State Of Decay 2: The Kotaku Review State of Decay 2 made me sad, but mostly bored State of Decay 2 review: A surprisingly addictive fight to survive zombies (and bugs) State of Decay 2 Review Roundup Xbox One's 'State of Decay 2' Is Not Faring Much Better Than 'Sea of Thieves' With Critics

State Of Decay 2: The Kotaku Review

State of Decay 2 Review Roundup State of Dread. Despite not standing out graphically in any regard, the framerate will frequently dip well below its 30 frames per second target, sometimes locking up momentarily when the action is thick on screen. Its resource and scavenging elements are as suffocating as its social elements are underplayed. State of Decay 2 is a game where progress is measured in inches rather than miles.

Also, on the right side of a comment you can flag nasty comments anonymously (we ban users dishing bad karma ). Everything you do makes noise. Skills like handling a weapon and exhibiting mental sharpness can be improved the more you scavenge on expeditions and tussle with the undead. To make looting easier, you can bring a vehicle with you. Reviews for State of Decay 2 dropped yesterday with most falling into the “good” category.

All structures intact, all survivors unharmed. Firearms feature too, and ammunition for them is far more abundant than you might expect. Enemies also routinely drop from the sky if you’re racing across the map quickly, which you’ll do often when you’re travelling in any one of the vehicles present on the map. CBS Interactive Inc. There's a sense that Undead Labs plans to mostly offer new content through expansions, rather than regular updates many are accustomed to.

State of Decay 2 made me sad, but mostly bored

As a result, inputs can often feel incredibly sluggish and unresponsive, which just becomes annoying when you're trying to swing your way out of a supply run gone sideways. ... Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? As a genre-bending experience that's equal parts survival game, post-apocalyptic management sim, and action romp, State of Decay 2 has a steep barrier to entry. Along the way, it's not uncommon to hear radio requests from other groups in the area.

Gunshots, car horns, looting — it all attracts more zombies. What you want to look for are folks with passive skills you can't build up, like gardening, chemistry and first aid. The starting truck starts with six item slots — meaning you can carry up to six items, or six large resource bags, in a single vehicle trunk. The sequel features a co-op mode, as well as improvements to the UI. Food, medical supplies, and crafting materials all factor into the stability of your community, with the overall mood of your survivors governing how well you’re doing.

Gunshots attract more zombies (even with silencers), but it’s the sluggish aiming that's ultimately more frustrating in practice. Physics will miscalculate, launching your vehicle in the air from a slight touch at low speeds. All rights reserved. We have a lot of really cool things we've been talking about for a while, that as you come up to release date, the producers tell you to put your pencils down and you stop being able to put stuff in.

State of Decay 2 review: A surprisingly addictive fight to survive zombies (and bugs)

CBS Interactive Inc. State of Decay 2 starts with little fanfare. Choosing to interact with factions adds another layer of tension to the mix. EasyList, Avast, and other blockers break Disqus. Fortunately, you can use the sound against zombies, too. These skills will improve life at home base. Just don’t forget to keep your vehicle filled up with gas. State of Decay launches on May 22 for PC and Xbox One.

Their distinct abilities set them apart from each other, but not in a way that forces you to make tough decisions about who to invite into your settlement. State of Decay 2 does a fair job of mixing things up with the introduction of some new enemy types. Companions are also particularly prickly. Use your keyboard! For now, we can assume efforts are being heavily invested in improving the existing game while focusing on future DLC.

State of Decay 2 Review Roundup

The latest in zombie-survival sims is almost here for everyone on Xbox One and PC; the reviews are in.

Its opening tutorial sequence leans hard into the established zombie canon. There's no way of knowing if your new neighbors are amicable, scrappy scavengers or a group of cannibals. Surviving a zombie-filled post-apocalypse could be tough to do without a little help. Firecrackers can be tossed to distract zeds, and if you need to clear out a house, you can just drive up and honk your horn. In addition, this will cut down on how long it takes to build facilities, and how long it takes your people to recover from injuries.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. The act of gathering these supplies is rarely gratifying, though. The friendlier survivors you encounter are injected with a sense of individuality thanks to numerous perks that come pre-assigned to them. While some less interesting additions suchs as exploding Bloaters feature more than they deserve to, two others shake up combat in delightful ways.

Xbox One's 'State of Decay 2' Is Not Faring Much Better Than 'Sea of Thieves' With Critics

Using the radio requires spending Influence, State of Decay 2 's catch-all currency, but its benefits far outweigh the costs. Survivors can get fatigued or injured, and become infected with the blood plague. Remember that sneaking around can save your life. One of the most annoying aspects of State of Decay has been fixed in the sequel. No, they’re even better because now you can instantly transfer items from the trunk into your base inventory .

Although your settlement initially requires some quick work to get on its feet, State of Decay 2 hardly feels like it will fail you for slacking on your routine duties. One specialising in swordplay will be more effective with a bladed weapon, while another with computer skills can help expand your base of operations. Ferals will jolt around at high speeds, avoiding your melee swings and making firearms a nightmare to connect with.

And like any open-world sandbox, uncovering all it has to offer will take time. There are still no plans to implement microtransactions, paid currencies or loot boxes, betting on transparent purchases instead. You're Good to Go! Or you decide to check just one more building for supplies before heading back to base, everything turns to chaos, and somehow you make it out by the skin of your teeth. Let me introduce you to The Refugees.

Review: State of Decay 2

Let me introduce you to The Refugees. They're a hardy bunch, ten survivors who banded together in an abandoned strip mall. Every member of their post-apocalyptic community brings a little something different to the table. Oscar, or Grouch a...

It's important to switch out characters after spending time scavenging for resources, to give them time to rest and recover. Resources are finite in State of Decay 2 . Want to see more guides like this? Return to your base and park in the designated parking spot. State of Decay 2 sometimes feels like a far-too-real representation of the mundane reality that comes with surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The sheer breadth of options on offer might trick you into thinking that scrutinizing each potential new addition to your settlement is key, but that’s not the case. Similarly, Juggernauts make up the largest foes you’ll face on the frontier. But it’s because of the lack of meaningful motivations that they stick out so predominantly. But looking further ahead, developer Undead Labs is laying the foundations for what comes next.

We'll begin emailing you updates about %gameName%. Or maybe you don't, and that survivor is dead forever. They're a hardy bunch, ten survivors who banded together in an abandoned strip mall. And those systems -- the slow-spinning process of carefully looting, squirreling away resources, and fighting zombies while avoiding their bites -- are the game's biggest draw. It lacks a few obvious quality-of-life features, like an easy way to swap items between survivors when they're exploring in a team and a less cluttered inventory system that can be read at a glance.

State of Decay 2 Guide: 7 Key Survival Tips

Here are our tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse of State of Decay 2.

Once you've picked an area clean, consider claiming outposts. Looting just got a whole lot easier in State of Decay 2 . The vehicle MUST BE PARKED for this to work. Like the first game from Undead Labs, State of Decay 2 infrequently checks in with an overarching narrative. But because days tick by so slowly (I finished my core objectives within the first 10 days) this never becomes a real concern.

They’ll soak up hits from vehicles and rounds of ammunition before giving you a chance to take them down with a satisfying execution. State of Decay 2 settles into a rhythm that might be easy for you to pass some hours with, but it’s never a ride with genuine surprises, excitement or purpose. While many of today's titles adopt a "games-as-a-service" content model , State of Decay 2 pursues traditional post-launch expansions.

Combat is satisfyingly brutal and the special zombies inspire some real fear of permanent death, even though the Blood Plague turns out to be more of a sniffle. Every member of their post-apocalyptic community brings a little something different to the table. There's something powerful about the insistence on balancing long-term goals with shorter projects and dynamic events that drives State of Decay forward.

State of Decay 2: [PSA] Move Items Directly From Vehicle To Base With This Super Useful Feature | Looting Guide

Look at the bottom of the screen. You’re given the choice of three pairs of survivors to start off with, each with their own bare-bones background stories. Resources only become troublesome when you need them to craft something specific, such as ammo or plague cures. You’ll never feel the need to exile an existing character or deny entry to one based on their lack of specific skills. Combined with regular, lumbering enemies that will quickly surround you, Juggernauts make fights more about clever crowd control.

Undead Labs has outlined two paid downloadable content (DLC) drops for the game, which are expected to build on the existing foundation from launch. With new zombies, encounters, permadeath, and colonies to keep alive, this sequel looks like it has much more to offer than its post-apocalyptic predecessor. It felt far more like the game was cheating me out of my investment in certain characters than the idea that it was my poor decisions or genuine bad luck securing our demise.

That human element informs a lot of the design choices. State of Decay 2 comes together as a game that feels designed for players who like to make checklists and chip away at long-term tasks. Thankfully, you can enlist one of your followers to help join you. You can't claim every outpost you see, though. It’s a basic part of the game, and required if you want to stay stocked up on everything a survivalist compound needs to survive.

This State of Decay 2's beginner's guide will teach you everything you need to know to survive the apocalypse

State of Decay 2 is out next week, and if you're wondering where to begin once you boot it up, we've got you covered with a handy beginner's guide.

They’re short-lived problems though, which hardly force you to pause and think about how you’re setting up your settlement. Graphical hitches are frequent, including enemies clipping through the environment and sometimes having entire hordes stuck on single piece of the environment. Often though, it’s the game itself that will do its best to deter you from playing rather than its lack of depth. State of Decay 2 feels like the lumbering enemies that populate its country mountains.

But did this iteration live up to its zombie-survival promises? It lacks a few obvious quality-of-life features, like an easy way to swap items between survivors when they're exploring in a team and a less cluttered inventory system that can be read at a glance. For two straight weeks, The Refugees pushed back against a world where walking, talking, and even breathing are significant detriments to a happy and healthy life.

You are logged out. Online players are tethered to the host and can't venture too far on their own. Make sure the outposts you claim produce the resources you're having trouble finding, like medical supplies or food. Hence the title of this article. You can move heavy bags straight to your base inventory without lugging them around, swapping around inventories, or doing any of that annoying stuff.

State Of Decay 2 Review: The Limping Dead

State of Decay 2 implements some interesting mechanics but fails to engage with them in a meaningful way.

State of Decay 2 runs extremely poorly, even on Xbox One X. Alessandro pummeled over 1000 zombies and eradicated all those pesky Plague Hearts in his pursuit to see a hopeful future. The Daybreak Pack brings a "full new game mode" in the works, departing from the core gameplay loop. You might already have the answer to that if you got your hands on the game's early access. The endurance of a joyless existence of survival, surrounded by the remnants of all that is absent?

Attributes like "awful singing voice" are just as meaningful as "surgeon," as every little detail causes ripples in a community's collective morale. State of Decay 2 reviewed by Ray Porreca 8 GREAT Impressive effort with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Strength in numbers means you can stay out in the Frontier a little longer. Once you've figured out what sort of trouble you're going to get into on an expedition, make sure you've got everything you need for it.

I had no idea you could do this, and it looks like most other players I’ve talked to recently had the same issue. That mission boils down to finding zombie-invested settlements that you’ll need to first scout out and ultimately destroy, with grotesque, beating Plague Hearts at the center. It’s a pity, too, because so many of them could’ve added a much-needed layer of strategy. A single button is used for attacks, which depending on your weapon of choice could inflict blunt knockback damage and force an enemy to the floor or slowly slice away at them limb by limb.

State of Decay 2 Bases - Base Building and Locations Guide

Both expansions are included with State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition , making them a main draw of the premium $49.99 bundle. The resounding cry from critics is that the title is swimming in bugs. It's not for everyone. ... Life seems manageable. It's a good thing, too, because State of Decay 2 gives players plenty of latitude when it comes to interacting with the world. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.

Bring explosives if you're dealing with Plague Hearts, or plenty of ammo if you're taken other rogue survivors. Items can be transferred directly from your vehicle trunk into your base inventory. Don’t make the same mistake I did. These fights are the only real way to measure progression through State of Decay 2’s otherwise open-ended campaign. As an example, your base features a threat level which governs how likely you are to attract a zombie attack.

What to expect from future State of Decay 2 updates

Here’s what content you can expect from State of Decay 2 after launch on Xbox One and Windows 10.

State of Decay 2 manages to simulate this gray, dispiriting life so fully that my denouement was self-annihilation. Oscar and his computer-loving pal Zeke rigged solar panels to their base, and a few others have secured more than enough food and medical supplies. After completing the tutorial sequence and securing a starting base on one of the three different maps, the game throws an overwhelming amount of information at you.

The radio can provide you with the location of supplies and survivors, given you have enough influence to spend. A repair kit and fuel cans are crucial if you plan to go on long supply runs. That means you won’t have to carry stuff from your vehicle, to your base, and again and again if you’ve got multiple packs. Make life way easier. Each settlement you conquer strengthens the rest, forcing you to step back and regroup before attempting to blow up the next.

Bladed weapons deal with larger groups of enemies more efficiently but tend to be far less durable than a sledgehammer or tire iron. Lighting can sometimes be striking, especially in dawn and dusk situations, but State of Decay 2 lacks a visual theme to tie itself up with and just ends up looking drab and boring. No spam, no fuss; just the latest updates delivered right to you. Ultimate Edition owners pay $20 over the base game, valuing these expansions at a similar price point.

State of Decay 2 Influence Guide - How to Earn Influence Points Quickly, What to Spend it on

In addition to looting and combat, concepts like base-building, outposts, and trading are rapidly introduced. You're not expected to always agree, but do please keep cool and never make it personal. Taking out a Plague Heart will reduce the number of Plague Zombies that could affect your community members. If you see that you're low on ammo, bandages or fuel, you may have to consider heading back home to restock.

Copyright 2010-2017 Gameranx. Unfortunately, they are basic action set-pieces at their core, without much variety to help shake up the otherwise monotonous scavenging that surrounds them. But even at the highest level, a community of just six members strong is often enough to fend off these attacks without needing explicit intervention on your part. These bulkier weapons require you to take an additional action to finish off enemies on the ground, which might leave you open to getting surrounded.

You're Good to Go! Beyond the main expansions, State of Decay 2 will also see free updates over its lifetime. State of Decay 2 runs extremely poorly, even on Xbox One X. It tantalises with the thought of raggedy everyday heroes pooling their myriad talents to survive, only to quantify and busywork all that out of existence. It took a few dozen hours to build up The Refugees' resources to the point where the survivors could afford to relax.

Report harassment, spam, and hate speech to our community team . Just make sure you load up with explosives and bring a buddy, since Plague Hearts are likely to be swarming with zombies. When deciding who should be part of your anti-zombie coalition, you'll want to consider what skills each potential community member can bring to the table. To keep stocked up on food, medical supplies, ammo, gas, and building materials, you’ll need to loot large bags from areas.

State of Decay 2 is primarily about survival, and it bears all the baggage the genre is known for. Of the handful of moments that my character was radioed to return, the fight was over by the time I arrived. Either way, the gory finishers and gruesome sound effects really bring a weight to the melee action, even if you’re just mindlessly mashing the same button until your stamina expires. Bugs are prominent too and can range from slightly annoying to near game-breaking.