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Hear Nine Inch Nails' Menacing New Song 'God Break Down the Door'

Trent Reznor is now five years older than Bowie was on that tour, and their shared sensibilities have never been more apparent. An hour performance kind of turned into this thing that felt like we hadn't been there before and that started to reveal a whole different character. Finding your place in a world that looks different every day and reacting to that in the first EP through anger and self-destruction and sitting alone setting a match to your life.

Listen to Nine Inch Nails' Urgent New Song, "God Break Down the Door"

"Bad Witch," the final volume in the band's trilogy of EPs, comes out on June 22.

There’s a new energy in the arrangement: a constantly shifting thing full of frenzied marimba and apocalyptic squelches that zaps the throwback crunch of the last two NIN EPs into dust. Let me drop some cryptic information on you," he said. "The idea of this three EP thing was all to find truth in us figuring out who we are now and how we fit into the world. Maybe it's because of this and there's comfort in that.

Nine Inch Nails Premiere New Song, "God Break Down the Door"

NINE INCH NAILS will release a new EP, "Bad Witch" , on June 22. The first EP, 'Not The Actual Events' , was meant to be from a personal, angry self-destructive reflection on that question and defining how I feel in a world. Maybe there's a reason things feel kind of crazy, and it's not that I'm insane [or] that I'm in a situation that's insane. Hidden comments will still appear to the user and to the user's Facebook friends.

They’ll kick off their “Cold and Black and Infinite” North American tour, with support from Scottish rockers The Jesus and Mary Chain, this September. God Break Down the Door” is taken from  Bad Witch , which will be released on June 22 on leader Trent Reznor’s Null Corporation label. For 20 years, I've been saying I'm going to really get my technique back because it would be fun to do.