle of thanking them for being part of the F.B.I. and its mission and explaining everybody owns the mission, they are no support employees.

What's their pattern and practice? We have to recognize, we want an organization that is not on anyone's side. There's no doubt there was smoke around that. Freedom of religion. And that we have to choose a leader-- I don't care what party a leader's from. The rollout of Comey’s book was designed to get Trump’s goat and force an over-the-top response that would boost sales. Nobody,’ said a jewelry saleswoman from El Salvador.

Presented by Partnership for Safe Medicine, read today’s installment in which Rep. It helps counteract the (understandable) perception that he is limelight seeking and self-promotional, because even as he stands out there on his own, he is connected to a much bigger tradition. Though he appeared game, comfortable and rehearsed in his appearances, it still made for some unsatisfying TV. Concealing would be catastrophic, in my judgment.

But the lesson I've learned is that it's important when you're involved in a difficult situation with loud voices to in your mind, rise above it and ask, "So what matters in the long run? That makes me feel badly. He was out at dinner with his family. And I hope folks will read the book 'cause my goal was to be useful. Had worked very hard as secretary of state. You did know from the start that this case was going to be trouble for you.

Your critics say this is where your ego got the best of you. But I know you can't talk about it, but I've read about it. Wasn't there another route? I was trying to be honest and clear with the American people. Similarly, trying to figure out is he in any way coordinating with the Russians, as part of their effort to influence our-- our election? So the inoculation has already been achieved, and it's October.

I would so much rather Anthony Weiner had never had a laptop. So it would have been brutally unfair to those people to talk about it. I mean, I-- I don't think anybody with political motives put hundreds of thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop, for heaven sakes. And-- just take us inside your house at that point. Fair-minded people, and there are a lotta them in America, fair-minded people would look at that and say, I think, "How on earth could you do that?

We went up and met in a conference room somewhere within the Trump Organization. Un-- oh, unprompted. And I can see the lit-- Washington Monument that's rising from my vantage point of the F.B.I. just over the Trump-- new Trump hotel. And my camouflage worked until the very moment it didn't and he sees me and says, "Jim, he's more famous than me," and then calls me forward. Yeah, in the residence.

And it's us talking about a variety of topics, some of which were classified, but one of which was, so how should it work? That's stunning. I wonder if you even should have agreed at that point that Flynn is a good guy. And I saw, "Comey resigns," on the back screens. And then I-- as-- we got close to the airport in Washington, I asked the pilots could I sit up with them, 'cause I'd never done it.

That's in the national interest. You write that President Trump is unethical, untethered to the truth. That's what they fought and died for. We have to choose a leader who will embody the s-- values-- the values of this country. Oh, my God, they raided Michael Cohen’s office. Now, they are also afraid of the census.” -- California rejected the initial terms of the Trump administration’s request to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border.

New York Gov. And it’s an effective visual counterpart to the efforts of the White House and the Republican National Committee to label him as “ Lyin’ Comey .” In the drama of opposition, where Mr. The biggest letdown was also advertised, weeks ago, as the biggest get — Stephanopoulos’s exclusive chance to beat out his competitors and probe Comey’s book first and deepest. Again, people can see it differently.

What does this institution stand for? I don't want people to die. And I told him what was happening. It's not a memoir. And then on July 6th, 2015, there's a referral about her email case. I knew this was a no-win situation, this case. We had looked all around and scrubbed thousands and thousands and thousands of Hillary Clinton's emails. Yeah, I hear that. I think a lotta the country has read about it as well.

Not-- you know, there's all the time people mishandle a classified document or maybe have one conversation on email that they shouldn't. We hear the word "collusion" all the time. "Collusion" is not a word that's familiar to me from my work. So we can avoid action here consistent with our policy that, whenever possible, we try and avoid action. Everybody can get on with their lives." It's October 27th, that's not true anymore, in potentially a huge way.

As I said, the Department wouldn't agree to talk about that, and only in a general way, until the following March. Is one of the lessons here that, as hard as you tried to stay outta politics, it actually is unavoidable? You-- you've written about this. You told us we were done. The intelligence community and the F.B.I. have reached their conclusions about what-- what Russia did during the election and so you have to go tell the president-elect.

And I didn't say, "Thank you," because my view was I already have the job. And I just remember thinking, "Everything's gone mad." And then, having finished his explanation, which I hadn't asked for, he hung up. And I remember the walk, it seems like a thousand yards across the-- the-- the-- blue room-- the oval blue room. And looked around the room and quickly saw that all the furniture had been moved in the-- in the center of the room.

How does the F.B.I. appropriately interact with the White House. It is stunning and I wish I wasn't saying it, but it's just-- it's the truth. I mean, I-- I actually-- good people do lie, and my sense of Flynn was he was a good guy, that I sat with him and chatted with him when he was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Yeah, it said, "Resigns." And one of the many great things about the F.B.I. is we have some hilarious pranksters in that organization, and so I thought it was a scam by someone on my staff.

Did they document it?" All of those questions. Before we broke, you mentioned that they didn't trust the Justice Department. But not in the way m-- I often hear people talk about it. And at some point, we have to focus on that and make sure that whoever's leading us embodies those and we judge that leader by their tether to those values. I'm going to teach. Oh, my God, we’re going to bomb Syria. Nick Miroff reports : “The troops in California are under the command of Gov.

U.S. territory Puerto Rico , home to more than 3 million people, experienced an islandwide blackout Wednesday, seven months after suffering extensive damage from Hurricane Maria. Comey is increasingly casting himself, and being cast by others, as the mission-driven antipode to the president, his appearance acts as a kind of supporting argument. Of course, with these sort of books in this kind of news-o-sphere, it never turns out that way.

All Rights Reserved. It helps you see things more clearly and realize things like truth matters, integrity matters. I've devoted my life to trying to protect innocent people. He had been following the conflict with the White House. Lots of stories about my life that aren't in there, important stories. And that came in in early July. America is in an unusually polarized state. We had a very clear picture after nine or ten months of investigation of this case.

These are emails or memos released by the Russians. But she's my boss, one. This was over the course of four years, dozens of conversations on email about secret topics. The question is, is anybody conspiring or aiding and abetting, helping, the Russians accomplish their goal of interfering in the American election? I mean, coming from the director of National Intelligence, I don't think anybody noticed at the time that the FBI wasn't on the statement.

My question for all those op-ed pieces is, "So what do you do?" And maybe you would choose conceal, but you gotta explain to me why and how you think ab-- again, not with the benefit of hindsight. So I hope those critics-- I get the initial reaction. Oh, I think that's right. Oh yeah. You told us this was finished. President Obama. And we waited for the president-elect to come. Congress states a ten year term in order to ensure continuity.

Well, I didn't want to say it on television. There was a small oval table and there were only two chairs and I could see two place cards. And I don't do it lightly. And at the end of that conversation, which was designed to explain-- and Priebus, to his credit, seemed to want to get it right. I cannot say that. And so the fact that someone lies doesn't necessarily make them a bad person. And I said, "Look, I don't know whether that's true or not.

The day after you were fired-- president is meeting in the Oval Office with the Russian foreign minister. I don't know what to make of him. I don't buy this stuff about him being mentally incompetent or early stages of dementia. I've talked to a lotta people who've watched you for a long time-- worked with you, admire you. I'm going to travel around and speak about leadership. Sign up to receive the newsletter.