Sacramento police release more footage in Stephon Clark shooting After Stephon Clark's death, new videos show police muted body cameras at least 16 times As Stephon Clark lay motionless, officers thought he might be armed and 'pretending,' new footage shows You helped us watch the new Stephon Clark videos. Here are your questions and comments Stephon Clark: Video shows police waited in medical response

Sacramento police release more footage in Stephon Clark shooting

The Sacramento Police Department on Monday released hours of additional video footage and 911 calls from a fatal police-involved shooting of an unarmed black man last month that sparked days of protests.

Sacramento police release more footage in Stephon Clark shooting By Darran Simon and Dave Alsup, CNN Updated 0300 GMT (1100 HKT) April 17, 2018 Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. The department's policy at the time of Clark's death addressed deactivation of the cameras but not specifically muting them, according to Police Chief Daniel Hahn. International Arabic Español © 2018 Cable News Network.

A different officer says he is about to mute his body camera minutes later. Check your inbox for details. Obayashi said the officers called for a less-lethal weapon because they had strength in numbers. "If he pulls a gun, they can shoot. Police said that the officers ordered the man to stop and show his hands, but that he ran toward the back of the home. How long did it take officers to render aid to Stephon Clark?

A woman in the background was heard saying "he has no legs". Shine me a light,” one officer said. “Come on buddy, wake up, breathe for me. Sacramento Bee reporter Cathy Locke answers your questions about crime news, trends and issues. A cellphone -- but no gun -- was found near his body. The officer administered CPR for at least two more minutes before a Sacramento firefighter took over.  "Yeah, he's gone.

After Stephon Clark's death, new videos show police muted body cameras at least 16 times

Waves of protests have led the police department to alter its policy, providing stricter rules for when officers can disable their cameras.

Few provide clear context for why the officers disabled their highly regulated equipment. She apparently follows suit. Advertisement Clark was shot at 20 times by two police officers investigating reports of somebody breaking into cars. But if he pulls out a knife, they can use less lethal," he said. They chased him to the backyard, where, authorities say, he turned and advanced toward the officers and was shot.

Cop-killer shouted threats instead of helping his defense. Clark's grandfather, Tommy Thompson, lost his legs due to diabetes, a family relative told the Associated Press . Come on bud. Update: East Area Rapist suspect arrested in decades-old case, source says. The footage confirms that after shooting Clark, officers waited nearly five minutes before approaching -- and took about a minute to handcuff and search him before starting medical aid.

As Stephon Clark lay motionless, officers thought he might be armed and 'pretending,' new footage shows

Sacramento police have released more than 50 new video and audio files of the lead up and response to the shooting of an unarmed black man, which sparked weeks of demonstrations and heightened already simmering tensions between police and the city's black community.

In another video, a group of officers discuss muting their cameras. Advertisement This articles was originally published at 4:10 p.m. Video footage from the body-worn cameras of the officers who shot Clark shows one of the officers yelling, “Hey, can you hear us?” about three minutes after the shooting. Update: East Area Rapist suspect arrested in decades-old case, source says. Three new body camera videos show responding officers asking others if they have muted their microphones, a move which sparked renewed criticism of the department.

Clark’s grandfather, Tommy Thompson, has lost his legs to complications from diabetes, according to Clark’s uncle, Curtis Gordon. Former President George H.W. A number of the videos released by police also show officers being instructed to turn off the audio on their body cameras. Sharpton: Shootings aren't a local matter Replay More Videos ... But only his cellphone was found at the scene.

You helped us watch the new Stephon Clark videos. Here are your questions and comments

Sacramento Bee readers had many questions after watching more than 50 videos released by the Sacramento Police Department from the shooting of Stephon Clark. Clark was shot by officers in his grandparents' backyard. He was unarmed and holding a cellphone.

Police waited nearly five minutes to give medical aid to Stephon Clark, a black man who was shot dead by officers in California, new footage shows. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. The new videos add perspective to an  initial round of footage released days after the shooting, which showed Clark running from two police officers through his neighborhood. The dispatcher advises the man to stay inside until he is contacted by police.

Choose a Membership That's Perfect for You! MUST WATCH Rev. Police fired 20 times at Clark. Videos show six minutes pass between shots fired and responders attempting chest compressions. If they think muting their camera is justified, officers now must verbally explain the circumstances out loud while the audio is still rolling, he said. An analysis by The Post found 987 people were killed by police last year  — 68 of them unarmed.

The Police Department is already under scrutiny for officers' use of the mute button in the first batch of recordings released, with some expressing concern that the agency is not being transparent. You are now following this newsletter. Officer-involved shootings typically generate large responses. Fifteen hours of video was released by police showing Sacramento city officers debating whether to approach Clark's body in case he was "pretending".

Stephon Clark: Video shows police waited in medical response

Officers waited five minutes to perform medical aid on Stephon Clark after he was shot several times.

Clark’s grandmother, Sequita Thompson, earlier said she was watching a video of a granddaughter dancing when she heard booms. Copyright © 2018 United Press International, Inc. The department released video from 23 dash cameras, 28 body cameras, and a Sacramento Sheriff's Department helicopter. At the scene, one officer asked how many times the officers fired, according to the new footage. "We both shot southbound I shot about five times," one officer said.

The videos released Monday also document the unfolding discussion about how and whether to approach Clark as he lay on the ground bleeding to death. At least 327 people have been killed by police this year,  according to The Post’s database on fatal force . The release of the files is a requirement under city policy, which says that the Police Department must release material associated with critical incidents to the public within 30 days.

See all newsletters. Video of 29th Street shows several emergency vehicles on the scene. Last month's killing of the unarmed man, who died in his grandmother's backyard, sparked a national outcry. They again demanded police accountability and changes to use of force protocols, this time addressing a group of young faces in green scrubs and white coats. Oath Inc. At least three new body camera videos show responding officers asking whether others have muted their microphones, a move that could spark fresh criticism of the department.

UC Davis Medical Students Stage Stephon Clark Protest, Call To End Racism In Health Care

The students laid on the ground in what they called a “white coat die-in” — an event organized by a national medical student organization called WhiteCoats4BlackLives.

The release Monday included 28 additional videos of body-camera footage from other officers. And one of the new videos  complicates the police portrayal of immediate urgency and danger on second glance. Clark’s family autopsy found he died within three to 10 minutes of the shooting. Names and parts of witness interviews were redacted from the audio. A policy implemented in Sacramento after the shooting requires officers to indicate why they're turning off the microphone.

Sacramento police released 52 video files of the Stephon Clark shooting. Clark, 22, was holding his phone when he was shot eight times by police. A large body of research shows that black patients generally receive lower quality care than white patients due to provider bias. Erika D. The two officers who shot Clark muted their microphones several minutes after. A Black Lives Matter protester holds an illustration of Stephon Clark during a march and demonstration through the streets of Sacramento, California, on April 4.

New Stephon Clark Videos Show Officers Waited 5 Minutes Before Trying To Save Him

Officers wondered whether he was armed and pretending to be dead.

The videos also show officers interviewing neighbors, including a man whose rear sliding door had been broken. You helped us watch the new Stephon Clark videos. This is an edited version of those videos from helicopter and body camera footage. An independent post-mortem examination concluded that he was shot eight times, and six of those bullets struck him in the back. This new wave of doctors hopes to turn the tables on those trends.

A spokesman who assisted Clark’s family with the funeral, Adam Keigwin, was not able to immediately provide comment from the family on the new materials including the 911 call. Recently released police footage shows officers waited more than five minutes before helping the 22-year-old after shooting him. The newest footage shows officers racing to the fatal shooting and captures radio traffic from officers at the scene reporting that someone was down in the backyard.

Other instances were not counted if cameras were muted while police talked with civilians. A female officer who arrives later says: “Let’s have the next unit bring a nonlethal in case he’s pretending,” appearing to refer to a shotgun loaded with less-lethal ammunition like bean bags. The answer comes. “21:42.” Allie Caren contributed to this report, which has been updated. The two officers respond, saying a weapon hasn't been secured. "I don't see it," one says. "He hasn't moved at all." The officer who just arrived remarks that Clark has one hand by his face.

UC Davis med students hold 'die-in' for Stephon Clark, call for equity in healthcare

Medical students at the University of California Davis' School of Medicine participated in a "die-in" protest Tuesday afternoon, urging healthcare providers to do more to help people experiencing trauma after police incidents.

I’m interested in working in Latino farmworker communities where there’s also a lot of inequity. We're basically just standing with our community," said Asadullah Awan, a medical student at the school and organizer for the event. "We're demanding police accountability. Time Inc. Justin Sullivan/Getty Recommended Slideshows 51 In Pictures: The 50 Most Powerful Military Forces in the World 51 50 Best-Selling Albums in U.S.

Come on bud," one officer said. Some of the muting occurred by choice of the officer. A call for medical responders goes out 14 seconds later. Read more: Seven inmates dead, 17 injured after hours of rioting at South Carolina prison He fought for same-sex marriage for years — and set himself on fire to protest global pollution. Moments later, they shout at Clark. "Hey! The incident began when Sacramento police officers responded to the 7500 block of 29th Street after receiving a call about a man breaking into vehicles.

Sacramento Police Release More Footage From the Fatal Shooting of Stephon Clark

The March shooting of Stephon Clark, 22, sparked an outcry in California's capital city

It was not immediately clear if any of those officers were the two officers involved in the shooting. CNN's Augie Martin and Jennifer Selva contributed to this report. In at least four instances, apparent orders were given to disable the audio. Moments later, the female officer walks back amid calls for a “rescue mask,” referencing an oxygen mask. Starbucks to close 8,000 stores for racial-bias education on May 29 after arrest of two black men Alex Horton is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post.

The crew of a Sheriff's Department helicopter spotted a man in a backyard and directed police officers toward him. Some readers commented on the time it took officers to render aid to Clark after he was shot. We don't know what the two officers who shot Clark said after turning off the microphones on their body-worn cameras. Police spokesman Sgt Vance Chandler said the department would investigate whether officers responded quickly enough in medical aid.

On Tuesday, many students held cellphones in their hands, while others grasped signs with messages like "Black Lives Matter." Most wore white lab coats. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ( Your California Privacy Rights ). President Ranked From Best to Worst "I don't see it…. Read More Stephon Clark is shown with his two children. Home Regions U.S. In another, officers search for potential damage at a nearby church.

Stephon Clark: Video shows police waited minutes before starting CPR

Newly released video footage of the Stephon Clark shooting in California appears to show police officers waiting five minutes to provide medical assistance.

He previously covered the military and national security for Stars and Stripes, and served in Iraq as an Army infantryman. The officers handcuff him and one begins chest compressions. Deputies told police that the man had picked up a "toolbar" and broken a window to a home. Others were curious why so many police officers responded to the scene. It wasn't just the officers directly involved in the shooting who muted their mics.

Capital Public Radio stations are licensed to California State University, Sacramento. © 2018, Capital Public Radio. Local community leaders joined Tuesday's protest, calling for crisis response teams to help families cope with traumatic events like police shootings. TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. He hasn't moved at all," one of the officers says.  Another officer can be heard shouting at Clark's motionless body: "We need to know if you're OK.

Africa Americas Asia China Europe Middle East Opinion U.S. A group of officers gather. She begins a jog and says to herself: “I don’t know if we have it,” in reference to the mask. Follow @AlexHortonTX The story must be told. Officers all fear a suspect playing possum, or pretending to be dead, he said. The man then was seen running south, toward the front of the house, where he stopped and was looking into another car, police said.

Stephon Clark Lay Dying for 5 Minutes Before Sacramento Police Helped, Body Cam Video Reveals

“We should honor his memory by confronting California’s painful legacy of racial profiling and police brutality,” said Representative Barbara Lee.

A cop who told the two officers who fired the shots to mute their microphones again turned off his own microphone while looking around the backyard with another female officer. The male caller told the police dispatcher that someone was in his backyard "beating on my window and I don't know what's going on". All Rights Reserved. You helped us watch the new Stephon Clark videos. Clark, 22, was standing in his grandmother's yard when he was shot eight times by police on March 18 , after officers responded to reports of a car vandal.

The muting of the cameras stoked suspicion among community members. International Confirm U.S. An apparent leader says “Muted?” Two officers both say “Sir.” He asks again, and they reply: “Yeah.” A fourth officer interjects: “Wait!” He then disables the audio, and the conversation continues. The officer rummages in a trunk to find the mask and returns to the scene, struggling to put it together before she hands it off to another first responder.

They may have also been concerned about another person in the house, he added. Following deputies' directions, officers entered the front yard of a home and saw the man along the side of the residence. The following is a summary of questions raised by readers as they watched the videos and contributed to a shared Google spreadsheet . GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: This video from a body-worn camera of a Sacramento Police officer arriving on the scene of the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark shows officers giving CPR to Clark.